“we shall see what we shall see”

When I was a child I remember Sister Grandma would reply when we asked her for something that maybe wasn’t on the family budget or pertaining to a request to go to a friend’s house or attend an event, etc.….her answer often would be, “we shall see what we shall see”. To us kids it meant, she would look into it later and decide whether it was a worthy request. The answer was deferred until she had more light on the subject.
Later on in life I heard people use that expression to mean that they would not judge or know the outcome of something until they SAW its manifestation down the road, somewhere. And what they SAW would be the answer. It’s a little like FAITH in REVERSE. Faith says you believe before you see it, and then you will get to see it. This says that you won’t believe it until you see it and that will be the solution….what you see. That’s a little scary because Paul tells us we see in a mirror darkly. So if we judge only by appearances are we judging rightly?

Then how does one judge something, or know or maybe the word discern could be used here? If we have to SEE it before we can discern it, that isn’t discernment or faith at all. The Holy Spirit is the ONE Who, within us, gives us the information to discern something before we SEE its manifestation, before we take action in a certain situation or before we indulge in a misdeed or make a mistake. He is the Discerner of all things, of all men, of all situations, of all circumstances. Can you believe that? Do you find that hard to believe that Holy Spirit can and will, living within the born again believer , do all that for us? That is a pretty big TICKET!!
But it’s in the BIBLE. The Word of God says just exactly that. Jesus told His disciples in John, “ When the Spirit of Truth (the HOLY SPIRIT) comes, He will guide you into all truth. He will tell you and guide you in the things that are to come, now and in the future. He will take the things that are MINE and disclose and reveal them to you. And because I go away, I am sending the Comforter, the Counselor, Helper , Advocate, Intercessor, Strengthener and Standby to be IN CLOSE FELLOWSHIP WITH YOU. And when He comes He will convict and convince the world about sin and righteousness and about uprightness of heart and upon judgment.” And how does He do all that? Does He appear somewhere and hold a big rally? Does He book an amphitheatre whose marquee reads, Holy Spirit appearing tonight’? HE COULD! But it is Through us! He discloses TRUTHS to us and we are the vessel s of truth to the world, to the unbelievers and to those whom the Holy Spirit is drawing. What a privilege! What an honor to be used by Holy Spirit for GOD’S purposes.
Yes, you might say, “but that was to the disciples, the apostles.” No! That was not only for the Apostles but for all who are ever to come to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. If it says it in the Scriptures then that’s what it means. Lisa Bevere says, “Most people read what they believe rather than believing what they read, in the Bible.” The Holy Spirit can and does discern every fragment of every day life if we will allow Him to SEE for us. It is a positive habit to acquire for all of us believers to “selah” pause and ask the HOLY SPIRIT within us what course of action we should take on any given subject, occasion, test, trial, situation. He is right there, right here with us, within us, every moment. HE KNOWS! He SEES. HE DISCERNS and HE JUDGES situations, circumstances of our lives,…. like Norvel Hayes says, ‘every day, every day, every day.’
We need to believe it and to act on it every moment of our lives. What a comfort that HE knows. What a comfort that He discerns. And what a comfort that HE SEES. And, we shall SEE what HOLY SPIRIT SEES! Is that what you meant, Sister Grandma? J

11 thoughts on ““we shall see what we shall see”

  1. Most interesting phrase. I have never heard it used. Did you hear others use it other than your Mother? Have you heard it recently?

  2. ” Jesus told His disciples in John, “ When the Spirit of Truth (the HOLY SPIRIT) comes, He will guide you into all truth. He will tell you and guide you in the things that are to come, now and in the future. He will take the things that are MINE and disclose and reveal them to you.”

    What a blessing to have this assurance so we are not walking around worried, stressed and out of control.

  3. Yes, it is a great blessing. Rediscovering Holy Spirit’s guidance within us is a THRILLING experience. The phrase, “pray about it” really means, ask the Holy Spirit and then LISTEN and HEED.
    This seems a small example but in Practicing the presence of the Holy Spirit in an all-out campaign to acquire the habit of asking Him EVERYTHING that comes up and then LISTENING, HEARING HIM and HEEDING is my goal. But, anyway, as I stood before the candy machine at school determining if and what I should purchase for a snack I finally chose a package of peanut butter crackers. It wasn’t my favoritie but much better than the candy bars ,etc. that were displayed in the machine. But when I went to put my money in, I got checked in my spirit. REALLY! I hesitated. But then I THOUGHT… Oh that is just a guilt trip being put on me… and my flesh rebelled. I wanted the crackers and I depositied my money, pressed the buttons and the package started its journey down into the bottom of the machine. HOWEVER!!! just before it dropped, it got stuck. It wouldn’t budge. I immediately was “busted”. The Holy Spirit was NOT trying to withhold a snack from me…..silly woman. He was warning me, “not that one” because I would not get my product.
    So I had to confess my sin of not heeding and the attitude that I had that Holy Spirit or the Lord or Father were trying to withhold peanut butter crackers from me. Oh Lord forgive me!!
    This is a long journey into obedience but such a wondrous one, asking, listening, keeping quiet, hearing and finally heeding. But once the good habit is conquered then abiding in the Vine becomes a glorious adventure. And I have only made the first step of the journey.

