The Drought is over conference:

The Drought is Over….that was the theme of the Wailing Women’s conference the Hostess being Prophetess Yolanda Stephens Co-Pastor, The ROK Church International Sterling Va….it was held in Fredericksburg…and was power packed with the Holy Ghost……God was and is saying You take up your bed and walk!….You do it..nobody else can walk for you…..The Speakers and the Teachers all flowed with what God has for this time in time…. when we are delivered and set free, it’s not for us alone…it’s for others that they too can be set free and set others free….from whatever bondage that they may be in….and it was told that God will even get a hold on you all by yourself so that you only have Him to depend on Like Jacob and that you will know its Him and not anybody else not even you who bought you through….

and that what you go thru is not for you and what you learn is not for you but to set others free who may be in the same situation you have just come out of. …..And there was a word for the men Through Prophetess Stephens saying God is impregnating men…there is no difference in the Spirit…God is impregnating men…there is a King inside of them that must come forward……(when that was said I could just see all the Godly men taking their place in Christ and truly being the men of God they were meant to be)…..this was a wonderful experience and I know I am not the word that stays with me is some body else’s deliverance is locked up inside of you …until you truly get delivered……..the Drought is Over…we had better go be Bold and flow and fulfill our destinies because Hell is real………..Dorothy, a Lily from The Daily


7 thoughts on “The Drought is over conference:”

  1. As another Lily who attended this conference, I extend thanks to Sara who encouraged me to go and to the Prophetess Yolanda Stephens for hostessing it and to Bishop Stephens for presiding, and for ‘The Women of Virtue’ who made us feel so welcome.
    It was not a conference to just go and sit. We were exhorted throughout to move our feet and dance, move our hands and clap and mouth our mouths and praise and shout in order to move the devil out of the way and press into God for healing and deliverance. The singers and musicians tirelessly used their giftings to help create an atmosphere for this to occur and for the prophetic to flow. God was getting us to move over the threshold of where we had been to a new place in the spirit. The speakers were saying you can’t stay the same when the drought is over. You have to move out of your comfort zone. For the drought to be over, the rain had to come and it did. He poured in, I believe, so we will be able to better pour out to others His life through the destiny that we each have in God.

  2. I agree I want to see the men of God come forward and take their place in God and the women as well.

    Let us all continue to pray for all God’s children everywhere. What a privilege and blessing to pray for the saints everywhere.

    Sounds like you had a power packed week-end!

  3. I,a LILY from, experienced the glory of what the Scriptures mean when they say “build us together” into a house of living stone with fellow believers of like faith. The drought is indeed over as Bishop Stephens exhorted… “for out of our bellies shall flow rivers and rivers and rivers of living water.”
    As DJ pointed out…each and every speaker delivered his/her soul in obedience to the SPIRIT of the LIVING GOD Whose presence was so strong in that place. Pastor Jackson cried out, “this time let it pour on you! This time let it rain on you! This time let it shower down on you!” He told us to stop looking at the past things that we’ve prayed about and prayed about and prayed about and NOTHING HAS CHANGED.
    You go through what you have to go through to get to the next level. As Dorothy reiterated…only you can go through it. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps…it’s like what Peter says, gird up the loins of your mind and just DO IT!!
    Another teacher and prophet TAMMY LINDSAY said that if you’re getting confirmation after confirmation time after time with the same exhortation and prophecy and you haven’t done anything about it….THAT MEANS THERE’S NO MOVEMENT.!!
    There was much healing and deliverance as the team that works with Bishop and Prophetess Stephens watched over us with their pastors as we were ministered to.
    Bishop Stephens ministered lovingly to a young man and ushered him into the Kingdom of God, Sunday morning, to fulfill his destiny as a servant of the living GOD. Bishop said, “you can’t help anybody until you help yourself and get yourself straight with God”
    There was a grand Spirit of worship and the the thing that really impressed me with these glorious people of GOD was the “REAL” and the “LOVE”.

  4. I join with my fellow dailylilies to give thanks to Bishop Stephens and Prophetess Stephens for putting together the Wailing Women’s conference. We ask that God bless them for all the prayers and energies for putting together this conference. We thank God for the warmth of the people in love with Jesus. We thank all who ministered and gave of their time to serve Jesus by reaching out to us. Lord bless them as well for their tireless work for others and the master Jesus Christ whom they serve. Thank you for all the healing and ministry to us. Thank you for the wonderful message that the drought is finally over. We look for the rain.

  5. Amen!! The Drought is over. Let the Holy Spirit rain down on us!! Thank you Dorothy for sharing this blog with us.

  6. Grace and Peace,

    I am writing to say thank you to the Pastors and to all of the Women that came to share in Wailing Women’s Conference 2007. It was more than a conference! There was such an overshelming presence of Holy Spirit. The power of God showed up in that place and as a result of it, healing was manifested. The men and women of God began to bask in the fresh release of the anointing of God! Praise reports are coming from as far as California giving God glory for the miraculous works He performed during this gathering. One lady emailed me and talked about her body had been in pain for 4 years. She said by Friday evening of the conference, there was no pain in her body and she hasn’t taken any medicine since the Thursday prior to the conference. On Sunday morning, I began to speak prophetically about how God was going to cancel debt and on today I received a call that a lady from the conference walked into her job late for work and was greeted with a bonus check that cured a great deal of her debt. The testimonies keep on coming and to God be the glory.

    Again, it was a sincere pleasure meeting such mighty woman of God as yourselves.

    Throughout the weekend the women spoke very highly of Sarah and I just want to say to Sarah that you are blessed and highly favored Woman of God! Just like Abraham is noted as the father of many nations. Sarah, you are a mother to many nations and God has had you on the backside of the desert preparing you for expansion. I declare in the name of Jesus that the drought is over in your life financially, emotionally, spiritually and in your health. You are a Holy nation, royal priesthood, a chosen generation. Sarah, there is greatness on your life. This is your season and this is your time. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!

    Stay ecnouraged people of God because when we come through this, we will be able to stand every scheme of the enemy!

    Bishop Shawn Stephens

  7. Thank you Bishop Stephens for your prayers and blessings for my life and ministry. Thank you for sharing on ‘The Daily Lily’ so many others can be blessed worldwide.

    Thank you for the boldness of hosting “The Drought is Over.” conference. It is a blessing and great encouragement to hear how God is still working today in the lives of His children throughout the world.

    I pray for your churches and extended ministries and for the fulfillment of God’s purposes for them. I pray for your church leaders that their evangelistic work will be very fruitful and they will be kept safe from the work of the enemy at all times.

    May you be healed in your body, mind and spirit as you press forward to a great Victory that is just moments ahead. Keep the face of enduring faith and hope as you wait, expect and see the Victory for what seemed to be held through trials and tribulations, but no longer.

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