Sicko- Documentary

“SiCKO (2007) is an Academy Award nominated documentary film by American filmmaker Michael Moore that investigates the American health care system, focusing on its for-profit health insurance and pharmaceutical industry.”

“Michael Moore sets his sights on the plight of the uninsured in this eye-opening documentary. In the world’s richest country, 45 million people have no insurance. While HMOs grow in size and wealth. Moore also explores the widespread use of antidepressants and their possible link to violent behavior. With his trademark humor and confrontational style, Moore asks the difficult questions to get to the truth behind today’s health care.” quote from the move cover.

I had a chance to watch this documentary recently. I believe it opens a great door for dialogue on an issue, health care, that is so vitally important to so many Americans and this presidential election.

Do you or anyone you know have a ‘story’ where medical insurance or lack of insurance has affected getting proper health care? Do you know of anyone with a story of lack of medications because of health insurance?

This documentary says 45 million in this country has no health insurance. The movie shows many sad stories where families had insurance, HMO’s and they were denied surgery they needed to live. According to their stories some of their loved ones died. I am very much aware there are many stories of the opposite for some of us that have excellent medical insurance and have great experiences with health care facilities.

The contrast is made of how other countries, ie, Canada, England, France and others have far superior health care to benefit all. I understood from Moore’s Doc. that all peoples in these nations are afforded the same excellent health care.

Again, do we have or know of others that are suffering in this nation due to lack of health care or denial of much needed care while having health care?


16 thoughts on “Sicko- Documentary”

  1. I thought about Sara’s question quite a bit and thought I didn’t know anyone ‘suffering in this nation due to lack of health care’ until she reminded me of a situation ‘close to home’. My own son, Chris, was suffering with a a mouth full of cavities needing treatment. The dental bills were going to be unaffordable for his father and me. Thank the Lord He provided me with a teaching job with dental insurance. I was able to add Chris to my plan. That enabled him to get a much needed root canal for an infected tooth and begin to get the cavities fixed that had been neglected for so long.
    Chris’s last filling was over $300 for one tooth. Thank God the insurance pays 80% of that cost. But what about so many people that suffer from dental problems and/or can’t even afford to go to the dentist for a cleaning? Dental care is very expensive and not everyone has the opportunity to have insurance.
    Regarding denial of health care:I do know that eligible persons with limited income and no medical insurance can qualify to receive free medical care and prescriptions at the free clinic in the county where I live. My mother-in-law is one of many volunteers who help at this busy clinic. She helps by translating for spanish-speaking patients. Doctors, nurses and many others volunteer their services to help give health care to many who come.

  2. It was just about two years ago when the condition known as SJOGREN’S SYNDROME which attacks the lacrimal and salivary glands, drying them up, took its toll on my previously healthy teeth and destroyed them almost completely due to lack of saliva. I had already had extensive dental work done on them over the period of several years prior to this. However, within less than two years and thousands of dollars, the dental work was destroyed and I had to have the teeth rebuilt again, even more extensively.
    I had received the diagnosis of SJOGRENS from National Institutes of Health where I had been in a program which was studying the disease and experimentally treating the symptoms looking for a cure or at least a way to alleviate the difficulties of eating, speaking, singing, tooth decay and vision impairment encountered by parched mouth and eyes which are all symptoms of Sjogrens. The dental work was directly due to the medically diagnosed condition known as Sjogrens Syndrome.
    Having exhausted my small dental insurance policy, I petitioned my Health Insurance company and requested that they pay for some of the cost. However, after sending in myriads of dental records, physicians’ reports, an extensive logue of work done at NIH, they refused to pay anything and said that since it was in the TEETH AREA they did not have to pay for the medical costs of dental work.
    Therefore, although it due to a “medical problem” the Health Insurance corp. would not pay and I have consequently incurred a thousands of dollars DENTAL BILL.
    Somehow I feel this is not fair and is a discrimination against their members who have MEDICAL problems with teeth, gums, but cannot get any kind of compensation for the the extravagant cost of dental construction.

