President Obama or Clinton?

I am a doubter when it comes to politicians’ words! But, I feel as a Christian that it is my responsibility to pray for our leaders. It is very difficulty for me to do this when I don’t see or hear much happen from their words. The economy of the American people is in a crisis situation when it comes to the average person but not when it comes to Michelle Obama or her family’s clothes, or lifestyle. I guess it is not stylish for our President and his family to model the lifestyle that one should live when it comes to the economy. And, on the President Elect, Barack, I read more about “will he have to give up his Blackberry or not than how he is going to live out his great promises to the American people?” His big change seems to be that he has been reincarnated as former President Bill Clinton.

I wonder if his lifestyle in the White House will be like that of Bill Clinton? Obviously, he can’t live without Hillary Clinton living in his immediate circle. Secretary of State an option for Hillary? Was this the deal Big O made with her so he could be elected with her support? Would we have Bill following Hillary around the world? Would this be fun for Mrs. Clinton’s husband? Look at the others that Mr. Obama has been talking to for his close circle, where did he find them? These bedfellows are crawling closer and closer together making this bed smaller and smaller. Mr. Obama and the Clintons and their close circle may be good bedfellows for each other and their job security and money packed pockets. But, strange bedfellows for the American people, the voters that have spoken for change.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” (Barack Obama) This quote makes me think we have been reading a cartoon for humor rather than a promise for change. Mr. Obama, where is your change?

As Christians that practice our faith, we do need to pray and understand what we are praying, don’t you think? Are we praying for the perfect cabinet that has been pre-appointed by God for this administration? Or, have we thrown up our hands and said, so be it? Whatever will be will be? We as Americans are in this together, regardless of our vote. This man is to be our President and lead for the good of the American people or so we hope. I think we need to ask The Holy Spirit to remind Michelle she is not there to model clothes but to model motherhood and the other issues she has spoken of. Not to model motherhood for the elite but for Our Nation? Or, is this just a cartoon? Maybe her words were right, something about now she is proud of her country now that Barack, her husband is about to make her First Lady with privileges of the elite! She is a well educated lawyer, therefore, it is hard to excuse her poor choice of words, if that is what they were.

I believe we should pray and speak up and make our voices heard and hope that Barack Obama will make the changes he lead the American people to believe that he would.

I hope the ones that voted for Obama are not and will not have voter’s remorse. And, the ones that didn’t vote for him will be blessed by him.

30 thoughts on “President Obama or Clinton?

  1. The more things CHANGE, the more they stay the same.” Can the troops come home,now? Of course not. Can robbing the rich to pay the poor work now? I don’t think so. We can pray for our new president-to-be and wish him well and support him in his goodly endeavors, but the government of Jesus Christ will be the one we look to, depend on and the one that will take care of our needs.

  2. “The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.” Ecclesiastes 7:8 President-elect has not had the first opportunity to make the first decision as President. The media is running around dreaming up stories to keep us entertained. Please be patient until he starts governing, and maybe the end will be much better.

    I voted for Obama and although I knew him as a young Senator in Chicago, trust that he can affect change; in a way, he already has by bringing so many who would not have otherwise participated, into the political process. We gave the alternative 8 years. We are in 2 wars, the economy is in ruins, and the last time I checked, government spending and the deficit has grown more under this current administration than any time in history since Roosevelt. It was Bush’s choice, Paulson, that requested the bailout, which truly is “robbing the rich to pay the poor” in a way…if it were true capitalism, we’d let the market take care of the winners and losers.

    This CHANGE is something to at least inspire hope. I am trying to rebuild my faith out of the ruins of cynicism. I hope that we don’t continue to let one political party or the other continue to hijack Christianity. Think about what Jesus would do on certain issues. I want to talk about this. If Jesus were alive, based on his actual words as recalled in the Bible, what would his stance most likely have been on current world affairs? Where would his priorities be?

  3. Sara said:”Are we praying for the perfect cabinet that has been pre-appointed by God for this administration?”
    I believe we should rally around this prayer and pray hard for this and not throw our hands up. Recycling paper and cans may be good but recycling politicians and scratching one another’s backs is not change.
    And when Jesus was on earth he took care of the crowds that had gathered to hear and follow Him. He didn’t just talk, he fed them and healed them. He saw to their needs BEFORE His own. There are Americans without jobs, food, health care and whose savings have been wiped out. Where will they be shopping for an inaugural gown? And with what?

  4. Lord God we have a new administration and we pray that your hand will rest upon this new administration. We pray that the cabinet and staff that surrounds this new presidency will be in line with what you have preordained from heaven. We pray that you will pour out wisdom from heaven upon the Presidency and its cabinet and that all who sit at that table of daily meetings have only one thing in mind and that is the resolution of economic problems of this nation and its people. We pray that jobs will be forthcoming and that people will have food, clothing, and shelter for their families. Lord may your hand be the deciding factor in every move. Lord lead, guide, and direct President Obama and all the incumbent cabinet and staff so things will be better off in four years. May the President in seeing the need of America look up and run the race – a good race. Lord may you lay out the path before him and direct his every move. Amen. May we pray daily – for where does are help come but by Jesus Christ.

