My Prayer for The Lord

Many have prayed some form of the Lord’s prayer in their daily devotions and I feel lead to share my daily prayer with the Lilies in hopes of blessing you.

OUR FATHER; Yes! You are my Father. I was in Your mind before the beginning of time that I should come forth upon the earth in this era. You are the husbandman that sows the seeds of life, the Father of all life. Jesus, You are the eternal, everlasting Father, My Savior, My Brother, My Friend, My King, My Husband, the Creator of me and You are my FATHER! You are the Father of all things bright and beautiful, Who out of the virtues of compassion, love, and mercy has made all things for Your own pleasure. And You have included me in Your eternal plan and purpose. You are the Father of all Source. You are the Father of Jesus and You live eternally, always have, and do so now and will forever be…My Father!

WHO ART IN HEAVEN: Heaven! The planet of purity, beauty, goodness and light and where there is no darkness. There is no corruption there. The place where the Throne of Glory exists eternally with the splendid ALMIGHTY GOD upon it. Heaven…I see the saints in spirit and truth as they traverse the pristine boulevards of gold; where the Lamb is the Light. Heaven…My Father Abides in Heaven Jesus lives in Heaven. I will live there some day with Jesus and MY FATHER.

HALLOWED BE THY NAME: The Name! Yahweh, Jehovah, Adonai, El Shaddai, Almighty GOD! That Name, glorified, pure, revered, holy, divine, reverenced, respected, renowned, worshiped and adored. Name above all names of anything or anyone that is named. Pure, faithfulness is the Name of our God. Pure holiness is the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Holy is the Spirit of the Living God. Not to be maligned; not to be besmirched; not to be taken in vain; not to be mocked; not to be spoiled; not to be despited; not to be censored; never to be destroyed. Sacred is the Name of MY FATHER.

THY KINGDOM COME: Oh God! Your Kingdom is what we cry for. Your Kingdom is what we want. We call forth Your Kingdom. We look for it. We expect it. We wait for it. The KINGDOM: We search, we strive, we labor long, we strain at the heavy yoke the world places upon us. We build little duchies, and we create silly little monarchies; we crown men who show muscle and say, ‘reign over us’; we kneel and bow down to financial palaces that hold the stock and bonds of financial enslavement…when all we really are searching for, even as we do not discern it … YOUR KINGDOM> Your Kingdom is what we want. That is what the peoples of the universe are striving for in all the wrong places….and all the wrong palaces. We want YOUR KINGDOM. We need YOUR KINGDOM. We must help build Your Kingdom here on this earthen ball. GOD’S KINGDOM, COME!!!!


15 thoughts on “My Prayer for The Lord”

  1. “And whatever you ask for in prayer, having faith and believing, you will receive” (Matthew 21:22 AMP).

    The Bible tells us that when you pray, have faith, and you will receive it. Faith moves mountains. Faith pleases God. Faith is what opens doors. Faith is believing in God and His goodness.

    Just recently, I felt the leading of the Holy Spirit with a word of wisdom and knowledge to change the way I was praying and interceding. I felt the leading to speak to the ones that I am in fellowship with to begin to do this as well.

    I, at times think I have gone around the base of the mountain to long and it is time to go up the mountain to His promises. It’s obeying His Word. Faith causes you to act. The Book of Romans tell us that faith grows in us by hearing the Word of God. The more you hear the Word of God, the more real it becomes in your life and the easier it is to believe His promises. As we hear and obey the Word, we will be empowered by faith, and we will move up the mountain (take action) into the promises God has planned and holding for us.

    I share again let us change the way we pray and intercede. Let all see Jesus in me. O Lord, please let me make a difference in someone’s life each day.

  2. MG, thank you for sharing your prayer…a faith builder. The descriptions of Our Father, His Name and His Kingdom helps paint a detailed picture of His goodness. And Sara said above that “Faith is believing in God and His goodness” and “Faith is what opens doors.” We want our faith effectively built up to open doors for “the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much ” (James 5:16).

