The Beauty of Holiness

God speaks…
Put off thy shoes
From off thy feet
For the ground upon which thou standest is Holy
Moses…in awe…
The Bush…
Burning, yet not consumed
Even the air about him is permeated with Holiness
Fire and Flames display the Beauties of Holiness…Exodus 3:2-6

The Oil
It ran down upon the head of Aaron…
Flowing through his beard like the slow rising of the sun….
…entering and dispersing…deep down..
Emanating through even his pores outward
God touching man…The anointing
The beauties of Holiness….Psalm:133

Like soft falling snow upon the parched earth
Hadassah…prepared from the foundations of the world….
Poured out like as life giving water to a thirsting generation…..
Hadassah…called for such a time as this
Hadassah…Esther…wrapped in the Beauties of Holiness..Esther 2:17,18

Highly Favored…
Blessed among women…
The atmoshpere about her filling with the
Living Presence of God…
Enter-twinning..warmth…purity…faithfulness and
Abiding belief..
Carrier of the Priceless
Mary …virgin mother…full of the Beauties of Holiness…..Matthew 18:1-25

The Light…
Down through the ageless darkness..
Bursting forth into the night…
True Light…
To die…to reconcile…through death
For life…eternal


Holiness Itself
Savior, Prince of Peace
King of Kings…The Beauty of Holiness…..

by Dorothy Jett. (c)8/2007

6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Holiness

  1. Dorothy, this is so beautiful and so inspiring, so encouraging. You did such a lovely creative work of art in describing someone with so many names and character descriptions.

    I love all the personalities that allowed God to use them in such a way that He allowed us the benefit of seeing the beauty.

  2. Thank you Dorothy for the beautiful poetic verse on the Beauty of Holiness. Jesus, Lord of All and all the names above representing HOLINESS and who reaches down to touch one after another with His beauty of Holiness impacting the lives of many people. Loving us, He died on the cross and rose again. He is forever drawing us into a closer and closer relationship with Him through His Holiness. Thanks again for the well written, beautiful heart and soul felt verses as he touched you with His Holiness to write the above verses.

  3. Dorothy, reading your poem brought a holy hush to my being as I meditated on every word. Each character description gave me a sense of how His Holiness affected each of them and in such different ways…one ‘wrapped’in Him, another ‘filled’ by Him, ‘touched’ by Him, etc. Your deep thoughts describe well the depths of God. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. DJ,
    This is exquisite. Thanks for humbling yourself and allowing Holy Spirit to take your pen in hand and draw a portrait of God’s holiness from many perspective views, yet, authentic.

  5. Dorothy, this is awesome. Such powerful, beautiful words. Thank you sharing your wisdom and beauty through your poem. Thank you Dorothy

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