Study with Sara-See, hear and speak no evil

“Clothe yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for indulging the flesh. Put a stop to thinking about the evil cravings of your physical nature” (Romans 13:14 AMP).

Today, I had a hard time decided just how to clothe (dress) myself for work. The weather in Northern Virginia seems to be vacillating from hour to hour.

I am daily being faced with choice making. I am daily being encouraged to make the right choices. I am daily being questioned on my choices. I am told that it is my responsibility to give other’s choices for their well being. As well as developing good relationships with others.

The Presidential political arena in America is full of well meaning candidates making appearances like McDonald’s hot cakes. They are trying to get each and every voting American to vote for them. Make a choice to vote for them as our next President. I ask, based on what? Political Party persuasion or issues that I think would help the causes important to me and or best for America. But, do I even know that?

Make no provision for indulging my flesh! Provisionthe action of providing or supplying something for use…and in this study we would be talking about just what are we doing or choices are we making to supply for the lust of our flesh.

I think of the three monkeys on my desk as one covers his eyes, saying, see no evil. The second monkey covers his ears, saying, hear no evil. Then, the third monkey covers his mouth, saying, speak no evil. In my way of thinking these little monkeys are making no provision for the lust of the flesh. They are clothing their eyes, ears and mouth with a safety valve.

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When I clothe myself with the Lord Jesus Christ as Paul instructs in this scripture, I know I must submit to His Lordship. Other items of clothing would be to accept His moral standards, live in constant fellowship with Him and depend upon His strength to make right choices. With just a little effort we could encourage one another daily helping others and ourselves with the right styles for the occasion. This would even help to accessorize our outfits.

I am certain that I need His strength to follow the other action mentioned in our verse, “ Put a stop to thinking about the evil cravings of your physical nature” Now I must stop thinking about my bad attitude, or any other behavioral patterns not pleasing to God Our Father.

Stop thinking about them and do something about them, Change my stinking rotten attitude. Change my old habits and establish some healthy good habits. If one spends all their time thinking about the old how can they do the new? Would that be what Paul is saying?

We have three actions on our part in our verse. 1) Clothe yourself with Jesus Christ. 2) Make no provisions for the lust of the flesh. 3) Put a stop to thinking about the evil cravings of your physical nature.

This says to me that changes are in our hands, now what are we going to do about them.

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16 thoughts on “Study with Sara-See, hear and speak no evil”

  1. Another thought about my monkeys and our little pugs. If I don’t see evil, and don’t hear evil, then hopefully, I won’t speak evil.

    And, Our Lord’s Prayer, lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil.

    Choices again, trying to make the right ones.

  2. Deuteronomy 30:19″…I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live.” Vs. 20 “that you may love the Lord your God, that you may obey His voice, and that you may cling to Him, for He is your life and the length of your days; and that you may dwell in the land which the Lord swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to give them.”

    Each day I see the importance of seeking out Scriptures for the way the Lord wants me to live, and I have to practice them so that hopefully my life will be pleasing to Him. When I chose an action, I also choose its consequences as well. I understand from Scripture that God cannot bless and prosper disobedience and unfaithfulness.

    Choosing an action is an awesome responsibility according to the way I understand God’s Word.

  3. Reading this brought to my mind a ‘saying’ my mother would speak to me growing up when I acted foolishly…”monkey see, monkey do”. This reprimand usually followed a disobedient incident where I had seen someone else do something or say something that at the time seemed right for me to copy and go along with but which I had been taught better than to follow. It was as if I had taken off the pattern or ‘dress code ’ that my mother had chosen for me to wear and was enticed to wear some other ‘style’ instead. Afterwards, I usually felt like a fool for doing it, looked like one too and received the consequences of my actions.
    It is no different today in the choices I make moment by moment and the serious, eternal consequences that result from them. Sara asked what are we going to do about the changes that are in our hands. The monkeys used their hands to shut out the voice and sight of the enemy from within and without. Hands to me says the things we do, the work we do, our deeds. The scripture from Deuteronomy above tells us to cling to Him…it takes using your hands to cling. Hands..the works of our deeds and service to Him in moment by moment decisions to try to understand His will in everything and do it.