  3. THY KINGDOM COME, contd.
    Dear Father, You have shown me in THE LORD’S PRAYER that a Kingdom has a King Who rules and reigns over HIS subjects. The Kingdom of God has a Sovereign Who rules by the principles of His own VIRTUE. He doesn’t need a legislature. He doesn’t need a counselor, or a senate or a body of supreme court justices. He doesn’t need a caucus or lobbyists or a gaggle of lawyers & advocates. He doesn’t need a “votes” to determine just how He will proceed in His ruling His subjects. He doesn’t have to make campaign promises for the great and precious promises are already ours, for Jesus Christ has attained them for us by His death and resurrection and they are ours for the asking and the taking. Our God is a Sovereign Ruler and He rules, legislates, tries the hearts, judges justly, exhorts, rebukes, and metes out justice according to His Own righteousness which is perfectly perfect.
    And those who would be subject to this perfect Sovereign will obey the rules of the Kingdom emanating forth from the mouth of the Lord God and those who do obey, willingly and willfully, from their hearts, for there He writes His laws and commandments and precepts … on the tablets of our hearts; we are citizens of the Kingdom of God whether on the planet earth or the planet Heaven. We are already in the Eternal Kingdom of God. Thy Kingdom has come to Earth and it is in our power as citizens of His Kingdom to make citizens of all we meet so that they too will live in power and dignity under the rule of the KING OF KINGS in HIS KINGDOM-come-to earth and in Heaven.
    So the KINGDOM of GOD, which is in our hearts, as Jesus said in the Gospels, has come to these earthen vessels and therefore to this earthen ball of clay called THE EARTH. May Thy Kingdom continue to proceed from Thy Throne in Heaven into the Earth and continue to overpower evil as Your subjects speak forth the precepts and the Promises that are ours, forever!

  4. THY WILL BE DONE: contd.
    The Holy Spirit has shown me in this prayer that GOD’s will is HIS DETERMINATION. He has determined from all eternity out of WHO HE IS, what is righteous, just, pure, holy, appropriate, excellent, true, beautiful, expedient and relevant, first of all, emanating from His Being and thus for all of His creation, past, present and future. His will governs His creation. His DETERMINATION, ultimately, brings forth joy, happiness, justice, truth, victory, integrity, power and glory. To pray for GOD’S will is to pray for HIM to determine your outcome, your “alpha” and your “omega”. Who would not want the omniscient God’s virtuous will to be done in each and every part of life on earth and in these earthen vessels of ours, as it is done in HEAVEN where there is true beauty and Goodness Supreme?
    When God’s will is done upon and in these pots of clay then Jesus Christ will come, again. He will crack the eastern sky and we will rise to meet Him in the air and there shall we ever be with the LORD to fulfill His will for eternity.


    Every day is a new fresh start when we are subjects in God’s Kingdom. His mercies are new every morning. I run to Him in the morning after a faux pas, yesterday or last night, after I have missed the mark or fallen back into an old habit. I run to Him in the morning and the mercy is new and fresh and abundant and cleansing…DAILY.
    You give me wisdom and understanding for the day. You give me another opportunity to use what You have taught me from Your Word in situations and circumstances that are placed before me.
    Yes, I have abundant food and never go hungry or thirsty. Yes, I am blessed with great provisions out of GOD’S Creative Storehouse, the soil of the earth with its miraculous production of food from seed….life in the seed which nourishes and sustains the creatures of the earth. Only a wise,loving and tenderhearted God could create a way to replenish the earth for those He has created. I stand in awe of your miraculous creativity and skill and wisdom. And You share it with me, DAILY, when I go to Your Word…Daily, and drink at Your fountain of Wisdom and eat the heavenly manna You provide to sustain me, THE WORD OF GOD,……every day, every day, every day. We pray…..
    Give this to us, every day, daily…..OUR DAILY BREAD

    TRESPASSES: a violation, a breaking of a code of ethics, or a lawbreaking. An unentitlement; a presumption or assumption without appropriateness; usurping. How many times, dear Lord, have we transgressed against Your Holy Spirit and caused Your Spirit to grieve? How many times have we overstepped the boundaries of propriety in arrogant attempts to glean glory for our own vessel of clay or have pushed the envelope even unto abuse, infringement, to appropriate for ourselves, unduly, that which is another’s or even worse, that which is God’s alone?
    Forgive us, Oh Lord, that we may be washed clean once again by the Precious blood of the Lamb of God, shed for us for the forgiveness of sins; those sins which have been passed down through the generations, the familial sins and those sins of omission and commission, the sins that so easily beset us.
    I thank You Lord that You are a compassionate, merciful God and that mercy triumphs over justice for otherwise, we would all be in the throes of hellfire.
    Thank You Lord that You have commanded us to forgive, as our Heavenly Father forgives, for YOUR own sake, because of Who YOU are. And we must forgive if we are children of the Most High God, children of Our Heavenly Father. For You have said so in Your Word, that You cannot forgive us if we do not forgive others.
    Who could have been the source of Forgiveness but You, Lord? Man could not even fathom forgiveness much less execute it but through the demonstration of our GOD.
    Forgive us our trespasses and our transgressions as we forgive those…as I forgive those….who have transgressed against me……real or imagined!

