Third Annual Retreat ’08

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We held our Third Annual Retreat of The Daily in the beautiful surroundings of eastern NC in the Edenton area with a field trip to Charlotte, NC for a visit of the Billy Graham Library. We studied “The Four Bees” finding our spirituals gifts written and taught by Sara. It was fantastic, inspirational and lots of fun.

Write your story of Hope giving others an update on our retreats!

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Hope each story will invite your family and friends and co-workers to BEE a part of our next retreat! Hope many others will join us in the journey of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the World via this site on the worldwide web of bloggers for Christ. We invite your to comment and give your Hope to our world of ‘John 3:16’.

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10 thoughts on “Third Annual Retreat ’08”

  1. What an inspiration of HOPE we received at the 3rd annual retreat! We discovered from Sara’s teachings from her book THE FOUR BEES that we must appropriate and USE with authority the power of the SPOKEN WORD of GOD. Speaking Power…power of believing in what the Word says about ourselves and our gifts. Having found the TRUTH in the WORD of God and the study of it, we Speak the TRUTH and SAY the TRUTH. confess the TRUTH. And then ACT upon the TRUTH. If we speak a truth and do not act upon it, it is still-born. The same holds true for a divenely inspirted thought that is not spoken forth. It is still-born. Acting on the Word we have been Speaking forth is the DOING Power. Like in the Book of James…”be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only.”
    The last pillar of the bee hive that Sara constructs is ‘BEING’. To have confessed and believed and having done the TRUTH, continually, progressively, consciously walking in the Spirit, it results, eventually, in our “being” the TRUTH, personified.

  2. This retreat was amazing. The surroundings were peaceful and lovely to behold while INSIDE the retreat house, *the WORD that God SPEAKS was full of power and operative (DOING) and effecting change (BEING) and sharper than any two edged sword penetrating to the dividing of soul and spirit, sifting, exposing, and judging the thoughts, intents, purposes of the heart. It cleansed and encouraged. It guided and comforted. It was a restorative, enlightening and refreshing time. It was finally….life changing. This study of the Word of GOd in a new and revelatory light is truly a LIFE CHANGER!
    *(Hebrews 4)

  3. The third annual retreat of – THE FOUR BEES was awesome. The scripture of the retreat was Mark 6:31, “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest awhile.” We did just that and the beauty and exactness of this secluded place was in perfect order due to the work of all participants.

    God met us there and poured hope into us for reaching others for Jesus Christ. He showed up through the study and His WORD, that obedience to this word, and being in proper order and working in our individual and corporate giftings we could touch others as Jesus would with LOVE and KINDNESS. We learned that through our writings we could find the nuggets that would reveal our spiritual gifts. Once the gifts were found just like planting a seed we needed to push them underground to be broken so the seed (gift/s) would produce much for the Kingdom of God. We learned that through FAITH and obedience and listening to the voice of THE HOLY SPIRIT we could see growth and multiplication. If we allowed worm words or negative words to come in, they would eat away at our gifts or seed until it was gone or not recognizable. Through the WORD God gives us words of hope and encouragement. He holds up a mirror through the word of what He sees in us. Here are just a few of the scriptures that were brought forth in the retreat, they are win words to encourage our soul’s – I’m gifted – II Timothy 1:7, I’m chosen for success – John 15:16, I’m free – Romans 6, 16-18, I’m spiritually alive – EPH 2:5, I’m God’s workmanship – EPH 2:10, I’m valuable to God, I COR 6:20, I’m God’s treasure – 1 Peter 2: 9-10

  4. Sara summed up “finding your spiritual gifts”, right on the first page of “burgeoning”. “Find your gift and use it. Leave it hidden and lose it.” “You are unique, there is not another you.” “Your gifts live and die with you If you don’t develop them they will not be used.” “You can accomplish much more than you think if you reframe your thinking.” “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while.”(Mark 6:31)

    Just as it takes time, water, sun (light), and work for a seed to become a flower, so does our gifts. Sara encouraged us to write in our journals at an appointed time. A time that is ours. (Mark 6:31) “A simple man believes anything, but a prudent man gives thought to his steps.”(Proverbs 14:15)
    We must “Be precise, prompt, prepared, thankful, kind, merciful, transformed, an example, doing, patient with ourself, the Holy Spirit and with one another.” I like the quote Sara used, from Robert Browning, “My business is not to remake myself, but make the absolute best of what God made.”

    God has given us gifts, and He wants us to use them. We are all unique! We don’t need to let our gifts be “buried in the graveyard”. “Opportunity never arrives, it’s here!” What an encouraging retreat!

