I went with other daily lilies to a Wailing Women’s Conference hosted by Bishop Shawn L. Stephens and Prophetess Yolanda Stephens this weekend in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The theme was “The Drought is Over”. It was so power packed with each speaker being on fire for the Lord and the facility being filled with the Holy Spirit. Jesus seemed to meet us wherever we went. One evening, Jesus appeared as I was praying. I saw his robes descend from the thrown room into the conference room. I also saw his presence in the form of each speaker who shared their testimony and their caring and healing touch to each one who was there. We daily lilies were always welcomed and embraced by a hug or warm welcoming smile. It felt like a heavenly meeting with many different personalities coming together to share their love for Jesus. Everyone had a story to tell about how Jesus rescued them whether told or not.

As I thought upon this, God showed me a picture of a child sitting cross-legged on the floor with no one around, all alone. As I could see the whole picture, I could see Jesus standing right beside the child. If the child had looked up she or he would have found Jesus right there. I thought how often in life have we sat down with hands held under our chins been worried, concerned, and miserable or perhaps we have been consumed in worldly activities that could destroy us. The worry or activity seemingly like a tornado in our lives whirling around until it destroys us. Oh if we could stand and look up to Jesus! Oh Jesus whom cometh our strength. With Jesus’ help we could boldly tell the Devil to take a hike in Jesus name. These wonderful people who spoke at the conference had taken their stand with Jesus and said, NO More SATAN, NO More, you will not destroy me. I am wonderfully made. I am a child of THE King. They therefore could give Jesus ALL the praise and glory and throw their lights forward to encourage others to get up off the floor or at least look up to see Jesus with an outstretched hand to help them up.

What a wonderful conference. We thank Bishop Stephens and Prophetess Stephens for hosting the conference. We look forward to next year’s conference.