Tammy Mar of Northern Va. with her company, USIS, husband, Chris, and our host, Sara. came up with an idea to ‘help a child” to go back to school. When they approached Sara of The Daily Lily and CCI for suggestion of where to give, Sara thought of my classroom as she had spent a little time there last year in helping a child read.

This week at Seldens Landing Elementary in Leesburg, Va. the halls were invaded by a very professional team, the USIS, who were on a mission. As they walked the halls, teachers stopped preparing for their classrooms to peer out of classrooms in various stages of preparation to glance at this professional group. Unlike many missions the USIS have been on this was a different mission. They had bundles, bundles, and more bundles in hand. Over a thousand dollars of school supplies. They had to solicit a dolly to carry all the items down the long, highly polished corridor. This group under the leadership and direction of Tammy Mar had decided that they would adopt a classroom and help the community by bestowing their time and money all to benefit my class. The “team leaders” came to represent their group. In all more than 80 people contributed to bringing an early August Christmas to a class, which will come together for the first time, September 2nd.

Cimg6906(picture given by Tammy)
Angela Connell was not able to attend from USIS.

A wish list was drafted and to the utter surprise of the teacher, being me, every item that was written on the list took a three dimensional form before my eyes. The quantities were more than sufficient and never seen before for a beginning of the school year. Other teachers came and were amazed at such generosity to children. Students will see that business and kids are connected. These wonderful professionals have decided to volunteer in the classroom and see that all field trips are paid for and recorders are bought.

It is amazing to me to see such a youthful team spear headed by Tammy Mar achieve so much for the benefit of others through their focus. It seems like our retreat of the “FOUR BEES of Giftings’ by Sara of the Daily Lily this summer was manifested in this team who didn’t attend the retreat. They WROTE out their plan of action, they SPOKE the plan into action, they DID it or implemented the plan, and now they plan to stick with the plan of action or STAYING POWER.

WOW what a team of wonderful, determined USIS personnel. Thanks to the business women and men who have taught so much through this wonderful act of kindness and caring of our future leaders. I thank you USIS!!!! Our school and I hope and believe our parents and students will thank you big time, USIS.

Also last Christmas, Sara, had encouraged “The Daily Lily” to write letters to the principal, Jackie Brownell, of Seldens’ son and other soldiers while serving in Iraq letters of encouragement . We would like to say USIS came through in a big way with a bang program of letters as well as many other leaders.

Our love, prayers and hope to all of you of USIS! Thanks for the support you give to many as well as The Daily Lily.