Are we seeing?

“I don’t know whether he is a sinner,” the man replied. “But I know this: I was blind, and now I can see!” (John 9:25).

Jesus healed a blind man and the religious crowd got all upset. They started arguing over why he was healed, and how he was healed, and who was to blame for him being blind in the first place. The man said, “I can’t answer all of your questions. but I can tell you this; I was blind, but now I see.”

When I speak with the ‘religious crowd’ today about this past Presidential Election I feel just this way. “I can’t answer all your questions, but I can tell you this, I was blind, but now I can see.” I wrote a song some time ago that has a lot of meaning to me, “WaitingRoom” and the chorus says, “as I wait, I see His Face shining as a Glory of Grace.” Another part “I can see, I can see, in the world as I go for His Light has broken forth in my soul!” Can you see and hear today what the Spirit is saying?

I see God’s Face shining as a Glory of Grace because I have been in the “Waiting Room”. Have you? How much time can you tell Our Heavenly Father that during this very long difficult ‘Presidential Race’ that you and your spouse and children held hands, knelt at the Cross of Jesus, cried out to Abba Father for His grace, mercy, wisdom and knowledge for this election? Surely, God heard our prayers. Surely God knows our needs. Surely God is in control. But, are we?

Some of us may not agree with Michelle Obama being first lady but it would be hard for Mothers across our Nation not to agree with her as Mom, or at least her desires for wanting to be a good Mom.

I read that Michelle Obama wrote this article (below) shortly before the election. It first appeared in US News & World Report and has been updated with permission. Distributed by Tribune Media Services. I am quoted parts of her article here:

“My No 1 job as First Lady is to be First Mom…Helping working women and families is dear to the heart of the President-elect’s wife. But so are sleepover strategies…

A few weeks ago at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, I shared with the nation some of the many reasons why I believed my husband would be an extraordinary president. It was the biggest speech I’d ever given. When I was finished, I headed backstage with my daughters. They turned to me, breathless with excitement.

“Mom,” Malia, our ten-year-old, said. “We have something important to tell you. We need to have a sleepover!”

That snapped me out of speech mode, with the bright lights and applause, and back into the role I love: Mom. The next night, 15 giggling girls – my daughters, the Biden granddaughters, and friends – took over our hotel room.

Now that Barack has been elected president, it will be an honour to be First Lady. I will work daily on the issues closest to my heart: helping working women and families, particularly military families. But, as my girls reminded me in Denver, even as First Lady, my No 1 job is still to be Mom. At 7 and 10, our daughters are young. My first priority will be to ensure they stay grounded and healthy, with normal childhoods – including homework, chores, dance, and soccer.

Our girls are the centre of Barack’s and my world. They’re the reason he ran for president – to make the world a better place for them and for all children. For us, and for millions of Americans, that’s what this election has been about – making sure that America remains a country where everyone can fulfil their God-given potential.

The struggles of America’s families aren’t new to Barack. He was raised by a single mom who put herself through school and built a career that she loved while still finding time to read to him each morning. …He also knows that when our military goes to war, their families go with them. He’s a strong advocate for predictable deployments and better healthcare – including mental health – for returning service people.”

“I don’t know whether he is a sinner,” the man replied. “But I know this: I was blind, and now I can see!” (John 9:25).
Look what the man had told them earlier in verses 11, “Someone named Jesus made some mud and smeared it on my eyes. He told me to go and wash it off in Siloam Pool. When I did, I could see.” And, I love this verse (27)The man answered, “I have already told you once, and you refused to listen. Why do you want me to tell you again? Do you also want to become his disciples?” Now was that man cool or what?

I hope you will read with me the Chapter in John 9 in its entirety and rejoice at the way Jesus worked then and still does. I have hope that we as Christians will rally around Michelle and take her at her word and hold her accountable to her word that things will be better for families because of the passion and work Michelle will do on our behalf. Michelle grew up on the South Side of Chicago and graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School. Read her Bio in full and get encouraged. Let us do our part and believe she will do hers.

This is not about whom I voted for. I just feel privileged as a woman that I could and did vote. This is about ‘Our next President, First Lady” and their children and our children and families. About our Nation and the Nations of the World. I remember that Jesus, my Lord and my Savior came to earth that the world might know Him. I know Him, I am blessed each and everyday. Let us continue to pray for one another, love one another and have Hope while we go and do good deeds with our God given gifts. Let us encourage those that are weak, those that are afraid, those that need a word from The Master, that He has all things under control!

11 thoughts on “Are we seeing?

  1. I have to be like Needles and Chickefarmer and give some footnotes John 9:39 Jesus said, “I came into this world so that the world could be judged. I came so that the blind[a] would see and so that those who see will become blind.”

    40 Some of the Pharisees who were nearby heard Jesus say this and asked, “Are you saying we are blind, too?”

    41 Jesus said, “If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin. But since you keep saying you see, your guilt remains.”


    John 9:39 blind Jesus is talking about people who are spiritually blind, not physically blind.

  2. There is a saying that goes, “none is so blind as he/she who WILL NOT SEE’. I do not know its source but it is a true saying. A lot of us are a lot like that, though.
    There is an incident, I recall, where a friend and I were conversing about a situation in which a decision or choice was to be made. In the conversation, I conveyed a message to her that was a leading from the Holy Spirit concerning the right way to approach this. Her response was, ” Yeah, I know, but I’m not going to do it that way”. There was the solution but she couldn’t see it that way. So she was going to do it her way. I don’t recall the whole outcome but we can surmise, unless there was grace and mercy from the Lord, that it did not turn out as successfully as if she had done it the Lord’s way. Jesus says, ” I AM the Way. If we can SEE things His way and then follow His way by the leading of the Holy Spirit, how much more peace we would all have.

