Fear is an enemy that many, many of us would like to rid from our lives. It torments us night and day. It causes us not to be our authentic self. We wish that there were someway to extract it from our lives. If you have never experienced FEAR, count your blessings and be everything you can be.

Fear has often plagued me since I was a little child. I was always afraid to speak up in class. I sat in classroom after classroom year in and year out never volunteering a word unless I was called on. Inside fear robbed me of learning through discussion. I spent so much time fearing being asked that I missed out on the discussion at hand.

When you carry forth the mask of fear, it affects other parts of your life as well. Through all the fear, somehow I got married and had two wonderful sons. Fear seemed to tie me to my home. I did walk and talk to the Lord a lot. One day I stood in my townhouse and I cried out, “Lord Jesus I need some one, a friend to walk and talk with me. Oh Lord, I said, I promise I will go anywhere and do anything for you if you will do this for me.” The Lord heard. Immediately a friend whom I hadn’t heard from in years called and was moving to the same town as I was moving to. Joy of joys she was attractive, encouraging, and motivating. We started walking and praying together on a daily basis.

She encouraged me to work in the boys’ school. I did and loved it. Meanwhile I had a mishap in the car. I seriously thought of not driving again, but my friend said, “No, get back on that road. It is the trick of the enemy, just get in and drive.” I did and fear fled as I faced it.

My friend and I were very lucky in that we had one year together before God separated us again. I was sent to Louisiana. I had always dreamed of finishing my degree and becoming a teacher. The fears of past failures plagued me again. I was able with God’s help to go beyond. In order to show you how pathetic this fear was listen to this. One day I became very upset with a grade that I had obtained in music. I was very distraught in my soul. I felt sure a slippage in grades meant I was headed for failure once again as I had not finished college years ago due to inadequate grades. My friend called and said, “What is the matter with you? The Lord is telling me you are upset.” I said, “I made a B on a music test. “What!” she said. A “B” and what do you want me to do, call intercessors to pray for you because you made a B? What? Are you crazy!” This jogged my mind to my senses. “Fear,” I yelled, “get out of my life!”

One day fear decided to test me again. I was face with a test that at first glance I felt I knew none of the answers, although I had studied for hours. I finished what I could and then I bowed my head and said, “Lord Jesus you know I studied, please help clear my mind so that I may remember how to do the test. I reread the test and it was so clear to me what the answers were. I changed most of them and made an A. Thank you Jesus!

Fear re-masked me as we moved to Louisiana. If I wanted to go to the city, I would have to drive across the 23 mile bridge. For 12 years I did not drive that bridge. Fear rose up in me every time I thought upon it. Then one day I prayed, Lord take this fear from me. Low and behold several months went by and one day I crossed the bridge with no fear. After crossing it, I thought, Lord I had no fear! Thank you Jesus, thank you, you heard me, I just thank you. I have no fear. Hallelujah!

As time went by, it appeared that I was not returning to my beloved Virginia, so I needed to visit my folks and my dear precious friend. I again prayed and asked the Lord to help me as the trip was 18 hours away. My boys and I plugged in some Christian music and away we went to Virginia. Yes, with the help of Jesus I had overcome my fear.

Later as I was teaching, I won the Sallie Mae National Teachers Award given to outstanding first year teachers. Observations were frequent. No fear, just Jesus! Time came and I was asked to join a team going to India. I found myself facing another fear – flying. I mentioned this to another woman of God and she said, “Listen to me. Are you a praying woman?” I said, “Why yes I am.” Well then what does it matter? If the plane goes down, you would meet a whole heavenly host of relatives and friends in heaven.” She continued, “I doubt if old Satan would like this, because in heaven you could pray all the time and down here you would be less of a threat to him. “ Oh I never thought of it in that way,” I said. I walked on that plane whispering to myself, “Lord Jesus I am in the palm of your hand, please protect me.” Therefore another fear put to rest.

Dear friend, are you troubled with fear? Does it cripple you? I pray not. If it does, go to the Rock, Jesus. He will set you free as he is setting me free step upon step upon step.

POSTSCRIPT TO THE ABOVE PIECE – Today I am back in Virginia with my dear friend Sara who has orchestrated this wonderful site for all to come and learn of how Jesus works in our lives today. Thanks Sara.