A Daisy, An Angel, our Barbara

A Daisy, An Angel, our Barbara
A DAISY is all she ever really wanted to be.
Yet others thought she should be more.
A sigh, a cry, not even a whimper,
would make the demands of others go away.

At times anger, fear and hate would strike;
And all her petals would fade away.

Her heart was worn while still a child;
Not a healer or repairer of her heart
could be found anywhere around by me;
or so it seemed.
For all just continued to pick one petal at a time from our
Daisy; thinking love of life would come their way.
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But ‘Daisy’ just could not withstand the pain, the picks,
and tears that whittled her heart away one day at a time.
So away she went; to find her rest.
Yes, at last, she found a Rest;
that never ever will allow another petal to be torn
from the ‘Heart of Daisy’, a real Angel, I’m sure!


6 thoughts on “A Daisy, An Angel, our Barbara”

  1. In the meanings of flowers daisy means Innocence, Loyal Love, I’ll Never Tell, Purity. You were so special to us, Barbara. You will always be a daisy in my heart.

  2. We remember Barbara when she bloomed on earth. The whittling of her petals, “she loves me, she loves me not” but oh her heart! That golden globe of sunshine, a poet’s heart, creative, clever, witty, tender. We exchanged poems and reveled in her creativity.
    She is a treasure to be sure…and treasured till we meet again.
    **and now… “She is more blessed than the virgin Mary.”

    ** (c)quote from sara mullennex’book

  3. Happy Birthday Barbara. You were as pretty inside as out. You showed forth your light of Jesus wherever you went. A daisy aglow with love, the love of Jesus.

  4. I never met Barbara, but I know from these writings that this lady must have been a wonderful creation from God, just as the beautiful daisies are.

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