Stubborness vs. Wisdom

Stubbornness is not a gift given to us from God.

Dictionary: “If you’re the kind of person who takes a stand and then refuses to back down, your friends might say you have a stubborn disposition, a word that implies an innate resistance to any attempt to change one’s purpose, course, or opinion. People who are stubborn by nature exhibit this kind of behavior in most situations,”

“Stubbornness is obstinate, headstrong, willful, strong-willed, pigheaded, obdurate, difficult, contrary, perverse, recalcitrant, inflexible, iron-willed, uncompromising, unbending; informal stiff-necked, bloody-minded, balky;” Dictionary

Stubbornness is not of God! Yet, God has plenty to say about it.

1 Samuel 15:23: “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity (immoral or grossly unfair behavior) and idolatry (extreme admiration, love, or reverence for something or someone). Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, He has also rejected you from being king.”

Psalm 78:8: “… a stubborn and rebellious generation, a generation that set not their heart aright, and whose spirit was not steadfast with God.

Proverbs 7:1 “She is loud and stubborn, her feet abide not in her house;”

Stubbornness is really the opposite of skillful and godly Wisdom. It (S) causes one to worship themselves, or their issues, or seek their own ungodly words and deeds for their issues rather than obeying God’s instructions. Stubbornness brings a dimension that at times may be hard to detect. We learn something along life’s journey and we are set in our ways to believe we are right and refuse to change. Which most likely is laziness. Laziness is always a form of stubbornness because it does things only when it feels like doing them, and only the things laziness wants to do. “A lazy person has trouble all through life.”Proverb 15:19 NLT

Fear always manipulates its way into a form of stubbornness. Fear refuses to see and act on godly wisdom. Fear will always see things that it encourages itself to see. Fear is a selfish, unloving, unkind and ungrateful act. Fear refuses counsel from the mind and heart to face issues and deal with them in a healthy way. Fear is a maniac’s way to look at things to please self. 1 John 4:18 “Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear. If we are afraid, it is for fear of punishment, and this shows that we have not fully experienced his perfect love. ”

To try and hide iniquity is stubbornness. Truth is light and light is life. To live TRUTH and to speak TRUTH is the opposite of stubbornness.

Stubbornness turns off the ability to reason. Stubbornness turns off decision making abilities when faced with choices in life.

This is just a small window into stubbornness. We have come to believe that the state of our minds and hearts have a lot to do with how healthy we live. So Stubbornness may be affecting your health.

Proverbs 3:13-15:
Blessed (happy) is the one who finds wisdom,
the one who gains understanding,
for wisdom is more profitable than silver
and yields better returns than gold.
Wisdom is more precious than rubies;
nothing you desire can compare with wisdom.

What gifts would you like for Christmas and what gifts are you giving? If the counsel you give yourself or others is not bringing health, restoration, life, light than try the source. Are you a well of deep wisdom? Does your life coach or friends or counselor give you deep wisdom? We need deep wisdom to overcome. Wisdom comes through knowing and applying THE TRUTH.

Christmas is not a folklore of a baby in a manger. It is about a baby that embodies the power of creation. The baby created you and me and set the galaxies and set the stars on its course. This is the decree of the “All Mighty, the Full of Knowledge.” He is Wisdom and He freely gives wisdom to those that ask.

Let’s have an open dialogue on stubbornness vs. wisdom. I sure want to give light, hope and truth to myself and family. As I decorate our tree with wisdom lights and wrap our packages in a bright color of truth and bow it with excellence of attitude, I have hope that we will always embody wisdom. I seek to hang an eternal wreath on our open door of communication so that we will seek wisdom and act on knowledge and shine brightly and not always be shorting out.


6 thoughts on “Stubborness vs. Wisdom”

  1. Sara, you so skillfully reveal the real meaning of stubborness in this blog and show it for what it is. I thought I had a pretty good idea, but I see that it takes a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ like you to find and show the ‘clues’ to really solve the mystery of what causes the stubborness to remain unresolved. Looking for clues in our lives (and then dealing with them)like fear, laziness, idle chatter (you said ungodly words, lying (opposite of the truth), indecisiveness, etc. may lead us to the real ‘murderer’, stubborness. And surely it is when you see it in light of your blog and the broken health it produces physically, mentally and spiritually.

