Position yourself for your Miracle

Are you in a position to receive your miracle? Have you ever prayed, hoped and waiting and still no answer. Maybe you are not in a position to receive your miracle. When God sent His Son, Jesus, to die on a cross for our iniquities, He was positioned for resurrection. Yes, His miracle and our miracle.

2440841662 87E6Bd6241 Flickr: cmar’s Photostream

Are you wondering where you are going to get money for college? How you can have a better marriage, or end a marriage? A better paying job or start a career? Do you want the taste of success for your children on a daily basis as well as for yourself? Is so, position yourself.

The idea behind positioning yourself for your miracle is that by acting in thought, word and deed you can overcome the obstacles that stop you from receiving your heart’s desire. If you are looking for money for college, pray, meditate, wait but begin to investigate where and how money becomes available for college. Begin by asking friends, family and surf the internet for sources that can help and give valuable information such as loans, scholarships and work programs. If you want a better marriage, seek out counsel from those that have one and then follow their counsel! If you want out of a marriage, seek a lawyer, counselor and hopefully a pastor.

If you want to be a better Mother, seek out other Mother’s that have had success with their children in the areas that your children may need help for growth. I remember hearing Maria Shriver saying, “When I see kids get along well, I go, ‘Let me talk to your mother. How did she do that?'”

When we think of Jesus coming to earth as a baby, young man, teacher, and prophet we are reminded that He was positioned to take the road of dying on a cross. But, that was just a part of His positioning. He positioned Himself for Victory by the way of Resurrection! He is positioned now at the right hand of The Father, busy making intercession for us, but preparing to hear the Father say, “Son, go and get My Children.” He stays ready and in position for miracles.

We are to do likewise, follow the example of Jesus. Like Marie Shriver says about Mothers and children, ask. And if you see Jesus doing something that you admire, ask Him How? Are you able to name what it is that you want? Are you able to list and explain the position you are in to receive what it is that you want? If not, begin now. Climb up on the big ladder of success by the route of “I am.” Yes, give it a name, give it a color, give it a chance to be ‘YOUR RED LETTER MIRACLE’ day.

“Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings…” (Proverbs 22:29). If we are going to live at our best, we should constantly be growing and sharpening our skills. What are you doing to improve your skills that will place you in a position to receive a promotion or change? Find a life coach or mentor that will help you live skillfully. Seek counsel from a counselor in areas of your life that you want to be more skilled in. Seek out friends that will inspire you?

Begin today by positioning yourself with The I Am and begin to receive miracle after miracle!


17 thoughts on “Position yourself for your Miracle”

  1. Learning from your mistakes is one way of honing your skills, I think. If one makes the same mistakes over and over, never applying the life’s lesson to their lifestyle from that faux pas, then the Scipture comes true…” ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of”
    When we are little and we touch the oven door of a hot stove, we probably will learn immediately that that is NOT a good idea, won’t do THAT again. But some of us need lesson after lesson after lesson of admoishment, rebuke, chastisement, embarrasment, before we catch on and apply the lesson to our lifestyle. We continue in hasty replies. We let a trigger temper take us over; we jump to conclusions; we make assumptions; we let passions rule us; We are in emotional hot water, most of our lives.
    How can we position ourselves to receive from God, much less hear from Him if we are in constant foment and uproar?
    BE STILL!!!!! and know that I AM GOD.

  2. I love the ‘I am’ photo. It says to me that the person in the photo has aligned and purposely placed himself in ‘I Am’. It is a look of success.
    I like what the message Bible says about being in the ‘I Am’. John 15:4-8: “Live in Me. Make your home in me just as I do in you. In the same way that a branch can’t bear grapes by itself but only by being joined to the vine, you can’t bear fruit unless you are joined to me. I am the Vine, you are the branches. When you’re joined with me and I with you, the relation intimate and organic, the harvest is sure to be abundant. Separated, you can’t produce a thing. Anyone who separates from me is deadwood, gathered up and thrown on the bonfire. But if you make yourselves at home with me and my words are at home in you, you can be sure that whatever you ask will be listened to and acted upon. This is how my Father shows who he is – when you produce grapes, when you mature as my disciples.”

  3. When one plays on a sports team, be it baseball, football, , basketball, soccer, or other, (outside of young children) one will be given a position according to their skills. Now, one must perform the position in an excellent way. If not, most likely there is another very skilled person just waiting to take their position and play at a higher level. One must be practicing even when not in play. This works as well on work teams and church teams.

    For I believe the ideas came from the teachings of Jesus saying that each person has been given gifts and talents and they are for team playing. Age, be it young or old is not the answer. It is skill!

    Positioning is not playing political games. It is you having a clear window of your talents, skills, goals and your plan and place on team for achieving goals. If you get in position you will be able to not only achieve your goals but unexpected opportunities will flow your way. That is saying you will have an overflow to give out to others. (like moving from high school sports, to college sports to the pros) And, that is where the money flows and you can set up camps for young children to learn, to be a protege of your work, etc. etc. Opportunities become limitless.

  4. That’s good, Tim. That sounds just like repentence, ie; ‘changing directions when you are on the wrong road.’ That is what repentence really is….turning from the “wrong way” and going the “right’ way. Jesus said, ” I AM the WAY. No one comes to the Father but by Me.” When we find the Way…Jesus, we find the true path to eternal life. Now all we have to do is not veer off course but follow the teachings of Christ, adhere and cling to them. Keep our eyes on the ROAD (WAY) and we won’t lose our ‘WAY’.

