Sing a hymn with me

After our gospel lesson at Christ C. International on Luke 10 this morning I was asked to read Oh Zion, Haste. As our team huddled in prayer before the service praying for this glorious web site, I could not help to think that God knew long ago of the site and placed the words in the heart and soul of Mary A. Thomson in 1868. I thought you the reading audience would enjoy reading it as well. If you have any doubt of sharing your love for Jesus to touch others in the nations, read the hymn again.

O Zion, haste, thy mission high fulfilling,
To tell to all the world that God is light,
That He who made all nations is not willing
One soul should perish, lost in shades of night.


Publish glad tidings, tidings of peace;
Tidings of Jesus, redemption and release.

Behold how many thousands still are lying
Bound in the darksome prison house of sin,
With none to tell them of the Savior’s dying,
Or of the life He died for them to win.


Proclaim to every people, tongue, and nation
That God, in Whom they live and move, is love;
Tell how He stooped to save His lost creation, And died on earth that we might live above.


’Tis thine to save from peril of perdition
The souls for whom the Lord His life laid down:
Beware lest, slothful to fulfill thy mission,
Thou lose one jewel that should deck His crown.


Give of thy sons to bear the message glorious;
Give of thy wealth to speed them on their way;
Pour out thy soul for them in prayer victorious;
O Zion, haste to bring the brighter day.


He comes again! O Zion, ere thou meet Him,
Make known to every heart His saving grace:
Let none whom he Hath ransomed fail to greet Him,
Through thy neglect, unfit to see His face.



Author: rko777

I am a novice writer and painter who loves to be creative. I love singing but can't sing without a hymnal, except for children's songs. I love to make up my own songs and love the old hymns. I love to garden and got that love from my Mom and Dad who taught be everything I know from planting to harvesting to canning. I'm happy gardening, walking with my pug, JD Sir Winston Churchill, painting, and crafting. I love to spend Saturday's sitting in my rocker going through a bible study. I love working with elementary school aged children and seeing them use their creative gifts. I have taught Sunday school for a number of years and taught in the public schools for 18 years. I might say I'm retired but I spend most of my time subbing and enjoy it immensely. The kids spark my own creativeness.

19 thoughts on “Sing a hymn with me”

  1. This verse really touched me”..Let none whom He hath ransomed fail to greet Him”……..Jesus died for all……All….and He wants All human kind to greet Him……..we are his hands his feet his mouth pieces his servants …..sent to bring them in to his kingdom if they are not there to greet him we stand quilty…….

  2. Yes DJ you are so right. Your thought ties in to what stood out to me “Beware lest, slothful to fulfill thy mission”. We must not get weary or lazy (or neglect as the last part of the last verse reads) in telling others about Jesus. We are saved to serve Him. Sara has been teaching us this in church that we are here to serve the job that God has given us.

  3. Another thought …we are to serve Him….serve as in be a servant to do what he says to do, go where he says to go, leave when he says to leave and stay when he ways to stay……bring a cup of water, visit the sick… cook a meal….
    and then we are to serve Him..He is the living Bread…This is my Body broken for you take eat….get it?…bear the message like this song says….

  4. There are a number of biblical meanings of Zion, and one being “The Christian Church.”
    So when I sing “O Zion,” O Church, O Sara, O Rena, O….
    tell to all the world that God is light,
    That He who made all nations is not willing
    One soul should perish, lost in shades of night.

    So Publish glad tidings, tidings of peace;…right here on The Daily Lily…
    Tidings of Jesus, redemption and release.

    Behold how many thousands still are lying
    Bound in the darksome prison house of sin,
    With none to tell them of the Savior’s dying,
    Or of the life He died for them to win.

    Proclaim to every people, tongue, and nation…use the worldwide web….
    That God, in Whom they live and move, is love;
    Tell how He stooped to save His lost creation, And died on earth that we might live above.

    Like Rena’s book review of about 100 years ago reveals to us that times are different. They sang the words and did their best. But, they surely didn’t have the means to publish and proclaim like we do now in 2008. via The worldwide web and especially The Daily Lily. We are so blessed to be alive at this time and these opportunities to be a part of John 3:16. I want to thank the Holy Spirit and God and Jesus for bringing us into Their Master Plan of Salvation to the World.

