The receiving of a beautiful, desired necklace and an article by Mary Cothers, led by the Holy Spirit, inspired these metaphoric thought.
What is Salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ like? I will tell you what it is like to me. It is like a lovely pendant, hung about the neck, the Centerpiece rot eh Cornerstone’s being Christ Jesus, with all the lovely diamonds encircling. “My child, hear the instructions of the Word of God and obey, for they are a garland about your shoulders and chains and pendants of gold and glory like the kings wear, about your neck” (Proverbs)

I see each encircling diamond like a various representation of the revelatory and notable manifestation of that glorious gift of Salvation; love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, humility…the Fruit of the holy Spirit.
The Word also says, “Don’t let mercy, truth and kindness forsake you but shut out all hatred and selfishness and hypocrisy and bind Love and Truth about your neck like a garland, a necklace.”….for it is Wisdom and understanding to you and graciousness to all whom you encounter.
In the SONG OF SOLOMON 1:10, the Lord says, “Oh, My beloved, your are comely with ornaments and chains of gold and strings of jewels, studded with diamonds and silver bedecking your neck.”
In several places in the Scriptures, the Lord admonishes His people not to stiffen our necks, like the children of Israel did in the wilderness and thus wandered aimlessly through their lives for forty fruitless years. But rather, wear a garland of grace, humility and obedience about your neck and it will be a testimony of the So Great a Salvation, freely given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ.
I pray that this beautiful “garland” this necklace that I received will always be a sign to remind me to wear graciousness and humbleness about my neck like this beautiful ornament that sparkles and shines.
I will be ever grateful for this exquisite reminder.