9 thoughts on “Christmas 2007 Pictures

  1. Chris M, many thanks for the pictures and getting them up for us so fast.

    Rena and Chris O, thanks for hosting our Christmas Party. What a wonderful experience to have our church together with our families. We had our children together often when they were young and now they are grown successful men. And, Erick’s, wife, Heather and Chris’ wife, Tammy really make a great addition to our spiritual family. So great to have two Jon’s and single and good looking and lots of fun. How blessed we are.

    Debi and Dorothy did a great job in so many areas to make our party a great success. Also, a great blessing to have Chris’ Mom with us from California.

    I am just so thankful for our party where Jesus was our honored guest. Thanks to all and Merry Christmas and may ’08 bring abundance of good health, prosperity, love, peace and joy to all of us.

  2. I am so grateful to have been a part of our Christmas party. It was the BEST! Talking about ‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland’! Walking through this photo gallery is such a wonderful, valuable gift that Chris gave, adding to all the other lovely gifts that were opened.
    I felt as if the atmosphere was charged with joy. I know I felt so welcome to be in Rena and Chris’ beautiful home as our church (CCI) celebrated our church’s Christmas Party.I so enjoyed being with each person present at the party.
    The fellowship was a gift in itself and everything, including the food, was fantastic. I couldn’t have asked the Lord for a better Christmas gift than this beautiful ‘package’ I experienced. Thanks and blessings to all who provided this picture perfect day!

  3. OH what a blessed Church Christmas Celebration!!!….to have the young with the older and the aged all together loving Christ Jesus and each other….it was awesome and full of beauty and (food:)…..so much sharing and giving and just top notch photography from the best!….you just have to see the photo gallery…its just excellent!….God has and is truly blessing The Daily Lily and CCI….thank you for a True Christmas Celebration….From the Sermon in the morning to the carols at Church …. and then the dinner…it was The Spirit of Christmas…..Merry Christmas to All …love dj

  4. Thanks Jon M for getting even more picture up just in time for Christmas Eve and Day. The fun pictures of our church family has made our holiday fun filled with memories. Plus being a memory maker.

    I am so grateful for our website and give thanks to God upon every remembrance of each of you as you have reached out during your busy schedules to touch and bring God’s family together in such a miraculous way. Could only be done via internet unless it would be His coming again for His very own.

    I received video’s today of our sister church in India. It was thrilling to see our Christian family there and to be reminded of our time ministering in India and opeing our hearts to this nation. So great to see their faithfulness in serving Jesus.

    Christmas, the day to celebrate His Birth and open our hearts wide to Him and His way. When Jesus came, He was the final sacrifice. His blood didn’t just cover our sins, it washed us clean. We are His temple, and He chooses to live inside of us. We thank Him today for His mercy and for extending the gift of salvation to whosoever will receive this gift. . As we celebrate Christmas together, remember, that Jesus is the ultimate gift. Do you receive Him today? If you’ve never asked Him into your life, there’s no better time than right now.

    A Prayer for A Miracle Christmas:

    Heavenly Father, thank You for sending Your Son Jesus into this earth so that I can be free and live with peace in my being. Thank You for eternal life. I accept even right now, Dear God, the sacrifice Jesus paid. Light of Life come into my heart. I desire to make You my Lord and Savior and live my life for you. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  5. The latest pictures are great! Thank you.
    And thanks Sara for sharing your Christmas prayers and inspirations with us on The Daily Lily, a website that has provided daily hope, encouragement and guidance each day of this year.

  6. Jon M…the latest pictures added are awesome!…We truly have some great photographers at the Daily Lily….so very greatful for all the gifts/talents/blessings that flow so mightily through this site…..there is non like this…I eco with Debi in thanks to Sara and Sons…..and the whole Daily Lily family for trumpeting faith, giving hope and serving others(The Nations)with love……dj

  7. Thank you Chris and Jon, thedailylily outstanding photographers, you are the best!!!! What wonderful rememberances of a Christmas celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ which has been extended upon viewing photos capturing seconds in time of our joyful celebration. Thanks to all who made the event possible. So many different talents pulled together to make the celebration of the King so blessed.
    My mother-in-law who is 87, said she was so overwhelmed with the love and kindness which was extended to her. She certainly enjoyed the celebration. I enjoyed the interaction between the younger and older group. Age was not a factor at this celebration of the King. God’s people came together and we all rejoiced. May the joy we experienced vibrate through our community, to the nation, and to the nations of the world. Thanks to all the dailylily helping hands who worked together to make the event possible and who put their hands together to applaud the Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus we celebrate you!

  8. Wow! What a GREAT SLIDESHOW! Sara, you have some talented photographers in your family. It looks like all have a wonderful time, at the party. I know that Dorothy is going to make some beautiful desserts with that dessert decorator pro. Rena, that food looked great you were fixing, in the kitchen. Debi, I love your purse! Sara, I love your warm up suit….you know my favorite color, right??? Gary, I know you loved your new Bible! All great pictures of everyone!! Happy New Year to all!

  9. When I see these pictures, I think about God’s beautiful angels. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Lilies!!!

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