Happy Thanksgiving, Blessings and Honor

I am so thankful for all of you. I am thankful, blessed, honored and humbled by our soldiers.

Justin McDonough is one of many young men serving us as we feast with our families and friends at home. If you would like to send a soldier a Christmas Card and need a very honorable young man to bless, bless Justin. If you can send more than one send to Justin to bless others around him with a Christmas Card from home.

Send to:
Corp. Justin McDonough
1st Tank BN
Bravo Co
3rd Platoon
29 Palms, Ca 92278

I understand they love to read letters and notes from their homeland and know how much they are appreciated. We have known Justin and his family since he was a little boy. His Mom, Linda, owns our Hallmark store and is a beautiful Christian lady.

We love Linda and family and our thoughts and prayers are with her and all families that have a member away from their table serving us.

Please pause and say a prayer for our soldiers. God Bless you and your family on Thanksgiving Day and each day as we continue to celebrate our freedom and the freedom to serve, talk about and walk with Jesus. Invite Him into your life, home, and give Him a seat at your table.

Happy Thanksgiving Day.


8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, Blessings and Honor”

  1. Sara,
    Thanks for providing this address. Since watching the movie, “The Christmas Card”, I can’t help but think of what a little card, might mean to our soldiers. They are sacrificing so much, for us to have freedom here, in America. One has no idea what they must be enduring on a daily basis? I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every soldier and their families, for what they are enduring. May God be with them, this Thanksgiving season.

  2. I join in with Needles in giving thanks for this address as I echo with her on giving thanks for this freedom that all armed forces have given their lives for…..thank you for this freedom……bless them all Lord….and Bless the Daily Lily families this Season Lord…..dj

  3. God bless our men and women in all the branches of the Services. What bravery and courage it must take to place oneself in harm’s way for the honor of protecting our nation’s freedom, for family and for all our citizens.
    I can hardly fathom the dedication our young men and women have for such an undertaking.
    May the angels of the Lord encamp about them and keep them safe from every evil. May they dwell in the secret place of the most HIGH GOD and abide continually in the shadow of THE ALMIGHTY Whose power no foe can withstand.
    Thank You Lord for our troops and thank You Lord that they are willing, like their ARCHETYPE JESUS CHRIST, to sacrifice their lives so that others may live.
    GOD’S BLESSINGS UPON THEM, on this Thanksgiving DAY and forever. THANK YOU! Amen

  4. As the years roll, God’s manifest mercy and compassion seem to become greater and greater to overwhelming. Year after year, era after era, His Faithfulness is unto the Heavens and His love is unswerving throughout the times and the seasons.
    At this GLORIOUS THANKSGIVING TIME, I am so very thankful, first of all, for the LORD JESUS CHRIST and HIS salvation that He provided for me by His death on the cross and His resurrection from the dead…. so full and so free. I am grateful for the Body of Christ on earth and for my own church and the ministering servants of my church, faithful and true to their calling, who shepherd their flock after GOD’S own heart. I am grateful for Christians who remain faithful in their friendships and their relationships and form the family of GOD, the BODY OF CHRIST.
    I am grateful for thedailylily.com., which provides an opportunity to write and read and share the GOSPEL of the Way, the Truth and the Life. I thank God that I live in a nation where I can still write this on the internet, freely, and without censor and millions of peoples all over the globe can access it and read it and share in it.
    I am most grateful for a GOD Who loves me and forgives me and directs me by His Holy Spirit on this earth and for HIS precious WORD OF GOD, the BIBLE.
    Thank You Lord, Father, Son and Holy Spirit for Your unspeakable mercy and grace.

  5. BLESSED THANKSGIVING TO ALL THE DAILY LILIES @ thedailylily.com. Though we may be
    far from each other at this time in mileage, yet our hearts are SO aware of one another as we celebrate with those who are near and dear to us, this wonderful institution of THANKSGIVING to GOD ALMIGHTY.
    Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to God’s glorious “lilies”.

  6. God bless Justin and his family and each and every one of our soldiers and their families this Thanksgiving and throughout the year. I deeply appreciate your service and give God thanks for you. May He keep you safe under His watchful eye and may His peace and joy fill your hearts.

  7. I’d like to take the time to thank all of our soliders and their families for all that they do for our country. Our country would not be what it is today without their sacrific. Thank you for all you do. I also like to take the time to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! May God Bless each one!

  8. God bless Justin and his wonderful, supportive Christian family. I ask God to bless all the wonderful men and women who serve this country. Lord be with each one and with their family. Bless them for all the sacrifices they make in protecting this country. Lord provide a protective shield around each one as they serve as watchmen for the United States. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. May God bless each of you day after day!

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