  7. FORGIVENESS, contd.
    The Word says that when you stand praying or upon taking your gift to the altar and you remember that your “brother” has something against you, leave your gift at the altar, go be reconciled with your brother and then come to offer unto God your gift on the altar.
    How do I know if my brother or sister has something of aught against me? By the Holy Spirit’s conviction and His counsel and making aware….if it is not readily evident to us, then Holy Spirit will reveal it to us if we really want to know and really want reconciliation in the House of the Lord, the Body of Christ.

  8. “Therefore I tell you, her sins, many [as they are], are forgiven her—because she has loved much. But he who is forgiven little loves little” (Luke 7:47 AMP).

    Forgiveness IS THE KEY THAT opens the door for love to operate in your life? As we receive Christ’s forgiveness and extend it to others, love pursues. When you are forgiven much, you will love much. The love of Christ will flows through you, and you will be empowered by His strength and live in forgiveness and love. This is where our light shines for success.

  9. 1Peter 4:8 tells us, “Above all, have intense and unfailing love for one another for love covers a multitude of sins and disregards the offenses of others.” And Proverbs 10:12 says, “Hatred stirs up contentions but love covers all transgressions.”
    So, I would surmise from Sara’s comments and these scriptures, that we might keep in mind how much we have been forgiven by Our Heavenly Father and through Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection
    Then we who have been forgiven so much will “empowered by His love”(quote Sara) be constrained by that love to forgive “seven times seventy”, and break our alabaster box of fragrant worship at the feet of the LORD Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father Who have Loved much and forgiven much.

    The Book of James says that God cannot be tempted neither does He tempt anyone. So this phrase of THE LORD’S PRAYER is a little difficult to apprehend. I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to ‘look into the Word’ concerning this phrase as I have often wondered about it and in my study, cursory though it was, I found a translation that says, “allow us not to be taken by temptation or to be overtaken by temptation” And that agrees with the Word of God in other places in the Scriptures, for James again says to the effect that we should be joyful when confronted by temptation, for the temptation itself is not the sin. The giving into it and/or allowing it to overtake or overcome us and enter into the transgression is what is the sin. James says, “Let no one say when he is tempted, I am tempted from God for God in incapable of being tempted by what is evil and He Himself TEMPTS NO ONE. But if we are enticed and we are baited by our own evil desires then THAT gives birth to sin. And we have committed the sin.
    So the Lord’s Prayer is saying, in essence, Oh Lord, Allow us not to be overtaken and partake in the sin that temptation brings before us, but deliver us,Oh Lord, deliver us from evil.

  11. DELIVER US FROM EVIL, contd.
    As I prayed this part of the prayer, I got to see that the evil that I need mostly to be delivered from is my own “evil”. I know we are Children of the most High God. But Paul tells us that as we are still being perfected, there is that “old man nature” that rears its ugly head from time to time (and for some of us MORE OFTEN THAN THAT). Paul cries out, “Oh wretched man that I am, Who will deliver me from this body of death?” So there still lurks that fleshly tendency to sin that so easily besets us and that is why we cry out to the Living God, “deliver us from evil”…the evil within while we are still in these fleshly bodies and the evil that surrounds us of this present-day age. Paul exclaims, ” Oh, thank Heaven, Jesus Christ the Righteous will deliver us, Christ the anointed One. So then I indeed of myself with the mind and heart, serve the LAW of the LORD JESUS CHRIST written on my heart, but with this flesh, in giving into it, I serve the law of sin.” Romans 7:23-25.
    THEREFORE we cry out, Abba, Father, DELIVER US FROM EVIL!!!!

    There is only ONE KINGDOM of any consequence. That is the Kingdom of GOD. All the rest are copies, frauds, fakes, impostors. The Lord God wanted to reign over His people, the Israelites, as told in the BOOK of 1SAMUEL. But God’s supposed people rejected that idea and rebelled and cried and whined and insisted that they have a human king over them like the surrounding nations. And so God gave them what they demanded. And the rest is history. A sad history of evil kings interspersed, occasionally with a king of some character but not many. It is the story of wars and conflicts and idol worship and evil deeds and destruction of hundresd of thousands of people. Only the LORD GOD knows how to rule and reign. The Lord STILL wills to be our KING and rule and reign over us from our hearts and spirits by the Holy Spirit. That is what it means to be a subject of GOD’S KINGDOM. To be ruled and reigned over and to do the determination of the MONARCH for then it will go well with us and we will rule and reign with Him when He returns for us in the clouds and eternally.

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