Why I don’t like Cheese?

My seven year old son, Luke, wrote this story for school and wanted to share his story with us. Double click on the picture to read Luke’s story. Hope you still like cheese after reading his fantasy story. Or, maybe it’s a mystery! Don’t you just love his art work as well. I am a proud Mom.

Also, today is my son Noah’s Birthday. I am proud of both my sons and wanted to share some joys of their lives with all of you. Thank you for your prayers and support of both of my children.

Luke 1-1

Luke 2


7 thoughts on “Why I don’t like Cheese?”

  1. Wow, Luke, thanks for sharing your creative story with The Daily Lily readers. I love your artwork and bright orange house in the dark night. With all the scary things in there, it sounds like it was a good thing you got out the door!
    And happy birthday to Noah! May God bless and keep both of you in His loving care at all times.

  2. Luke!
    I am so glad you love to write stories. Please keep on creating scary stories and funny stories and stories about Jesus, too. I would love to read those stories about Jesus and all His adventures in the Bible that you could write about for us.
    Thanks for thinking of us and sharing your talent. Gee. I thought the house was RED!!

  3. WOW Luke all those green things on the windows scare me. You really wanted to scare us, don’t you?

    Are you trying to make us afraid so that when we see you we will not run and grab you and hug you and kiss you? 🙂 We still love you!

    Happy Birthday to Noah! Did you go to the movies for Noah’s Birthday? What kind of cake did Noah have?

  4. Hey Luke, Thanks for sharing your story on thedalylily.com. You really can tell a story so the reader can understand. That is terrific. I hope to hear more of your stories and hope I will hear some of your brother’s stories as well. Everyone has a story to tell. Thanks for putting yours on the dailylily.com

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH – I hope you have a terrific birthday and get to do some fun stuff with friends and family.

  5. WOW Luke…that sure is one scarey story….and I just think you are one very good spooky story writer and artist! that really looks like a haunted house I dont blame you for running out the door!……..Hey NOAH!….HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Just think the whole world will see Lukes story and drawing and the whole world will know its Noahs birthday…Because its published on TheDailyLily.Com….WOW…

  6. Wow, Luke what a colorful “scary” house and spooky story you created. I am glad it was you, who had to taste those eyeballs and not me! I just like the cheese!

    Noah, I’d like to say, thanks for inviting us to celebrate your birthday. We saw “The Bee Movie”, and it was great! Happy “9th” birthday!

  7. Luke, I love your story. I will never look at the cheese the same way. Noah, I want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I thank God for blessing me with Noah and Luke.

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