I bent low to the Lord
When I was but a child
I knew He was near
And I believed

Oh how I loved Jesus
I loved his handiwork as well
The flowers, trees, and me

Our relationship was put aside
As young adulthood ushered in
Many duties and responsibilities
Oh yes, I still prayed occasionally
Read the Word once in a while

This I left my Jesus’ side
To dance with the things of life
I felt empty and despaired
I had left my partner Jesus behind

Where was my Jesus
I searched and there he was
Standing with folded arms
Looking at me
Without taking his gaze away

Lord, I have missed you, I whispered
My child, he said, are you now ready to dance with me
Lord, I don’t know how, I said

Stand on my feet, and I’ll teach you
The Dance of Life
Step by step
For I love you my child.