Please enjoy the quilt my grandmother, Alice Furlough, made for me. I remember a story she told me about my cousin, Frankie. When Frankie was just a little boy, he wanted to quilt, like her. She told me that she fixed him a place near her, and a needle with thread, and handed it to him. The key was….he would sit there and quilt as long as she would, but she would chuckle when she told me that she didn’t tie a knot in the end of his thread. My cousin, Frankie made me the beautiful quilt rack you see in the picture. I love this little story, because the quilt, now sits in my home, on the quilt rack that Frankie made for me.

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My Grandmother, Alice, Birthday would be Thursday, November 15 and she would be 92. Wonder what she is doing in heaven now?