  4. It is a comfort to know that the Holy Spirit is also called the Helper. Because He does see our needs and what is best, He can help and pray for us.
    “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God’s will. (Romans 8:26-27)

  5. OK, I am guilty of not listening to The Holy Spirit as well MG. I had a lunch from MCDonalds with two teas and they were very very sour and the salad did not taste well. It was all I had for the moment and I was very busy, too busy too listen to The Holy Spirit. I knew not to drink that tea and not to eat that salad. OK, hours later I was very very ill. I sure don’t want to tell the details of my sickness but the Dr.’s office thought it might be food poisoning. I was too busy, HUM! I have missed two full days of appt.s that I had made and waited to go to. I was totally out for two days. OK, I wasted my days but I had to call on my husband to take a day off from his work to help me. Then I had to depend on others for help. OK, why, oh why, did I not listen? Now I have a lot of cleaning up to do. Oh, Why, did I not listen to The Holy Spirit warning me!

  6. Oh what Sara and MG have shared I have been guilty too of not listening to the Holy Spirit. He leads and guides in the smallest of our decisions and in the big decisions too. I think the Holy Spirit sees no difference of the magnitude of the decision. He comforts and addresses each need as it arises. The following is a poem that came as I read and thought of all the times I goofed up by not listening to the HOLY SPIRIT and when I have listened.

    What a comfort and help Holy Spirit you are
    When I listen and heed all goes well
    When I don’t I regret it
    As Holy Spirit you told me
    And I did not heed your word

    Oh if only I had heeded your words
    Whispered in my soul
    I would not be in this pickle of a mess
    Words unheeded
    Snatched time
    Time, time, time
    Snatched by the unheeding of the word
    Whispered in my SOUL

    Oh Holy Spirit
    May I hear and heed Your Word
    Time, Time, Time
    To Spend serving others
    Through Prayer and doing
    God’s time spent wisely
    Not wasted in idle whirlwinds
    of Pickled messes of undheeded words
    of the HOLY SPIRIT

  7. One of the most regretful things I have had to face as a result of not heeding the Holy Spirit has been the recession and the stocks falling. God told me in a vision that I was to take all money out of the market in June. I did not heed the advice and thus have suffered a large loss for me. If only I had heeded the Holy Spirit. If only!

  8. Dear God, Our Heavenly Loving Gracious Father, Without a doubt I know Rena has been forgiven, comforted and sent forth to work in your affairs. Yes, she has missed an opportunity to hear your voice of doing by losing a great and vast opportunity. It took Rena many years and much time and work to come to the money she had so carefully invested for a time like this.

    I pray for Rena and the missed opportunities that she had to reach out to others in the form of finances. Let us be clear with you, she felt as many of us feel, we are just too busy to heed your voice timely. Send others to do what she missed please. And, give her opportunity to do what she can still do with what she has left. As she places it back it your hands in brokenness before You, let your mending healing gracious loving hand use it like the fish and loaves. Yes, fish and loaves work if we just give it all to You and let you use it. Our Lord, there are others of us as well that needs the healing and gift of the fish and loaves ministry. In Your Holy Name, I pray, S

  9. When I was praying this morning I found myself asking Holy Spirit to continue to speak to my heart and I again renewed my promise to stop, look and listen for His voice within my spirit. I wrote these words in my journal…”Heavenly Father, let not listening to the Holy Spirit just be another Christian FAD among modern Christians in the Body of Christ.” That what we have gained in insight here will affect our relationship from this moment forward. That it will not wane or recede but that Your people will heed this fresh revelation of GOD’S empowerment in His own people by His own SPIRIT in our hearts and it will become a new way of living and a new way of life which is the costly provision Christ attained for us on the Cross by the shedding of His precious blood and through His resurrection wherein He sent to us, HOLY SPIRIT for just a time as this.
    We Christians go through phases. Itusually starts with a fresh revelation
    and we all jump on the bandwagon and go full speed ahead for about and

  10. mostly for a month or so. And then comes the waning and the wearying and we go back to our old habits. But Holy Spirit is NOT a fad. He is a PERSON Who lives within our spirits…and when we live by the Spirit we will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.
    We have to practice asking and listening to GOD. It never goes out of style!!

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