I am a doubter when it comes to politicians’ words! But, I feel as a Christian that it is my responsibility to pray for our leaders. It is very difficulty for me to do this when I don’t see or hear much happen from their words. The economy of the American people is in a crisis situation when it comes to the average person but not when it comes to Michelle Obama or her family’s clothes, or lifestyle. I guess it is not stylish for our President and his family to model the lifestyle that one should live when it comes to the economy. And, on the President Elect, Barack, I read more about “will he have to give up his Blackberry or not than how he is going to live out his great promises to the American people?” His big change seems to be that he has been reincarnated as former President Bill Clinton.

I wonder if his lifestyle in the White House will be like that of Bill Clinton? Obviously, he can’t live without Hillary Clinton living in his immediate circle. Secretary of State an option for Hillary? Was this the deal Big O made with her so he could be elected with her support? Would we have Bill following Hillary around the world? Would this be fun for Mrs. Clinton’s husband? Look at the others that Mr. Obama has been talking to for his close circle, where did he find them? These bedfellows are crawling closer and closer together making this bed smaller and smaller. Mr. Obama and the Clintons and their close circle may be good bedfellows for each other and their job security and money packed pockets. But, strange bedfellows for the American people, the voters that have spoken for change.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” (Barack Obama) This quote makes me think we have been reading a cartoon for humor rather than a promise for change. Mr. Obama, where is your change?

As Christians that practice our faith, we do need to pray and understand what we are praying, don’t you think? Are we praying for the perfect cabinet that has been pre-appointed by God for this administration? Or, have we thrown up our hands and said, so be it? Whatever will be will be? We as Americans are in this together, regardless of our vote. This man is to be our President and lead for the good of the American people or so we hope. I think we need to ask The Holy Spirit to remind Michelle she is not there to model clothes but to model motherhood and the other issues she has spoken of. Not to model motherhood for the elite but for Our Nation? Or, is this just a cartoon? Maybe her words were right, something about now she is proud of her country now that Barack, her husband is about to make her First Lady with privileges of the elite! She is a well educated lawyer, therefore, it is hard to excuse her poor choice of words, if that is what they were.

I believe we should pray and speak up and make our voices heard and hope that Barack Obama will make the changes he lead the American people to believe that he would.

I hope the ones that voted for Obama are not and will not have voter’s remorse. And, the ones that didn’t vote for him will be blessed by him.