John 8:32 “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” How does one act when they have been set free? Have you ever been in a situation where someone had to set you free? Have you ever found a little animal entangled and it took you to set them free? Did you wonder will the little thing fly or walk again?

Truth alone will not set anyone free. That is what Jesus said! He said when you know the truth you will be free. So the real truth is you have to know (gain knowledge, understand and have the recognition of truth by personal experience) or truth moves all around you but you are not free.

We may just plain be unwilling to know the truth. But, at times, some say to me, I want to know the truth, I want help, I will make the changes that truth brings but they never accept the truth that’s given back to them. Selah! Maybe because it’s too hard or embarrassing. They think they have the lie well covered. And, there are many that are living in the same lie that helps them keep it covered??? Truth requires changes and we may not want to pay the price it takes to know truth and follow through to make the changes. I really don’t know all their why’s. I just know they don’t accept truth. But, because they don’t accept the truth, they continue enslaved to their problem. We have to know truth for it to help us. To be free, we must know the truth, and truth is Jesus and His way. Not my way, not your way, His way. Straight forward and narrow. The “Truth” is a name Jesus gave to Himself.

There may be times when we are trying to swim in levels of denial, just refusing to hear truth and accept it by knowing it. This may lead us into a house of emotional blindness and to mental barriers that builds a wall of unawareness all around us. This wall chocks out the light and the ability to learn new ways of acting. This becomes a circle of ‘cycle repeats’ and the same lie or lack of knowing and acting on truth repeats itself many times on you and on later generations. Yes, from generation to generation so goes the untruth. Your family pedigree or ethnic will not set you free, but knowing and honoring God’s ways will.

We have Hope above all Hope because Jesus said, “when you are my disciples and abide in me you will know the truth and the truth will make you free.” John 8:31-32

I would imagine if I asked us to open up about Obama’s former pastor and Obama”s speech on race and being free we could all go on attack. But, I did not hear Obama move away from the deep and long lasting conflicts of race in America. He moved toward those conflicts. His gave us an invitation rather than a judgement. Isn’t that what Jesus did in John 8 and in his speeches. Don’t run from truth but run to truth and it will set you free.