The Drought is Over….that was the theme of the Wailing Women’s conference the Hostess being Prophetess Yolanda Stephens Co-Pastor, The ROK Church International Sterling Va….it was held in Fredericksburg…and was power packed with the Holy Ghost……God was and is saying You take up your bed and walk!….You do it..nobody else can walk for you…..The Speakers and the Teachers all flowed with what God has for this time in time…. when we are delivered and set free, it’s not for us alone…it’s for others that they too can be set free and set others free….from whatever bondage that they may be in….and it was told that God will even get a hold on you all by yourself so that you only have Him to depend on Like Jacob and that you will know its Him and not anybody else not even you who bought you through….

and that what you go thru is not for you and what you learn is not for you but to set others free who may be in the same situation you have just come out of. …..And there was a word for the men Through Prophetess Stephens saying God is impregnating men…there is no difference in the Spirit…God is impregnating men…there is a King inside of them that must come forward……(when that was said I could just see all the Godly men taking their place in Christ and truly being the men of God they were meant to be)…..this was a wonderful experience and I know I am not the word that stays with me is some body else’s deliverance is locked up inside of you …until you truly get delivered……..the Drought is Over…we had better go be Bold and flow and fulfill our destinies because Hell is real………..Dorothy, a Lily from The Daily