  3. Say, Sara, I am reminded somehow in all the above about the story you told us about how to capture monkeys. How once they were able to insert their “hands’ into the hole in the barrel and grasp the banana, there was no way that they could be get their hands out unless they released their precious banana. And they refused to release that ol’ banana that was probably all squished up anyway in the struggle.
    Sometimes people are the same way. There are beliefs that we hang on to beyond truth or facts or the probablility that those beliefs or opinions are no longer relevant to reality or viable…but we hang on to them with our little fists and refuse to release them and we are “captured” and imprisoned by them, just like the poor little monkey.

  4. Thank you Sara for this trumpeting, yet prayerful blog. You are ‘First Lady’ of the Daily Lily and truly express heartfelt words seen from God’s perspective…gracious words and insights that bring hope and healing, unity and balance to the readers of this nation and all other nations of the world. You draw us to ‘His banqueting table and His banner over us is love’.

  5. May we go to that “Waiting Room” to lift up our new President-elect Obama and his wife Michelle, and children. Perhaps they are like unto Queen Esther of the Bible. Perhaps they were called at such a time as this to bring healing to a nation. Even Esther had all pray for what she knew she needed to do. May we all go into the “Waiting Room” and see how God will move through the lives of the future President and his beautiful family. May God be in every decision that President elect and wife, Michele have to make in the coming days with filling positions. May He pour his wisdom through them. May He give them a seeing that only God could do to orchestrate healing for the nation and its families.

    As a Mom, I remember all the activity of raising two children and working. Lord may you be with Michele Obama, our First Lady. Strengthen her for all that she has need of to raise her two beautiful daughters. Give her wise counsel when she has need of it. Help her in every facet of her life as she works with families and working women, her passion. May her passion be contagious and may others come along side of her to help her in this endeavor.

  6. I Corinthians 13 gives us an overview of Agape-Caring Love. verses 7-8 says “It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” The Apostle Paul advises us that if we have not love (agape) our words are useless. Yep, that is it useless words. No matter what we do useless without love.

    I have come to believe that if we are not having love for ALL we need to go to Our wonderful Heavenly Father, the creator of all, and ask Him to give us a supernatural love where we do not have it for others.

    Also, I hear a lot about how evil this new administration will be and how afraid they are…from Christians, yes, Christians. Read your Bibles! Romans 12:21 “Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.” Read your Bibles, Pray and have Agape. Sorry folks, this Agape is not for just wedding vows. It is to love all at all times. My head is not in the sand. We have much work to do. But, let us do it with grounded supernatural ability to hope, believe and act on faith so we can see a better future for all. Use your God Given gifts and talents for the now and turn the negative around as we go and do!

  7. Agape love has been shed abroad in our hearts by The Holy Spirit. That’s the God-kind of love. When we were born again, God gave us His love through the auspices of Holy Spirit. We must tap into that love. We do not have to feel great emotion, great affection, great attraction great affinity or even a little bit. We just have to ACT AS and COMMIT DEEDS of love….Agape Action. Agape ACTS. It does NOT just say, ‘bless you brother, be clothed and filled with goodly food.” NO! It Feeds. It clothes! It binds up wounds, even if you don’t feel like it or want to. It acts out of obedience to the Prompting of Holy Spirit, because it’s HIS love that is acting. HE loves. through us. He Does through us. He Acts through us. He LOVES through us. We are instruments of God’s great love.
    Beth Moore says that the feelings and the emotions will come, in time. Just DO it for now and don’t worry about ME ME ME ME ME.

  8. MG, that “MEMEMEMEME ministry you are speaking of leaves a big void in one’s life and little creep(ies) will find a way to creep in and have a home. Just think mememe ministry might just be called a creepy ministry. The creeps might induce a feeling of revulsion or fear in someone. Maybe that is why people are afraid of MO and her husband, her family, her position. Creepy makes one’s flesh feel disgust or revulsion and have a sensation like that of something crawling over the skin.

    OK, let us not be creepy with mememeisms and move on with the Agape. WOW, Love, agape, love agape. So the next time we get that phone call of creeps, email loaded with creeps, run and put up a no vacancy sign. Yes, we have no vacancies try the tel down the street!

  9. You are right. Jesus taught that when the “Creeps” are kicked out of a place they come back a little later and find the joint all spruced up and odiferous but unoccupied. So they bring in 7 other big-time bad creeps that are badder than the originals and the place really is rocking out with toxic creeps. When a place is VACANT the creeps creep in. Creeps come in all dimensions of evil; prejudice, envy, jealousy, pride, selfishness, stinginess, inflated egos, brain dwarfs, braggarts, bigots, rejections, etc. etc.
    Better fill your house with agape love deposited in your heart by the Holy Spirit so that you will have a temple of honor in which the Lord may dwell by His Spirit.

  10. I enjoyed reading Michelle Obama’s article above and particularly her statement, …”making sure that America remains a country where everyone can fulfil their God-given potential.”
    This past summer’s Daily Lily retreat ‘The Four Bees of Giftings’ was about that very subject…discovering and operating in our gifts and God-given talents and abilities. God’s Spirit was directing Sara in bringing this teaching just as I believe God’s Spirit was directing Michelle Obama to make that statement because this IS what America needs….this is what the world needs… if we are going to prosper and be successful.

  11. Yes Debi, if we would pause (Selah) for a time and just imagine what our world would be like if we all put our God-given gifts to the challenge that God has set before us we might praise more. We might get a heavenly fix for issues that concern us.

    “Remember when the storms of uncertain times come our way we have to be mindful of God’s devotion to us. He doesn’t leave us when the way gets a little bumpy, but redirects our path a little so the journeys not as long!” I heard John McCain say something like this…not sure if I quoted him or not?

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