  5. yes we can publish and proclaim that Jesus is Lord of all He Gave His life that all may come unto Him…and theDailyLily is Our big broad canvase upon which we can write and paint and reveal all that Christ is and has done for us….He is alive within our fingers our fingers on this site become our voice our tongues and we must procliam loudly and boldy there is no fear in our fingertips as we speak and share and bring hope to those who loge on and read and find hope and help in different nations and lands ….Sara wrote a blog some time ago called stiff starched shirts….I think Ive got alot of that starch out of me today in our fellowship time after church…… When God gives you some thing you got to give what you got or you rot….(My saying)dj

  6. It’s true about the progressive revelation to those of us in the Body of Christ of being a “servant”. I love the story in the gospel of Luke 9 where a controversey arose among the disciples as to which of them might be the greatest. Don’t you love it? They sound just like us in the Body of Christ of the 21st century. But Jesus comprehended what their thinking was and set a little child in their midst indicatiing that if they desired to enter the Kingdom of God they must become guiless and meek and trusting as a little child. Jesus then said, he who is least and lowliest among you, a seravan to all, he shall be the greatest.”
    We have been talking about servant hood in several places on this blog and I just wanted to share that
    I was and am still so taken by Numbers 18. It’s as though I had not ever read it before because I saw something so spectacular. In 18:6 it says, “Those who do menial service or servants of the Altar are a GIFT given to the LORD….which is actually a gift FROM Himself to Himself to assist the ministers of the altar. WOW. So the Gift of service or the one being and practicing servanthood is a gift given TO THE LORD from the LORD to Himself. That is so amazing it is mind blowing. He goes on to say that the priesthood or ministry is a gift from Him to the people, but in our being servants of the most HIGH GOD we are given to HIM as gifts….that is gifts of GOD from GOD to GOD. I love that!

  7. Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7). Jesus said, “You have not, because you ask not.” When you ask God for favor or ask Him to use you, you are activating your faith and He does just that!

    I have heard it said and I believe it when you sing from your heart you prayed twice. When we read or sing this song with Rena, we are praying and affirming our hopes and dreams to be one with the Father, and one with the Spirit and one with Jesus. We increase our faith that God in whom we live and move is LOVE and we give and show love to the WORLD just as He did and does.

    “Give of thy sons to bear the message glorious;
    Give of thy wealth to speed them on their way;
    Pour out thy soul for them in prayer victorious;
    O Zion, (O Church, O Beloved one) haste to bring the brighter day.

  8. Your comment, Sara, really shows clearly what a treasure chest this hymn (and others) hold just by opening the lid with our mouths and hearts.

  9. I, too, believe this site was ordained by God many, many years ago. When reading the articles and comments, you can feel the encouragement and uplifting words radiate off of the webpage. You are a very welcoming group as well!! 🙂 This article reminds me to never get tired of witnessing for Jesus Christ, just as Debi stated earlier. Everything we do, say, think, and type can all be used for the glory of Christ. Others will see Him through our walk with Him. People can tell something is different by the way we act, by the joy on our face, the things we do, and the things we don’t do because of our relationship with Him. We are called to show Him to the world! And that is what we are striving to do every day of our lives. In fact, that is the only thing that can bring meaning to our lives. Otherwise, why are we here? Only Jesus Christ will last forever–nothing else in the world can claim that truth–and it is so wonderful that we can be a part in that!

  10. Heather I’m so glad that you are apart of our team for Jesus. I give thanks for all that you do with working with the youth as well. May God bless you and keep you in His arms as you show others the path to Jesus and as you model that path for others. I’m also glad that you are one of the dailylilies. Your mother surely must be saying, “You see that young woman on fire for Jesus, that’s my daughter” as she peers down from Heaven.

