“SiCKO (2007) is an Academy Award nominated documentary film by American filmmaker Michael Moore that investigates the American health care system, focusing on its for-profit health insurance and pharmaceutical industry.”

“Michael Moore sets his sights on the plight of the uninsured in this eye-opening documentary. In the world’s richest country, 45 million people have no insurance. While HMOs grow in size and wealth. Moore also explores the widespread use of antidepressants and their possible link to violent behavior. With his trademark humor and confrontational style, Moore asks the difficult questions to get to the truth behind today’s health care.” quote from the move cover.

I had a chance to watch this documentary recently. I believe it opens a great door for dialogue on an issue, health care, that is so vitally important to so many Americans and this presidential election.

Do you or anyone you know have a ‘story’ where medical insurance or lack of insurance has affected getting proper health care? Do you know of anyone with a story of lack of medications because of health insurance?

This documentary says 45 million in this country has no health insurance. The movie shows many sad stories where families had insurance, HMO’s and they were denied surgery they needed to live. According to their stories some of their loved ones died. I am very much aware there are many stories of the opposite for some of us that have excellent medical insurance and have great experiences with health care facilities.

The contrast is made of how other countries, ie, Canada, England, France and others have far superior health care to benefit all. I understood from Moore’s Doc. that all peoples in these nations are afforded the same excellent health care.

Again, do we have or know of others that are suffering in this nation due to lack of health care or denial of much needed care while having health care?