Zech. 8: 9, 23
Let the nations, the nations of the universe
Reach out their hands to grasp the sleeve
Of the children of the most High God.

For they have seen that the Lord God is with them.
And the children of God will lead them,
The nations of the earth, the people of all
Languages and races; the people of all dialects
And cultures;
The children of the Lord God will lead them into
Salvation; into righteousness; into deliverance
And HE will be their God and He will reign over
Them and He will shepherd the nations for the
Children of the Lord will lead them to the pastures
Of God.
And I will save My people from the east and from the west
I will save My people from the north and from the south
And I will bring them back to Me and I will be their God and
Great is My faithfulness toward them.