I suppose the “giving seasons” are officially over….like Christmas and Valentine’s Day and I would venture to guess that many people heave a sigh of relief. Like relief from searching for the right gift for the right (or wrong) person. Like anxiousness over budgets and expenses. And many of us say that we are just not going to go all out with giving and and presenting , anymore! Plus, we get myriads of pleas in the mail for missions and soup kitchens and children’s disease funds and Girl Scout Cookies with precious little pumpkins looking innocently into your narrowing eyes, their big eyes pleading with you to please buy their wares. Do we need MORE cookies? Of course not, but who can resist these virtuous little entrepreneurs?

Oh! And there are church projects that need financing; fine ministries that ask for donations. There are charities with speical meaning for us because of a cause or because a loved one or family member is suffering from cancer or heart diease or diabetes, organizations desperate for research monies. So then, how can we utilize our money wisely when there are so many needs and so many voices crying out for aid and assistance, financially?
Well ,the first thing we should do is earnestly seek the Lord concerning our giving. We know the Word of God says that we are to support the church or ministry that is supporting us; the one that shepherds us, disciples us, counsels us and watches and prays over our souls. And the Word of God also says,” not to muzzle the ox that treads out the corn.” What I take that to mean is that the undershepherds of the Lord Jesus Christ who labor over us and are concerned with training us up in the faith should not labor in vain. In the Old Testament, Almighty God made provisions for the priests (Aaronic) and Levis who offered the sacrifices, tended the Lord’s people and ministered in the Tabernacle. God made it very clear that they were to have provisions from the offerings of the people of God. This GODLY principle applies to the Church, today. When we are being fed the Word of God on a regular basis those teachers, ministers, and godly couselors who touch our lives in a personal way, almost daily, deserve treasures from our personal storehouse to help them in building the Kingdom of God.
I do not believe that God would have us scatter seed in any old direction. But Galatians 6:2 says to bear one another’s burdens and fulfill the law of Christ to complete your obedience to Him. (v.4) But let every person carefully scrutinize and examine and test his own actions (and I add, MOTIVES) and his own works. (v.6) Let him who receives instruction of the WOrd of GOD Share all good things with his teachers, lending to his/her support. God is not mocked. For whatever a man sows, that is what he reaps. So if you sow to the flesh and look out only for carnal things investing and in material things, you will reap from the flesh and that is decay and ruin. But if you sow to the Spirit (that is to the Spiritual life of God’s Kingdom and the things that GOD is doing on the earth during your lifetime) then and only then will a person reap eternal life.
And here is the Scripture that started my thinking on this subject…I guess you could say it is ATTITUDE ABOUT GIVING AND GIVING…
“So, then as occasions and opportunity open up to us, let us continually do good especially to those of the household of Faith, God’s family and God’s KINGDOM. AND BE NOT FAINT, LOSE HEART, AND GROW WEARY IN WELL-DOING. FOR IN DUE SEASON AND AT THE APPOINTED TIME YOU SHALL REAP A GREAT HARVEST.
I believe that as we sow, even as the widow who gave her last mite, we shall indeed reap a harvest of souls if we do not get weary and faint.