A Daisy, An Angel, our Barbara
A DAISY is all she ever really wanted to be.
Yet others thought she should be more.
A sigh, a cry, not even a whimper,
would make the demands of others go away.

At times anger, fear and hate would strike;
And all her petals would fade away.

Her heart was worn while still a child;
Not a healer or repairer of her heart
could be found anywhere around by me;
or so it seemed.
For all just continued to pick one petal at a time from our
Daisy; thinking love of life would come their way.
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But ‘Daisy’ just could not withstand the pain, the picks,
and tears that whittled her heart away one day at a time.
So away she went; to find her rest.
Yes, at last, she found a Rest;
that never ever will allow another petal to be torn
from the ‘Heart of Daisy’, a real Angel, I’m sure!