  5. Burgeoning:Writing, Budding:Speaking, Blossoming:Doing, Blooming:Being….these were the four bees that Sara released through her teaching into our lives Each successive bee built upon the other to help us understand our God given gifts and how to effectively operate in and build upon them so that we will be enabled to be truly happy, confident and successful with who we are…the unique person that God made, loves and has a specific purpose for. Sara’s amazing workbook and revelatory teaching methods helped uncover, discover and remove blockages in our minds, personalities, hearts and spirits, making way for our authentic self to emerge from layers of living lives (some like mine dysfunctional) that are not yet under the exclusive control of the Holy Spirit. She gave us practical prescribed methods and exercises that allowed God’s powerful spirit to dig deep into hidden wounds to bring true and lasting healing. As I began to taste this freedom, I wanted more for I understood that if I could be free from my ‘self’ blockages I would walk continuously in the Spirit which is my heart’s desire… speaking, loving, thinking Gods thoughts about myself and others and using my gifts for the body of Christ to help build His kingdom. And most importantly, motivated from the well of God’s resources which flow out freely and always accomplish His purposes, helping others also to be free and enter into true rest in the Lord. The ‘hope’ I received is that though I experience many defeats, which signal blockages to this freedom, God said in ‘The Four Bees’ that nothing is impossible with Him if we live ‘by the rules of the Beehive’. Now that is hope for all. So if you are struggling to be free to be the you that God intended for you to be and effective for God’s kingdom, than these retreats are for you and you won’t want to miss the next one.

  6. Another thing I learned at the third annual retreat, THE FOUR BEES, was that sometimes we have things locked in a vault, box, and it seems only Jesus can unlock the vault to set the captive free. We can’t operate in our giftings if we are in chains. What chains? Chains of fear, anger, stress, weary, emotional turmoil, bad habits. Needles told us at the retreat that your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your character. Your character becomes your destiny. Another daily lily friend of mine reminded me about Billy Graham placing his Bible on an old wood stump. This is what I say to myself. Lord I choose to believe every WORD in this Bible. It is filled with Truth. This situation I place in your hands. I choose your truth and choose to go on with my Life and my walk with you. No MORE will I think upon the situation – only you and your word will I believe. I choose to be free of the chains/situations that enslave my mind. No longer a slave am I, your WORD OF TRUTH is the key to my freedom – the WORD OF GOD has set me free and my destiny will be to walk with YOU. Destiny – Heaven Bound!

  7. What a wonderful retreat…wonderful-full of wonder!- If you ever wondered what your purpose in this world was and how to fullfill it according to Gods will…this retreat answered that question above and beyoin…Your life has a meaning..and a call on it…if you ever wondered why you love to help or give, or encourage people or love to organize…you’d know why when you left and you would have a joy knowing where you fit in in the body of Christ and not only that …you get on going help because you get to keep the Book and can read it over and over and you can get even more help and understand becasue you can ask questions on the Daily Lily!…This was and is the best retreat because its a foundational launching pad to serving God with your life through your gifts by using them…Lesson I and II speaks about the authentic self and everyone wants to know who the really are……this is the retreat to find out…dj (Thanks and blessings to the Director..Sara)

  8. When I hear the word giftings or gifts it sparks images of beautiful packages, bright colors, wrappings and presentations. The Four Bees exhibited all these through Sara’s absorbing workbook full of color photos, and graphics; the state of the art computer presentation; to all the props and setting. She taught us in the lesson ‘Saying Power’ that ‘sound makes light’. The extraordinary visuals sounded loud and clear, reinforcing the speaking, writing teachings and brought the lessons straight through the eyegate into our inner being to enlighten our minds. These techniques really brought the content material to another dimension and was very impressive and a great boon to visual learners like myself.

  9. What an awesome retreat. This retreat has taught me so much. We learned about bees, the Legume Family, and the Fruits of the Spirit. We also learned that “sound makes light” and when we “speak” something there is action. We worked on Finding Our Spiritual Gifts using four steps. 1. Burgeoning: Meditative Writings- Write Power 2. Creative Expression- Speaking Power 3. Exploding Beauty-Doing Power 4. Perennial Profusion- Staying Power. We learned if we don’t use our gift, we will lose them. Our gifts live and die with us. We learned about our authentic self and how different things can block our authentic self, such as worry, stress, fear. What a great retreat and what a great trip to see the Billy Graham Library. Thank you Pastor Sara for all your hard work in making this a life changing retreat. Thank you to the Lilies for all your hard work. “You are unique, there is not another you.”

  10. Thanks for the great insight into the retreat from ‘your’ view. I was and am so challenged by each of you and your walk with the Lord. It is amazing to have such good friends that are all on the same page with only one picture and His name is Jesus.

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