Many times we think that we are all alone with no hope. I am here to tell you that there is someone named Jesus who is so close that He like the little girl in the following story weeps over you and will care for you when all else around you seems to be crushing in. Call upon His name. JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! I knew of a friend who was so sick and her temperature raged on despite alcohol baths. All she could say was the name of Jesus. He came and touched her and she was healed. He will touch you like the rose in the story too no matter what weeds have come your way.

In a tiny patch in the far corner of a vacant lot, a tiny rose plant was trying to break through the soil. It was hard as there were so many weeds around and the soil was parched. He pushed and pushed and finally he began to see the sun. Oh the sun he thought. How warm it feels. Then the rain fell. Oh he was so thirsty. He stretched up straight and tall catching every drop.

The weeds threatened, “We’ll choke you out with our growth.” He somehow continued to grow.

All of a sudden a tiny bud appeared. He could hardly wait for it to unfold. With the help of the sun and the rain he unfolded. He was so proud. The weeds said, “How amazing, we did our best to choke him out.”

One day a small girl came along. She had tears in her eyes. She looked at the rose and took a deep breath, and her tears washed and refreshed the rose. She said, “What a joy to find a rose who can persevere with all these weeds. I will take you to my garden, and give you nourishment so that you may bare more beautiful blossoms.”

So the rose multiplied and his refreshing fragrance permeated all that came into his path exalting the name of his master gardener.