  5. I like what Needles said about PROACTIVE…….I disected the word proactive….like this…..Pro=professional=a skillful person engaged in a specified activity
    Active=markedby action;energetic
    =PROACTIVE=a skillful energetic person in their postion engaged in a specified activity …Wow Sara youre right ! In season and out we need to be ready or like you said some one else is waiting……….in the wings to take the position….and fly with the miracle ….makes one think……dj

  6. Another slant on the word proactive I found the the free encyclopedia is that is was first coined by Victor Frankl in 1946 in his book, “MAN”S SEARCH FOR MEANING” It describes a person who takes responsibility for his own life rather than look for causes in outside circumstances or OTHER PEOPLE! (Miriam Webster 1933)
    The term has come to mean “to act before a situation becomes a source of confrontation or crises vs. acting “after the fact” . (wikipedia encyclopedia)

    I take that it is opposite of “Reacting (explosively or otherwise inappropriately) to a situation when confronted or…. pssivity”..i.e. not doing anything and letting it happen.
    But the important part is the defining of it…taking responsibility for one’s life!

  7. Reading about the proactive comments above reminded me of wise words I often heard from my grandmother and also mother growing up. “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”
    I looked it up to see who this quote originated with and found it to be by Thomas Jefferson. He certainly lived up to his quote. He stayed active seeking out and implementing new ideas for gardens, cooking, architecture and many other ‘miraculous’ inventions as well as to his lasting contributions to our government. I would say he learned to skillfully position himself.

  8. I viewed the work of an exceptional young man today, that is, what he’s captured in photogs….. the lives and the flora and fauna of international peoples and places. Jonathan’s work is outstanding, truly gifted. Some of his pictures are poignant and some comical; some amazing in scope and others portray docility of scene, inspiring….anointed craftsmanship. This up and coming young artist has positioned himself to receive and proceed according to the gifting(s) with which he has been imbued by the Holy Spirit and they are beginning to flow like a river, unimpeded or hindered by any obstacles that would try to derail his creative flow.
    Congratulations on a marvelous feat and many more to come.!!

  9. As I read this blog and these comments, one thought came to my mind. I could picture a large court room with a judge behind the stand. I looked up judge in Webster’s: 1.A public official with authority to hear and decide cases in a court of law. 2. A person designated to determine the winner, settle a controversy. 3. A person qualified to decide on the relative worth of anything. This judge stands for truth and justice. ((Webster’s) justice: 1. a being righteous. 2. fairness. 3. rightfulness. 4. reward or penalty as deserved. 5.the use of authority to uphold what is just. 6.administration of law.) Each of us go before this great judge with our requests. Before we stand before this great Judge, we must prepare ourselves (position ourselves). We must do our research to make sure this request is going to be best for us, is it a need or is it just a selfish want. We must study God’s word and prepare our hearts humbling ourselves. Finally, we go before the great Judge and speaking through prayer. Lord, this is my prayer request. If it be your will. Next, the Great Judge full of wisdom, will grant our request or deny our request. I do believe that the way we position ourselves is very important. If we just throw up prayers in a selfish, careless matter, we may be disappointed. We may think God isn’t listening, because he may not grant all our selfish wants. We need to keep in mind the Great Judge knows whats best for us and getting everything we ask for may not be best for us. If we practice the way we POSITION OURSELVES, we may become a wiser, more humble prayer warrrior. We have to break down these prideful barriers to get to our true self. God wants to talk to us and not our selfish pride. We may need to change our direction from pride and selfishness to humbleness and true self. Let’s be proactive with our position.

  10. I thought Zacchaeus (Luke 19) had positioned himself better than anyone I had heard of. But, Chickefarmer you are right up in the tree with him.

  11. Ok, I think I am getting it. Jesus had a tree, cross. Zaccahaeu, Luke 19, had a tree, Chickefarmer has a tree.(Matthew 10:38)
    We all need to have a tree to climb to position ourselves to be seen.
    So Chickenfarmer being proactive with our position would be take cross and follow, this being a willingness to give one’s life sacrificially for the Master.

  12. Chickenfarmer I agree with you that we have to be proactive with our position. Sometimes that is difficult. And the thought that we have to ‘present our case’ before the Great Judge you wrote about makes it even more sobering. That’s why we better do our home work before we go. One way I position myself is to take the advice in this blog and seek council. Now my name means ‘bee’ or ‘seeking one’. And honey (tha(that miraculous wonder food)doesn’t just appear out of nowhere or because the bees wish for it, long for it, or petition for it. They follow orders and go flying out seeking pollen/nectar to gather and bring back to make the honey. As an example in my own life: Six years ago I was presented with a job offer to teach horticulture. Now that’s what I got a certificate in college to do…teach high school horticulture but never had. I already had a job that I was familiar with and fairly comfortable in but this was an opportunity…thjere was only one position like it in the county. It was kind of scary thinking about taking this teaching job at my age and after so many years after being certified. I positioned myself before The Judge by seeking the counsel of my Life Coach, Sara. She helped me examine the pros and cons and through her gift of wisdom and knowledge and prayer and I was able to decide to take it and try it. I followed the counsel and it turned out to be the miracle I needed in more ways than one. The retail facility where I had worked for 15 years closed its doors 6 months later but God had positioned me in a situation where I could sharpen my skills of horticulture and climb a ladder of success.
    It was humbling to see that this Great Judge did what was best by helping me position myself for a miracle.

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