  5. I hope that when the election was finally decided that Christian people regardless of who they voted for didn’t forget that our work as praying people just began and didn’t culminate. God says in 2 Chronicles 7:13, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

  6. Obama in his debates with Mcain admitted he was not of the “people”. He said he could afford things they couldn’t, so I think criticizing them on this is not right.

  7. I have been for Sarah Palin and all I heard from the media and around the kitchen table has been about the expense of her clothes, her hair and who powered her face. “Oh, such extravagant expenses for a politician at times like this,” they would say! OK, you are right “waiting to c’ “Obama said, he is not of the people.” I guess from this comment that he is for the people! So please let the Democrats spare no expense for the women of the party and their parties and lifestyles. And, as S.D. says, “The media is running around dreaming up stories to keep us entertained. Please be patient until he starts governing, and maybe the end will be much better.”

    I hope so S.D. but let’s leave Sarah Palins hair, face and children alone as well. She speaks as a Christian, dosen’t she?

    Thanks for this article. I think we need to be able to share our thoughts, feelings and concerns and even our faults. “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that you may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” James 5:16…

  8. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach – Monday, 17 November, 2008″ Opponents of President Bush chart the erosion of his presidency to the war in Iraq, the failure to initially address the Katrina devastation, and the breakdown of the American banking system. All of this may be so, but it is equally likely that the outgoing President did much good for which he is given little credit. Be that as it may, I identify President Bush’s going off message to another event entirely. In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the President’s famous reaction was to encourage the country to go on a shopping spree. “Get down to Disney World in Florida,” he urged just over two weeks after 9/11. “Take your families and enjoy life, the way we want it to be enjoyed.” There are times when a great nation awakens from a materialistic slumber and experiences an urge for spirituality and togetherness. And those are the wrong times to turn their hearts back to shopping malls and the impulse purchase.”

    Rabbi Shmuley has a lot to say about faith in this article. You can read it for yourself.

  9. S.D., I see where you have written, ” I am trying to rebuild my faith out of the ruins of cynicism”. I am currently in a Bible study on the fruits of the spirit, led by Beth Moore. I’d like to encourage you with Beth’s lesson on faith with some words from her study book. “Faith. Many people struggle continually to have more of it. They groan and they strain like a woman in labor. They think: If only I had more faith my prayers could be answered. Have you ever considered the relationship between faith and faithfulness? Faith is not an action; it is a response. If we strive to have faith, we may be miserably disappointed. But if we learn to trust in His faithfulness, we of all persons may be most blessed. Come along on a journey to faithfulness. As we revel in His faithfulness we will grow and develop in our own.” S.D. please let me encourage you, that Our Heavenly Father IS faithful to us. Read with me in the book of Psalm 119: 33-40… “Teach me your decrees, O Lord; I will keep them to the end. Give me understanding and I will obey your instructions; I will put them into practice with all my heart. Make me walk along the path of your commands, for that is where my happiness is found. Give me an eagerness for your laws rather than a love for money: Turn my eyes from worthless things, and give me life through your word. Reassure me of your promise, made to those who fear you. Help me abandon my shameful ways; for your regulations are good. I long to obey your commandments! Renew my life with your goodness.”

  10. I love this verse as quoted by S.D. “The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.” Ecclesiastes 7:8. If not, Solomon in his dark philosophy of trying to find peace apart from God would not have found the answer to life’s struggles. But, he did. He placed the puzzle pieces together for us showing us a hopeful picture in 2:13 “Fear God and obey his commands, for this is everyone’s duty.” And, he says in 7:1-4…and the day you die is better than the day you are born…a wise person thinks a lot about death…”

    This helps us to see that God has extended great patience to us in sending His Son Jesus as salvation for our souls so that our end will be better than our beginning. 2 Peter 3:15 “And remember, the Lord’s patience gives people time to be saved.” I always keep in mind that Our Lord’s patience means salvation.

    I hope we continue to talk openly about this as this subject has many interesting facets to discuss and has the potential to help and unite one another.

    “What would Jesus do on certain issues?” I would like to invite us to read again the blog on “together as one” which gives us clear instructions from God’s word how to begin.

    I hope that as we have differences with Obama’s issues we would discuss them and allow each of us to search, think, pray and hope for the best for all. He is not God and neither are we! I like what Needles has said about faith and faithfulness.

    Dave Z, I read the Rabbi’s article and I think he has some great points. And, one I wanted to make about our leaders having or at least showing some restraints themselves to the people while so many suffer from lose of home, retirements, and no medical insurance, etc. And, “waiting to c” great, thanks for reminding us that President Elect is not of the people and he can afford things many can’t.” But, the fruit of the Spirit of God also involves goodness and kindness and Presidents, and other leaders are not exempt from the fruit of the Spirit if they want to walk in the Spirit.