  3. Yes, this health care issue is HUGE! Thank God my husband has insurance, but he will probably have a difficult time; when he reaches retirement age,finding any other insurance, that will want to cover him. The reason is….he has recently been diagnosed with asthma.
    This may mean that he will have to work until he dies;
    and bypass retirement, because of health insurance? I agree, we do need to think about this issue. We need to carefully consider, our health care and it’s future, when we go to the polls to vote, for our next president. Health care is extremely important, and the problems need to be addressed and delt with. The “middle class working people” needs affordable health insurance, whether you are “well”, or have health issues.

  4. I heard a number of very sad stories from families in the state of NC that shared with me their dilemma in having insurance. Some had jobs with minimum wages or just above. Others just cut back on work as they were not able to afford any Health care insurance. They were able to obtain Medicaid and have surgery, meds, and dental and prenatal care. This means to me that our tax dollars are helping to pay for their care. Certainly our taxes will have to continually go up to continue on this road.

    I feel these families needed care and they could not afford it on minimum wages even working overtime. Therefore, I would like to see a way that all could afford good health insurance. This would mean that insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and doctors as well as employers would all have to take a different look at our system. We must find a way for the good of all to be able to work and afford health care and be a vital helping healthy part of our nation.

    I also feel that awareness of others needs may help each of us to be more compassionate and proactive in speaking out and voting and being involved in this process.

    Thanks for your stories. And, Needles, it seems like a page from a novel called ‘shame of pain” that a man or woman could work hard all their lives and not be able to obtain good health insurance at an affordable price because of a pre-existing condition. Yet, this was brought to light also in this documentary.

    I hope each one of us will keep speaking out our stories and the stories that we see and hear until the ones that can make changes do just that.

  5. an older woman came to work with the custodian team at my school. She had left her previous job (told to me by her after she left my school) of 19 years , and worked long enough for the benefits and insurance to kick in then she had surgery….two months later she quit the school and went back to work at her old job. She told me that she left because her other job didnt have the benefits to cover her surgery and she couldnt afford it on her own…..her old job actually held her position until she returned…dj

  6. This is a serious subject. I was talking with one of my friends that is from Canada. She was telling me how bad the health care is in Canada. She stated that people would go to the doctor quicker for the simplest things. She said that their is a huge shortage of doctors. Doctors are leaving Canada and moving where they can make a decent living. She stated in her home town, they were building this beautiful hospital, but they don’t have the doctors to work. She said her father has had some very serious life threating health problems and he doesn’t have a doctor. I have to say this is a serious problem. I know we have issues with our health care, but I hope we don’t try and fix it by becoming like Canada. I know things are very expensive in the US and there are some bugs in our health care, but if you need a doctor you can find one. These doctors have a lot of responsibility. These men and women are dealing with peoples lives. They have a tremendous amount of stress on them. Their life is their work. They are people who are trying to help people. They are married to their job. Many of us can leave work and go home and not worry about it until we go back. Not a doctor. If they take time off they have to get someone they trust to cover for them. These people carry a lot on their shoulders. In my opinion these doctors deserve to get paid for their duties. Health care is very expensive. I work with it everyday. This is a touchy subject. I don’t know the answer to this. Maybe we could take some of the billions of dollars professional athletes make to help with some of these health care problems. Maybe we need to prioritize our spending a little better. I really don’t know what we could do about it, but it is a concerning issue.

  7. I have heard stories like unto your friend from Canada. One man told me that both he and his wife needed surgery and had to wait months. He said this was extremely hard on them.

    Galatians 6:2 NAS
    [Rom 15:1] Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill [Rom 8:2; 1 Cor 9:21; James 1:25; 2:12; 2 Pet 3:2] the law of Christ.

    and from the message:… Stoop down and reach out to those who are oppressed. Share their burdens, and so complete Christ’s law. If you think you are too good for that, you are badly deceived.

  8. I know this is an old topic, but I haven’t been on lately. I have a brother-in-law who was on medication from a stroke he had a long time ago. After he lost his job, he had no insurance and went off his medications. Because of this, he had a heart attack. No job, no insurance and now medical bills on top of all that. He is too young for Medicare and has no job or money to buy private insurance. He filled out some papers to get prescriptions at a reduced rate, but that was weeks ago.
    My son-in-law’s brother and wife were expecting a baby in March. Due to a change in their insurance, they wanted to have the baby in February. They scheduled an induction and had the baby, which weighed a little over 6 pounds. What a risk to take because of insurance!
    I feel so blessed that we have good insurance, but I know so many people that don’t. My sister, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, my son, and my daughter has insurance with a $6000 a year deductible. It is unimaginable that it is allowed to go on like this year after year–while legalized drug pushers are making the highest profits ever for a company.