  4. what are we going to do with them changes are in our hands?….we had better with the help of The Holy Ghost use those changes do those changes or just go on to hell where we are headed..or if we dont fall that far down , lose all of our rewards and crowns and have nothing to lay at the Feet of Jesus the King on that day….dj

  5. I think I’ll buy those cute little pugs to remind me that I am responsible for change in me. Focus on Jesus knowing that I am a child of the King and that He has something so special that He would like to accomplish through me. I need not look to man, but to Jesus. Of course, I need to fellowship with fellow Christians in the Lord for encouragement and to make sure I don’t get off track. I’ll praise the Lord and talk/listen to Him all the time in dance, song, and prayer. I guess I’ll just strive to get closer and closer to Him until one day I see Him face to face.

  6. I have a great big thought Rena that you have already ordered those darling pugs? After all, your pug will be here in a few weeks, won’t he? Do you have any new photos of him?

    What a great reminder to have something so special to remind us that change is our responsibility, our choice. I do have a set of monkeys on my desk and they are neat reminders as well.

    My thought Rena is we may already be winners and we are but we can be super winners! Let’s medal for Jesus.

  7. I have been thinking about the monkeys a little more. If we don’t see evil, or hear evil, how can we speak against evil? I sure don’t want to be one that makes excuses for my behavior. I don’t think it would pay to try and justify my bad behavior. Probably not my good behavior either.

    These little monkeys and pugs have got me thinking and checking up on my motives and other behavior.

  8. I did purchase those cute little pugs. I will make sure to send the an updated picture when I pick my cute little pug puppy up in another week.

    I agree I don’t want to make excuses for bad behavior. Usually God sends a few prophetic friends my way to say stop, think, reevaluate what you are doing or saying. Usually God has already been talking to me about such behavior so when the prophetic friend says something you immediately think take action, change or don’t medal.

  9. Sara’s blog made me think of a scripture that I love and have gotten into my spirit, it moves me so. I cannot locate it right now but I know I have read it and recognized it in a song by Terry McAlmon. It says,
    “How long, how long? Till I awake in Your image?
    How long, how long? Till I become like You.?”

    What to wear, what to wear? Every morning the challenge rears it’s head. Let’s see… the Word of God says, “Put on the garment of praise for the rags of heaviness. That makes a lovely costume in which to present the witness of the Lord…A Praise garment! Or we could be like the Proverbs 31 woman; She wears fine linen and garments of costly and tasteful purple. Strength and dignity are her clothing which affirm her position of authority in the natural and in the spirit.
    In Psalm 45, it says that the King’s daughter is all glorious within. And her garments are all inwrought with gold. That certainly would take the prize away from the top designers on the fashion runways of the world.
    The fashion designer, St. Peter, in his Epistle 1Peter 3 has recommendations for the latest apparel. He suggests that the fashionable woman clothe herself with the adorning of beauty of the inner spirit, putting on the incorruptible and unfading charm of a gentle and peaceful spirit which he guarantees is very precious in the sight of God.
    So if we are to follow Sara’s book on DRESSING FOR HIS GLORY, we will want to wear these attributes and virtues as our spiritual clothing, as Peter discloses to us… it pleases the Lord God.
    If we do all these things hopefully it won’t be too LONG until we do awake in His Image and become like HIM!

  10. As I have tried to study and practice the teachings of Jesus Christ and desiring to be more like Him, I have found a few things to be true:

    1)MG’s quote from McAlsmon’s song “How long, how long? Till I awake in Your image?
    How long, how long? Till I become like You.?”

