When I sat down to play and sing for the moving of the Spirit on the nations as I had been directed this song came up in my being immediately and I believe it is of the Holy Spirit as I sing it for each nation called by name before the Lord
There’s a stain on the cross for each nation
it’s the blood price Christ paid for your land
The blood shed is for your salvation
And holes in His feet and His hands.

Christ died for the people of your nation
He was hanged on a tree for you
That you might receive life and salvation
There’s a stain on the cross for you.


7 thoughts on “BLOOD STAIN ON THE CROSS”

  1. The Holy Spirit brought to your remembrance a reminder for all of us that believe in “For God so Loved the WORLD that He gave His only son…”
    Passage Revelation 15:4:Ampl.
    “Who shall not reverence and glorify Your name, O Lord [giving You honor and praise in worship]? For You only are holy. All the nations shall come and pay homage and adoration to You, for Your just judgments (Your righteous sentences and deeds) have been made known and displayed.

    Passage Psalm 86:9:
    “All nations whom You have made shall come and fall down before You, O Lord; and they shall glorify Your name.”

    Your song, MG, is a challenge to love as He loved and pray and intercede and be a part of God’s love to all. Thank you.

  2. MG, the verse of your song, …”there’s a stain on the cross for you…” assures each and every person, from every walk of life, from every nation, of God’s personal concern for every individual. It is God’s great desire that “all men be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth”…. And your song remminded me of Zephaniah 3:17…that God is singing over the nations also… “He will rejoice over you with singing”.

  3. a challenge to love as He loved/loves(WOW)…..He laid down His life(JESUS)…….He did not live for Himself…nor did He die for Himself…..nor did He pray/intercede for Himself……when we come face to face with that which Christ wrought on the Cross of Calvery it is indeed this challenge that is asked …..will you lay down your life and serve Me the Redeemer of Your soul and share…..we are the feet..the hands…the body of Christ….and as we have been learning in the blog Sara wrote about the gifts and talents…we must use them not for ourselves but for the building up of the body that the uttermost parts of world…the Nations Christs inheritance…may come…to the fullness ………it is a wonderful song MG….dj

  4. Thank you, but OH! It is truly the lament of the Holy Spirit as He moves over the nations…those nations represented in the Body of Christ; the ones represented in our classrooms; the ones who are suffering in brutal totalitarianism; those nations who serve and are in bondage to a false religion; those nations, who in pride and vanity, serve only themselves. Oh, Jesus! You asked us and pleaded with us to pray for them. Forgive us for our selfishness and preoccupation with who knows what! Ourselves, obviously.
    We call for Your Kingdom to come into the hearts of all peoples as You show us, as in the Macedonian call, whom to pray and intercede for, at each juncture. Thank YOU JESUS for absolving us by Your blood and giving us a 2nd chance.

  5. I love your song and the imagery in it. Thanks for sharing what the HOLY SPIRIT wrote through you. How wonderful God is to bless us through people like you with the creativity of song. As one once told me, song is praying twice. Perhaps someone could paint this as our reminder that God shed His blood for all nations to come unto Him.

  6. MG, This is an awesome song. This brings tears to my eyes and joy in my heart. We need to sing this song daily and remember why those blood stains are on the cross. Thank you for sharing this awesome song with us.

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