  11. Heather I was thinking about your words, “we are called to show Him to the world” and thinking about your name, Heather, and that beautiful flowering plant. I went online to try to find out something about its meaning and found this Moorland story, The Legend of the Heather. I thought how appropriate it was for you and for all of us who want to show Him to the world in order to ‘give great meaning to our life’s work and destiny’ as Sara writes to us above. To me it illustrates that if we are willing to be His instruments as Sara prays, He can use us.

    “When God first made the world, He looked at the bare and barren hillsides and thought how nice it would be to cover them with some kind of beautiful tree or flower.
    So he turned to the Giant Oak, the biggest and strongest of all of the trees he had made, and asked him if he would be willing to go up to the bare hills to help make them look more attractive. But the oak explained that he needed a good depth of soil in order to grow and that the hillsides would be far too rocky for him to take root.
    So God left the oak tree and turned to the honeysuckle with its lovely yellow flower and beautiful sweet fragrance. He asked the honeysuckle if she would care to grow on the hillsides and spread her beauty and fragrance amongst the barren slopes.
    But the honeysuckle explained that she needed a wall or a fence or even another plant to grow against, and for that reason, it would be quite impossible for her to grow in the hills.
    So God then turned to one of the sweetest and most beautiful of all the flowers – the rose. God asked the rose if she would care to grace the rugged highlands with her splendour. But the rose explained that the wind and the rain and the cold on the hills would destroy her, and so she would not be able to grow on the hills.
    Disappointed with the oak, the honeysuckle and the rose, God turned away. At length, he came across a small, low lying, green shrub with a flower of tiny petals -some purple and some white. It was heather. God asked the heather the same question that he’d asked the others. “Will you go and grow upon the hillsides to make them more beautiful?”
    The heather thought about the poor soil, the wind and the rain – and wasn’t very sure that she could do a good job. But turning to God she replied that if he wanted her to do it, she would certainly give it a try.
    God was very pleased. He was so pleased in fact that he decided to give the heather some gifts as a reward for her willingness to do as he had asked.
    Firstly he gave her the strength of the oak tree – the bark of the heather is the strongest of any tree or shrub in the whole world.
    Next he gave her the fragrance of the honeysuckle – a fragrance that is frequently used to gently perfume soaps and potpourris.
    Finally he gave her the sweetness of the rose – so much so that heather is one of the bees favourite flowers. And to this day, heather is renowned especially for these three God given gifts.”

  12. Heather you said people can tell that something is different by the way we act….true so true….the people of Jesus time could tell He was different by the way He acted…and He said I do what I see my Father do…..Weare to be in this world but not of it…Sara loves this song “Let the love of My God shine through me, let the beauty of Jesus men see, Let the pattern of the Son be the one the only one that men will see in me”……truely thats our hearts cry on The Daily Lily…that the Life and light and love of Jesus be seen in all we do write and say…….its very good to hear from you Heather another deep writing Lily that will cause hearts to seek more of Jesus…….dj

  13. What an awesome encouragement to reread the above comments and blog. Jesus wants all to come to know Him. With Easter quickly approaching, I am reminded of the love Jesus has for everyone. I know everyone who has ever attended church knows this scripture, but I feel is so “fitting” for this blog. Let’s reread now…..John 3:16 “For God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son, so that EVERYONE who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.” Thank you, Jesus

  14. Needles, thanks for this verse and reminder about God’s great love. No one ever needs to feel forgotten or left out of God’s plan for their life.

  15. yes Needles, and here is another scripture to read in John 6;39-40…And this is the Fathers will who hath sent me, that of all that he hath given me I should lose nothinng, but should raise it up again at the last day. and this is the will of him that sent me, that everyone who seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life; and I will raise him up at the last day………

  16. DJ your verse ‘should raise it up’ draws a picture that like the hymn says “Tell how He stooped to save His lost creation”…He had to stoop in order to raise up.
    “But God, who is rich in mercy, because of the great love he had for us,
    even when we were dead in our transgressions, brought us to life with Christ (by grace you have been saved), raised us up with him, and seated us with him in the heavens in Christ Jesus.” (Eph 2:4-6)

  17. Thank you for sharing this beautiful blog Rena. These comments are very encouraging. It all started with a song. Awesome!

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