Ties That Bind, Ties That Break is a book that I just finished reading by Lensey Namioka. It tells about a young girl who decided to stand up against a century old custom of having feet bound. As a result of her stance, her engagement was broken off. No engagement for a girl who wouldn’t consent to her feet being bound. She then went on to a missionary school where she learned English with the hopes of becoming a teacher. Very few Chinese women ever became teachers. When her father died of tuberculosis her uncle gave her three choices, none of which she liked and it certainly didn’t include finishing school. She ran away and went to work taking care of two missionary children. She became a fine teacher and later moved to America never to see her family again.

After reading this story the title played over and over again in my mind. What are the ties that bind us together as a family of God? What times cause breaks? Are the ties that we think that bind us together really the ones that Jesus has asked us to hold on it or should we like Ailin in the story break with custom and change. Are we sitting in the tradition of our Fathers and Mothers? Are we effective or ineffective for Jesus? Is there anything happening? Are we on the same old treadmill day after day? Or is the Holy Spirit taking us on one adventure after another with Jesus?