Are you in a position to receive your miracle? Have you ever prayed, hoped and waiting and still no answer. Maybe you are not in a position to receive your miracle. When God sent His Son, Jesus, to die on a cross for our iniquities, He was positioned for resurrection. Yes, His miracle and our miracle.

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Are you wondering where you are going to get money for college? How you can have a better marriage, or end a marriage? A better paying job or start a career? Do you want the taste of success for your children on a daily basis as well as for yourself? Is so, position yourself.

The idea behind positioning yourself for your miracle is that by acting in thought, word and deed you can overcome the obstacles that stop you from receiving your heart’s desire. If you are looking for money for college, pray, meditate, wait but begin to investigate where and how money becomes available for college. Begin by asking friends, family and surf the internet for sources that can help and give valuable information such as loans, scholarships and work programs. If you want a better marriage, seek out counsel from those that have one and then follow their counsel! If you want out of a marriage, seek a lawyer, counselor and hopefully a pastor.

If you want to be a better Mother, seek out other Mother’s that have had success with their children in the areas that your children may need help for growth. I remember hearing Maria Shriver saying, “When I see kids get along well, I go, ‘Let me talk to your mother. How did she do that?'”

When we think of Jesus coming to earth as a baby, young man, teacher, and prophet we are reminded that He was positioned to take the road of dying on a cross. But, that was just a part of His positioning. He positioned Himself for Victory by the way of Resurrection! He is positioned now at the right hand of The Father, busy making intercession for us, but preparing to hear the Father say, “Son, go and get My Children.” He stays ready and in position for miracles.

We are to do likewise, follow the example of Jesus. Like Marie Shriver says about Mothers and children, ask. And if you see Jesus doing something that you admire, ask Him How? Are you able to name what it is that you want? Are you able to list and explain the position you are in to receive what it is that you want? If not, begin now. Climb up on the big ladder of success by the route of “I am.” Yes, give it a name, give it a color, give it a chance to be ‘YOUR RED LETTER MIRACLE’ day.

“Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings…” (Proverbs 22:29). If we are going to live at our best, we should constantly be growing and sharpening our skills. What are you doing to improve your skills that will place you in a position to receive a promotion or change? Find a life coach or mentor that will help you live skillfully. Seek counsel from a counselor in areas of your life that you want to be more skilled in. Seek out friends that will inspire you?

Begin today by positioning yourself with The I Am and begin to receive miracle after miracle!