James is 9 years old. He read his first book to his Father when he was 3 years old. He could read at an 18 year level when he was 5. He knows a lot about space and insects. James just had a very interesting dream.
His father would like to know what interpretation we get from it:
“I saw a cross made from top to bottom of gold, silver, bronze, iron, and clay. As dawn came, the sun came up and melted the clay. Then, the sun turned into a huge boulder. The boulder rolled into the cross and tore it into pieces, as the iron cracked into pieces. The pieces scattered everywhere. The boulder and the pieces hit the ground. Out of the rock sprouted 7 ears of grain, full and golden, forming a single stalk.

It grew so large that the rock almost split. On each piece of the cross, 7 ears of grain withered and scorched, as they also spr ang up on20a single stalk. Then, the 7 good ears went to each piece and swallowed the 7 bad ears. All that remained were shriveled grains unfit to eat.”