Dearest Heavenly Father,
I want to come close to you, once again. Speak to me, once more that I may hear Your voice of Wisdom, of guidance, of exhortation; Your sweet counsel, warning and admonition.

Who cares for me like You do? Who is concerned for my welfare like You are? Who plans and directs for my good like You do? Who has resources and supplies in abundance like You do? Who has creative, futuristic ideas as forward-looking as You do? Who has healing in His wings and beams?

Why do I even think I can make it in any endeavor without Your being involved? Why would I want to?

I will enter Your gates with thanksgiving, grateful for the life You have given me, my ONLY opportunity of a lifetime to gain Heaven and shun hell. Grateful for my existence and very being. Grateful for who You have made me to “be”. Grateful that You planned for me before the beginning of time for such a time as this.

I will enter Your courts with Praise. How can I praise You enough for Your creative Genius, for Your godly deeds bestowed upon me each and every day. I see Your fingerprint, Your handprint, Your brush strokes on the Palette of my days. From the beauty of the earth, still lovely, mercifully, even through man’s defacement, Your glorious creation still shines forth. Still the sun rises. I PRAISE YOU. Still the sun sets. I PRAISE YOU. I can eat. I PRAISE YOU. I can see and hear and sing and feel. I can WORK! I PRAISE YOU.

And foremost, for sending Jesus into my life, my TRUE LOVE, I PRAISE YOU. Oh my GOD. I praise YOU for taking care of me through all the years when I did not know You and Your goodness. I Praise and Thank You for preserving me throughout those years unto the day to come, until my total and complete salvation, when I see my Jesus Christ, face to face. OH HOW I PRAISE YOU FOR THAT!!! I thank YOU, Everlasting Father.

Now I WORSHIP YOU for Allowing me to enter into the Holy of Holies, now, by the Blood of the Lamb. Extend Your scepter unto me that I may bow down and worship the one True God.

In Jesus’ Name, My morning prayers are selah!