  2. Hey Debi, real cool! I like the Sherlock Holmes! Some of my very first exciting reads. Maybe that is how I developed my personality!

    Now jolly O’Debi, lean ‘yer ear this way and read below and tell me which I am?

    “The word Sherlock has entered the English language as to mean someone who is both highly intelligent and observant. It is also used sarcastically to mean someone who states the obvious.”

    I wanted to give each reader a ‘celestial’ digital camera so when they read my writings a heavenly photo of life-coaching… will appear for their wallet and they can be on their way today and into a divine life in ’08.

    The Holy Spirit is just waiting to assist us when we get non-busy and that is when we untie all our knots of hurry.

    Enjoy your celestial camera and develop your divine plan for life with Love of Truth. By the way that is a great mystery that even Sherlock couldn’t solve. Happy going forward!

  3. Sara, my answer is this: upon reading your blog, my ‘heavenly photo’ began to develop in the dark room. The process was due to you, the developer, being both ‘highly intelligent and observant. Now to you, the developer, the results from the negatives may may have seemed ‘obvious’. Your response to me would probably be “Elementary my dear Watson”.

  4. geee….I always have loved to read mystery and books that make one to think and search and find ….If it had not been for your teaching Sherlock Sara , some years ago , to me…about stubborness being the opposite of my gift of helps….(if I knew to do good and didnt do it that is stubborness and not a help I would be in a deep dark hole of trouble, but to know and do good it is a help , and I fulfill the call on my life )….and now to have even more light on this sure makes the coming year appear before me like the images on the photos in the dark room…….there are opportunites ahead to use the/our gifts in touching more lives in 08..Sherlock Sara….you sure are one super sluth!….dj

  5. “Stubbornness is obstinate, headstrong, willful, strong-willed, pigheaded, obdurate, difficult, contrary, perverse, recalcitrant, inflexible, iron-willed, uncompromising, unbending, informal, stiff-necked, bloody-minded, balky.” After reading this definition, I don’t see how wisdom can come anywhere close to anyone possessing these characteristics? Lord, help us all to abstain from stubbornness.

  6. Needles, you are right I don’t think Wisdom will go anywhere close to stubbornness. From the scriptures below it is just not going to happen. So if you are Stubborn or see Stubbornness at your door or see it coming, take off running down Wisdom Avenue.

    From the scriptures below Wisdom will add years to your life. Now that leaves one to wonder just what stubbornness will do with one’s life?

    Proverbs 4:10 Scriptures from Message Bible
    Dear friend, take my advice; it will add years to your life. I’m writing out clear directions to Wisdom Way, I’m drawing a map to Righteous Road. I don’t want you ending up in blind alleys, or wasting time making wrong turns. Hold tight to good advice; don’t relax your grip. Guard it well—your life is at stake! Don’t take Wicked Bypass; don’t so much as set foot on that road. Stay clear of it; give it a wide berth. Make a detour and be on your way.

    Proverbs 5:1
    [ Nothing but Sin and Bones ] Dear friend, pay close attention to this, my wisdom; listen very closely to the way I see it. Then you’ll acquire a taste for good sense; what I tell you will keep you out of trouble.

    Proverbs 8:12
    “I am Lady Wisdom, and I live next to Sanity; Knowledge and Discretion live just down the street. The Fear-of-God means hating Evil, whose ways I hate with a passion— pride and arrogance and crooked talk. Good counsel and common sense are my characteristics; I am both Insight and the Virtue to live it out. With my help, leaders rule, and lawmakers legislate fairly; With my help, governors govern, along with all in legitimate authority. I love those who love me; those who look for me find me. Wealth and Glory accompany me— also substantial Honor and a Good Name. My benefits are worth more than a big salary, even a very big salary; the returns on me exceed any imaginable bonus. You can find me on Righteous Road—that’s where I walk— at the intersection of Justice Avenue, Handing out life to those who love me, filling their arms with life—armloads of life!

    Proverbs 14:1 A Way That Leads to Hell ] Lady Wisdom builds a lovely home; Sir Fool comes along and tears it down brick by brick.

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