I uncovered something in Psalm 51 the other day that I had not discerned before in the many times I have read it. Being concerned, a lot lately, about what Chickenfarmer had mentioned in her comments on a previous blog about being a witness to the lost.
My counselor has advised me frequently to be prepared to grasp the opportunity to witness in the appropriate manner, then and there, when the chance arises.
Sometimes it is frustrating because it seems it’s not the time or the place, etc etc etc…and other excuses we conjure up to explain away our “missing it”.

But suddenly I saw it in Psalm 51….a quite appropriate way at all times, in all places in any situation to any persons that gives the message of Christ’s unending influence on my life, on our lives and available to them.
Psalm 51: 6 – 15 , paraphrased, says to the effect, that the Lord desires TRUTH to be ensconced in our inner selves so, Lord, make me to know wisdom.” So I see that when one has godly wisdom it is a drawing card to those who NEED to be ministered to by that wisdom…and in another place it does say that Jesus Christ has been made Wisdom to and for us. So, Wisdom is marvelous gift and tool to wield in being a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ.
Psalm 51 goes on to say that when I have a clean heart, free from bitterness, revenge, rejection, those things mentioned in Sara’s previous blog that a WILLING spirit is released within me. I will not shrink back from a confrontation that is presented to me or be “shy” or have fear of rejection because I have that “willing spirit”. But then the Scripture, 51:13….and this is the verse that really struck me almost dumbfounded….”THEN…(if I present myself with a willing spirit and pure heart)….”Then, will I teach transgressors Your ways and sinners shall be converted and return to you.” I won’t have to hit them on the head in the main office at work or in a restaurant or mall with my Bible and say, “know Christ”. They will discern the Willing Spirit of the Living God that is released when the joy of His salvation is discernible on my countenance and in my attitude…not a gripy, whiney, gossipy,
snooty attitude but a ‘willing spirit’.
Finally, verse 15 says, O Lord, open my lips and my mouth shall show forth Your praise….and then will they come to You ”
So let us pray for that WISDOM the gift of Jesus Christ and the Willing Spirit that comes from repentance of dead works, selfish ambitions and all the things that so easily beset us. Then can we win souls to the Lord and win BIG for the Kingdom.