This year in reading through the bible with a checking off of the scriptures in a booklet prepared by Gary I decided to read Max Lucado’s Devotional Bible. I was reading in Luke 10 when I came across Max Lucado’s insight into Mary and Martha. He says Mary had thoughts to think and Martha had things to do. Is that any of us? Guilty of picking up that broom and off you go! Yes!


He tells how Martha’s wonderful gift of hospitality turned sour as she lost her whole worthwhile purpose stolen by the devil in serving Jesus. She became so frustrated and worried in doing a good thing that she wanted to tell the Lord what to do. She put the task of working in the kitchen before serving her Lord in conversation and learning. Mr. Lucado states the devil won’t take you out of ministry, he just disillusions you in your ministry just as Martha was disillusioned in the kitchen. Perhaps if we become disillusioned we’d better examine our attitude and inquire of the Lord about an attitude adjustment.