12 thoughts on “Quote to Ponder

  1. I wonder if Georgia O’Keefe was thinking of this scripture?
    Isaiah 6:8-10 (New Living Translation)
    ‘Listen carefully, but do not understand.
    Watch closely, but learn nothing.’
    Harden the hearts of these people.
    Plug their ears and shut their eyes.
    That way, they will not see with their eyes,
    nor hear with their ears,
    nor understand with their hearts
    and turn to me for healing.”

  2. Dave I think the first part of of the sentence is Isaiah 6: 8-10 We truly don’t love or care enough to dig and learn what God has purposed or loved about this individual. However if we take time which Proverbs 18:24 says to be a friend we must show ourselves friendly. In taking the time we can learn about what God has placed that is so unique in each person. We who instigate the relationship make a decision to invest ourselves in the lives of others – their up and downs – their joys and tears – all taking time or to pass them by – a rose not notice, a rose not to unfold the pages (petals) of their lives. Which will it be?

  3. Rena and Dave, I woke up this am with similar thoughts. I had one word that I thought matched both your scriptures and my belief about God’s Word and the lack of His children living it through relationships, fellowships and friendships, ie, commitments. Who likes commitments?

    My thoughts are without commitment one cannot please God! Or, just go ahead and put on your other shoe and think about it the way the Rev. CHARLES G. FINNEY says commitment, “GOD CANNOT PLEASE SINNERS.” If you have an interest in Charles G. Finney’s sermon on this, here it is, take the time and click and read:

  4. I think sometimes when we superficially engage in a relationship of sorts, we don’t want to be bothered to take the time to discover or uncover the OTHERNESS of a person. We take it at face value and there is little value in that at time. And if we do some of us immediately or eventually go about trying to change them one way or another to suit ourselves, or our plans or our perceptions of that person(s).

  5. Thanks for sharing Charles G Finney’s sermon. Reading it and then thinking about what Rena said “We truly don’t love or care enough to dig and learn what God has purposed or loved about this individual” is a spiritual check-up about living/not living committed relationships, fellowships and friendships that Sara’s speaks of above.
    To me Finney is very clear that if we are committed/submitted to Jesus Christ than we will live consistently holy lives with sinner or saint. Our eyes will not be shut and our hearts hardened. We will show our approval of God and His standards by living them. If we don’t we are the sinner and God can’t please us and we can’t please or see Him.
    And our ‘friend’ may not see Him or ever be able to please Him either if we dilute or pollute this holy standard in anyway. This exerpt stood out to me from Finney with regard to how to not love a sinner :”To conceal the truth from conscience, and attempt to win the sinner over by a lovely song; is but to lull him with a syren’s[sic.] voice, until he plunges into eternal death. “

  6. `There is no doubt that Charles Finney hit the nail on the head,
    so to speak in clarifying any confusion as to the the potentialy bleak result of preaching an ooey gooey Gospel to depraved sinners hoping to capture their HEARTS before they have been convicted of conscience, of their sins. Yet, t it is the Goodness of God that brings men to repentance. But isn’t it a GREAT LOVE and a GREAT GOOD that warns, admonishes, rebukes, forbodes, and cautions the sinner so that he will not be “plunged into eternal death”? The quote that Debi gave at the end of her comment struck me, also, pointedly…..shall we lull them to a false sense that ..”oh God loves everyone and He won’t send me to hell. I am no worse than that any preacher.”
    But if their consciences are convicted their hearts will follow.

  7. “to see takes time” …”to have a friend takes time” Yes, “time” to me, equals “commitment”. We have to be committed to take the time. Without commitment, nothing happens.

  8. “we haven’t time”. We are so busy that we don’t have time. I have heard time and time again, “I don’t have time, I’m too busy.” I have even said it myself. If we slow down for a moment, then we will notice the beautiful flower in the grass and we will also notice the beautiful friend beside us. We need to take time “to stop and smell the roses” and call a friend, take them to breakfast or lunch. Life is to short to be too busy for flowers and friends.

  9. I just thought about how fast a flower fades away. It is not a matter of time, it is a matter of wanting to take the time.

  10. I know a person who says at every turn, every conversation, every communication…….’oh, we are sooo busy. You cannot believe how busy we are. I mean that You just don’t understand how busy we are. We are so busy!” In all that time this person takes to say this, we could have engaged in a meaningful conversation about the Lord Whom we both serve or shared some meaningful treasure, even for a short moment. BUT OH! We are soooo busy! 🙂

  11. …nor anyone else’s actually!
    Friends DO take time…they take time to listen, time to share, to laugh, to pray, to cry with.
    “A friend is a gift you give yourself”___Robert Louis Stevenson.
    And I might add Sara’s addendum on that. Not only is a friend a gift you give yourself, As Stevenson says, but Sara teaches in her book, THROWING YOUR LIGHT FORWARD…”and a gift you share with other friends.”

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