    The length of time has always seemed to me was how long it took me to see my mistakes, flaws, sins, flesh and any other things that are not part of The Holy Spirit and share with others so they could walk out of the same kind of dilemma that I had been in. When we walk together with another we walk onto higher grounds and then we deal with the terrain there.

    2)Inner spirit becomes the outward spirit and the two join as one for success. Again, the outward spirit draws others to the King and God’s Kingdom will come and His Will will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

    3) Psalm 45, says that “the King’s daughter is all glorious within. And her garments are all inwrought with gold.” I have always understood this to be Light, the light we were not to hide under a basket but place openly on a stand so others and well as ourselves could see.
    Luke 11:33 “No one lights a lamp and then hides it or puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where its light can be seen by all who enter the house.

    Have we noticed that Luke says light can be seen by all. This says to me Luke is advising us to be useful like a light, give help, hope and a way for others to see.

    I am saying we have to take our past and put them foreword as a light for others so we can awake into His likeness.

    This is a little star light from my workbook (Dressing for His Glory) and things I have learned on my journey with the King…..

  11. Sara I love what you said “take our past and put them foreward as a light”….I remember your sharing once that if you were to dwell on the past of the passing of your mother saying poor me my moms gone…poor me…you would never get ahead only stay in that place and never really be a total blessing the way she wanted for you….but if you were to take that past and think on the teachings and the examples that she gave and used them now and shared them with others like you are doing then the future is brighter for you and for others and the Lord is Glorified……(if this is but a little starlight that you have shared…everyone who reads this ought to want to know more about that work book “Dressing for His Glory” and get it)……dj

  12. Thanks Dorothy for reminding me of what I said about my Mother. There are times like right about now that I have a hard time moving on. October is my Mother’s Birthday Month.

    Just think if I can remember and do what you just reminded me of. What a glorious B-D that would be for her. A real legacy to the world. I can hear her now, be positive, be active, be moving forward. Always forward. Forward forward.

  13. These monkeys are so cute. It seems I have always heard…”hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”, but Sara asked, “if we don’t see or hear evil, how can we speak against it?” I guess I always thought the monkeys were doing a good thing, by separating themselves, “so to speak”, from evil. I thought they were being proactive against evil or “putting a stop to inviting it into
    their lives”. But Sara has got me thinking, well how will they recognize evil, if they aren’t exposed to it? I guess the key here is…..choice?? If they are exposed to evil, will they choose to see, hear, and speak what is true, admirable, and right?

  14. Amen Needles! If put in a position to speak and not speak up for Jesus – the choice is mine. But if I deny Him, however, he will deny knowing me before the Father. I wonder how often have I not spoken to others what powerful things he has done in my life such as deliverance from fear, moved me after 20 and a half years back to Virginia, blessed me with the perfect house for me, and placed me in an excellent school with a wonderful, honorable principal, placed me in a church that teaches you how to live and walk with Jesus in this present day. He has healed me many times and many times I may not no about. My current church, CCI, teaches no fairy tale religion – they only teach how to live and walk with Jesus in the now. Jesus gave His life for me and for all, I wonder what holds us back, what keeps our mouths muzzled to sing about the wonderful things He has done in our lives. Lord bless your holy name and everything within me bless your name!

  15. Isn’t it that when we refuse or are fearful to speak up about the Lord and witness and tell about His Gospel and give our testimony, that instead of “See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil…..we are “seeing no “good”, hearing no “good” and speaking no “good”!

  16. Would it mean if we see no good, hear no good and speak no good that we only see, hear and speak evil?

    It seems to me we go right back to ‘choice’ and how we think things to be, good or evil. Isn’t that the choice Adam and Eve made in the garden of Eden and we are still making today.

    If I make a bad choice I live with the consequences, if I make a good choice, I live with the blessings. I need to know right from wrong, good from evil?

    I guess those cute monkeys and doggies are telling me you make your choice and we will make ours. Hum, lot more to think about and change in my own thinking so I will not be a leaky faucet.

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