“Clothe yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for indulging the flesh. Put a stop to thinking about the evil cravings of your physical nature” (Romans 13:14 AMP).

Today, I had a hard time decided just how to clothe (dress) myself for work. The weather in Northern Virginia seems to be vacillating from hour to hour.

I am daily being faced with choice making. I am daily being encouraged to make the right choices. I am daily being questioned on my choices. I am told that it is my responsibility to give other’s choices for their well being. As well as developing good relationships with others.

The Presidential political arena in America is full of well meaning candidates making appearances like McDonald’s hot cakes. They are trying to get each and every voting American to vote for them. Make a choice to vote for them as our next President. I ask, based on what? Political Party persuasion or issues that I think would help the causes important to me and or best for America. But, do I even know that?

Make no provision for indulging my flesh! Provisionthe action of providing or supplying something for use…and in this study we would be talking about just what are we doing or choices are we making to supply for the lust of our flesh.

I think of the three monkeys on my desk as one covers his eyes, saying, see no evil. The second monkey covers his ears, saying, hear no evil. Then, the third monkey covers his mouth, saying, speak no evil. In my way of thinking these little monkeys are making no provision for the lust of the flesh. They are clothing their eyes, ears and mouth with a safety valve.

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When I clothe myself with the Lord Jesus Christ as Paul instructs in this scripture, I know I must submit to His Lordship. Other items of clothing would be to accept His moral standards, live in constant fellowship with Him and depend upon His strength to make right choices. With just a little effort we could encourage one another daily helping others and ourselves with the right styles for the occasion. This would even help to accessorize our outfits.

I am certain that I need His strength to follow the other action mentioned in our verse, “ Put a stop to thinking about the evil cravings of your physical nature” Now I must stop thinking about my bad attitude, or any other behavioral patterns not pleasing to God Our Father.

Stop thinking about them and do something about them, Change my stinking rotten attitude. Change my old habits and establish some healthy good habits. If one spends all their time thinking about the old how can they do the new? Would that be what Paul is saying?

We have three actions on our part in our verse. 1) Clothe yourself with Jesus Christ. 2) Make no provisions for the lust of the flesh. 3) Put a stop to thinking about the evil cravings of your physical nature.

This says to me that changes are in our hands, now what are we going to do about them.

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