I am so thankful for all of you. I am thankful, blessed, honored and humbled by our soldiers.

Justin McDonough is one of many young men serving us as we feast with our families and friends at home. If you would like to send a soldier a Christmas Card and need a very honorable young man to bless, bless Justin. If you can send more than one send to Justin to bless others around him with a Christmas Card from home.

Send to:
Corp. Justin McDonough
1st Tank BN
Bravo Co
3rd Platoon
29 Palms, Ca 92278

I understand they love to read letters and notes from their homeland and know how much they are appreciated. We have known Justin and his family since he was a little boy. His Mom, Linda, owns our Hallmark store and is a beautiful Christian lady.

We love Linda and family and our thoughts and prayers are with her and all families that have a member away from their table serving us.

Please pause and say a prayer for our soldiers. God Bless you and your family on Thanksgiving Day and each day as we continue to celebrate our freedom and the freedom to serve, talk about and walk with Jesus. Invite Him into your life, home, and give Him a seat at your table.

Happy Thanksgiving Day.