Many have prayed some form of the Lord’s prayer in their daily devotions and I feel lead to share my daily prayer with the Lilies in hopes of blessing you.

OUR FATHER; Yes! You are my Father. I was in Your mind before the beginning of time that I should come forth upon the earth in this era. You are the husbandman that sows the seeds of life, the Father of all life. Jesus, You are the eternal, everlasting Father, My Savior, My Brother, My Friend, My King, My Husband, the Creator of me and You are my FATHER! You are the Father of all things bright and beautiful, Who out of the virtues of compassion, love, and mercy has made all things for Your own pleasure. And You have included me in Your eternal plan and purpose. You are the Father of all Source. You are the Father of Jesus and You live eternally, always have, and do so now and will forever be…My Father!

WHO ART IN HEAVEN: Heaven! The planet of purity, beauty, goodness and light and where there is no darkness. There is no corruption there. The place where the Throne of Glory exists eternally with the splendid ALMIGHTY GOD upon it. Heaven…I see the saints in spirit and truth as they traverse the pristine boulevards of gold; where the Lamb is the Light. Heaven…My Father Abides in Heaven Jesus lives in Heaven. I will live there some day with Jesus and MY FATHER.

HALLOWED BE THY NAME: The Name! Yahweh, Jehovah, Adonai, El Shaddai, Almighty GOD! That Name, glorified, pure, revered, holy, divine, reverenced, respected, renowned, worshiped and adored. Name above all names of anything or anyone that is named. Pure, faithfulness is the Name of our God. Pure holiness is the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Holy is the Spirit of the Living God. Not to be maligned; not to be besmirched; not to be taken in vain; not to be mocked; not to be spoiled; not to be despited; not to be censored; never to be destroyed. Sacred is the Name of MY FATHER.

THY KINGDOM COME: Oh God! Your Kingdom is what we cry for. Your Kingdom is what we want. We call forth Your Kingdom. We look for it. We expect it. We wait for it. The KINGDOM: We search, we strive, we labor long, we strain at the heavy yoke the world places upon us. We build little duchies, and we create silly little monarchies; we crown men who show muscle and say, ‘reign over us’; we kneel and bow down to financial palaces that hold the stock and bonds of financial enslavement…when all we really are searching for, even as we do not discern it … YOUR KINGDOM> Your Kingdom is what we want. That is what the peoples of the universe are striving for in all the wrong places….and all the wrong palaces. We want YOUR KINGDOM. We need YOUR KINGDOM. We must help build Your Kingdom here on this earthen ball. GOD’S KINGDOM, COME!!!!