  9. Hi Carol, it may be an old topic on this blog but it is a real life updated topic for an on going discussion and voting issue. When I hear life challenging situations like the ones you have just spoken of, I think, we really need to be proactive and put pressure on the ones that can make a difference.

    When I hear of the money some of the presidential candidates are raising to run for office, I think they should change the world for good. There should be no poverty and no housing problems and lack of medical care. But, the stories of the people only deteriorate while a few that run for office enjoy travel, hotels, fine foods, excellent medical care and security and everybody move of out the way and stop your agenda while they come through and give a speech, shake hands and take pictures.

    I hope we keep this subject ongoing and help others to become aware of this situation. Hopefully, we will make a difference for the good of all.

  10. Heavenly Father, I have had this man that needs medication and insurance as well as the little baby that came into the world in order to make it under the insurance wires, on my heart since reading this heart rendering story..

    I am asking You our Heavenly Father, to provide the ways and means for this man to have the medication he needs for good health and not cost him all that he owns and so much trouble to bring even more stress to further damage his health. I ask you to provide for him physically, mentally and spiritually all that You have for Him and have planned for His good.

    I pray Dear God, that You will enjoy with this precious child and infuse this baby with good health, excellent learning skills and a walk with You throughout the life.

    Bless Carol for making these needs knows to the Body of Christ in all that she needs and desires in her life.

    Remember our Nation and our leaders and the leaders of the world. Help each of us to do our part in bringing about good to your children. You said in Your Word that You had a plan for each of us and it was for good. In Your Holy Name, I pray,

  11. Carol it is so sad that so much paperwork and waiting takes place for insurance things to get done and then so much of the time the paper work gets “lost” and in the mean time lives are lost in the waiting process…..I know of a man whose mother came from CA to be with her son but she became Ill ….He couldnt afford any of the medication nor did he have any insurance that he could afford so she had to return to CA where she could receive treatment from a free clinic…….before she left she had to be taken to the hospital twice….now the son has this enormous bill to pay….(Sara I join in Your prayer for this child and for asking the Lords blessing upon Carol)…

  12. Dear Carol my heart goes out to you in regards to your brother-in-law and the baby. What is this country coming to. One of the richest nations and yet we see time and again situations where people die due to lack of insurance or the bills pile up due to illness like your brother-in-laws. Lord we do pray for your brother-in-law and the baby! May the Lord pour forth health. May the Lord work in Congressional meetings to help come up with new health care legislation. My daughter-in-law’s family was fortunate in that a corporation took on the Mother’s bills when there was no insurance coverage. All her bills were paid in full. She died a few weeks ago, and thank goodness the family is not also suffering from enormous bills as well as intense grief. They are one of the lucky few.

  13. Carol, my prayers also are for your relatives that are suffering from these medical/insurance situations. More people in this nation losing jobs each day means more situations where they lose their insurance. There is such a snowball effect in the downturn of an economy. Thank God that a corporation cared enough to take care of Rena’s daughter-in-law’s family bills. Maybe other companies will follow suit and take on cases such as these or start benevolent funds from a portion of their profits.
    And Rena, maybe part of the work in the Congressional meetings could be for members to give up a luxury trip (perhaps even one taken with taxpayers money) or something equivalent and give into a medical benevolent fund for citizens needing medical help in their jurisdictions.

  14. Thank you all for your comments and prayers. You are right about the stress accentuating people’s health ailments–the last thing they need is to worry about money or how they can afford to go to the doctor. We need to be ready to be a light of hope for the many hurting and hopeless people that we will be encountering as the economy gets worse and more people lose their homes, jobs, health care and cars.

  15. The findings in this article make you realize you may be getting a drug dose you didn’t ask for. Even if it is in small amounts you wonder what the build-up will be over a long time period. I know from working with pesticides that there are categories of them that actually do build-up in the human body from repeated exposure and that pesticide handlers that use these types frequently should be tested for their presence as there can be serious effects.

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