God is so loving and kind. He wants all to know that he cares so much for them. As a prayer person, God had me pray for this beautiful teacher who had been trying for years and years to have a baby.
I would lift her name daily every morning to the Lord. The poem below did happen and Donna and I give God all the glory for her family.

While praying and walking a photo is shown.
A Mom holding a little girl and twin boys in a red wagon pose.

A picture, a picture, but only in the mind’s eye
given by the Lord

A year or two go by and the picture is proclaimed over and over again.
Surely the children are on their way to becoming reality.

Time marches on and then with God’s calling forth the twins march from the picture in real life.
Time marches on and a baby girl comes forth and smiles at the mother

The picture in quiet repose
Is reality now
No longer silent but
abound with child like noises

A picture, a picture to encourage a childless one
A promise fulfilled by the Lord

Dedicated to Donna, Keith, Kameron, Keegan, and Kaityln