Happy Holidays to THE Troops


This sign was made by Tammy’s team and placed in their office in the Washington DC area as they work together with team spirit in writing and sending cards to our soldiers.

CCI, and Rena’s fourth grade classroom made cards and wrote messages and have mailed to our soldiers. Also, Needles and Chickenfarmer, and their children are sending cards to our soldiers. I am once again listing the addresses of the ones we are sending cards to. It is not too late to participate in this project as we thank, encourage and pray for our soldiers.

Cpt. Mack Brownell, AV
APO AE 09378

WO Lucas Whittington
320 Mamie Ferguson Drive
Lillington, NC 27546

Captain Lee Ambrose
3215 Argyll Drive
Sanford, NC 27332

Corp. Justin McDonough
1st Tank BN
Bravo Co
3rd Platoon
29 Palms, Ca 92278

APO, AE 09348

Thank YOU!

And, to our soldiers we feel honored and blessed to write and thank you for your service to our country. We are blessed to be able to pray for you and support you in anyway we can.

God Blessings as you serve our country.

Please feel free to write a Christmas Card here to a soldier and/or families as we having some of them reading this site. Let us bless them and their families.


8 thoughts on “Happy Holidays to THE Troops”

  1. Yes, many thanks to Tammy’s office and team for their generous contribution to our soldiers at war.

    My thanks and appreciation to each soldier for serving our country. My prayers, love and thoughts go out to each of you and your families.

    My prayers go out for our President and our leaders as they continue to serve and lead our nation.

    Merry Christmas and God Bless,

  2. abundant blessings to Tammy and The office team….and I Too want to thank the Soldiers for all they are doing for this whole world…for each thing that they do where they are serving effects this whole world and they are working to bring peace and I pray for their peace and saftey in Jesus name……Christmas blessings to all our servicemen and women…..dj

  3. Thank you Tammy and office team for your great show of support for The Troops.
    And many thanks to each soldier who is serving our nation so faithfully. What a gift this is to us here in the US and to those you serve and protect abroad. May you be blessed this Christmas and may the Lord Jesus give you His peace, protection, strength and joy.
    Merry Christmas with much appreciation.

  4. Thank you Tammy and all who work with you who this season are supporting the troops with cards and notes. We thank you who serve this great nation. We thank you that you have a heart for the nation and place your lives daily on the line for this nation. We thank you for your calling and all that you do to keep this nation free. The next generations also thank you for your hard work and for the example that you lead and guide them into. Many thanks and appreciation for all you do are wrapped up in this little note.

  5. …..way to go Halelujah! praise the Lord for Renas class and for Needles and Chickenfarmers children for what they have done in sending cards too!..the Light gets brighter…..:)dj

  6. I like to thank our soliders for all they have done and are doing for our country. I like to wish them a Merry Christmas. God bless them and their families.

  7. Dear Soldier, I again, daily, want to thank you for your service to our country. Thank you and your famly for such a sacrifice that you have and are making for freedom.

    Mother Teresa said when she prayed, she listened—and found “God is listening, too.”

    I am praying for people(s) in different nations who don’t even know they’re being prayed for. I am praying for you our dear brothers and sisters of the USA who are stationed in different nations and on our homeland.

    Safety, peace, love, joy and His presence to permeate your being and give you healing in your whole being and those that you so love and cherish.

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

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