    Thanks to all for an inspiring interactive blog to make my coffee time so rewarding.

  11. Another thought… Pride is the chief cause of impatience. Patience grows from a combination of faith, hope, love, and self-control. Proverbs 14:29 “He who is slow to wrath has great understanding, but he who is impulsive exalts folly.”

  12. Mr. Obama said he is ‘not OF the people ‘ but obviously he is BY the people , for they (we) have elected him decisively… and Hopefully, he is FOR the people. We shall see what we shall see, as says “waiting to c.”
    Obviously, also, is the fact that Mr. Obama’s victory is NOT a surprise to GOD. God did not wring His Divine hands as He listened to the returns on WTOPNEWS on election night. Evidently HE, GOD, has a plan and a purpose. His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways. In the meantime we pray and do what James 1:19 says; ‘be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger.”

  13. MG, more on Ecclesiastes 7 vs. 14 “Enjoy prosperity while you can, but when hard times strike, realize that both come from God. Remember that nothing is certain in this life.”

  14. Ecclesiastes is a book for all seasons and SEASONED with the Truth of the New Testament. But there is an old adage to add to the wisdom, human though it may be, of Ecclesiastes…..”Remember that nothing is certain in this life” ……..except death and taxes.” However, if we have given our life and love to Jesus Christ and serve Him, dearest and Divine GOD, then death has no sting for us, the grave holds no sorrow and THERE ARE NO TAXES IN HEAVEN!!!!

  15. The more I see, hear and read the more I see former President Bill Clinton being our next President in the reincarnation of Obama. I guess we should have know that Obama had no change or anything new. Ecclesiastes says there is nothing new under the sun. I wonder if Obama really believed he would bring change or did he just mean go back to what he must consider the good old days of the Clintons’. I liked President Clinton but I feel sorry for Obama for having nowhere to turn but to the old when he wanted the new! All seems so strange to me!

  16. I guess talking change was easy but doing change is hard. You have to move outside your comfort zone and that’s not easy.
    I keep thinking about this scripture “And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, he pours new wine into new wineskins.” (Mark 2:22). We may have a mess on our hands.

  17. I suppose if MR. Obama had picked unseasoned, inexperienced poeple for
    positions for his posts and cabinet there would have been a big, FAT ruckus and criticism riased, also.
    For a “take-off” on a famous quote about fooling the people, I would say:

    You can please some of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time… but you can’t please ALL of the people ALL of the time.

    It’s like he’s between a rock and a hard place, but for us Christians, remember, JESUS IS THE ROCK!

  18. I disagree with you MG. I understand that Obama has 70% approval ratings. And, he talked talked talked about change. He had new unseasoned people all around him and it worked. He surely is unseasoned and he is great. I hope he stays great.

    I am beginning to think he is still using his dynamic looks and brilliant brain to use the ‘seasoned’ as you might call them to make him look even greater. Good for him! He sure looks like a beautiful perfect formed flower in a crystal blown vase. When I see Hillary Clinton with him I just think that is how it would be if his beautiful Mother was still living and standing next to him. I think she will be a great Mother figure for him. I feel so sad for Obama that he has neither his Mother or Grandmother to stand beside him at this time. I believe Hillary a great woman with such love to give will love him through hard times.

  19. Having Hillary on his team in a very supportive position will be a boon to him personally as you indicated and to his administration. However, she is experienced and not a newbie, either. Neither is Joe Biden. And experienced Joe Biden didn’t NIX the victory for Mr. Obama either. But we shall see what we shall see.
    He does have his wife Michelle. She will learn much as first lady of our nation. So will we. I pray for their wisdom and safety.

  20. ELECTION, 2008

    Conservatives across the land,
    Determined they would make a stand
    Demanded God to intervene
    And bring to halt Barack’s machine.

    And though Sweet Sarah and McCain,
    Gave every effort, all in vain
    God turned his head and looked away
    McCain must wait another day

    I wonder why God chose Barack?
    I think perhaps just like as not,
    McCain’s campaign just made him sick?
    At every lie and dirty trick.

    Did God decide to cut’em loose?
    When Sarah Palin shot the moose?
    Or was it when Ole Plumber Joe
    Decided he’d come on the show?

    Or could the reason simply be
    That Jesus loves both you and me
    And simply thought we’d had enough
    And put an end to all this stuff…

    God chose a man with education,
    With character, and dedication.
    A man who’ll quiet all our fears

    William R. Waterman Sr.…. November 4th. 2008

  21. Great, MJ. Thanks for the ‘opinion poem.’ Now we pray that the next four or eight years with Mr. Obama will fulfill God’s purpose for the outcome of “ELECTION 2008”

  22. I was born in 1934 during the Roosevelt administration. Those were extremely difficult times, though I remember very little about them. Then along came Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and now Obama. That’s thirteen presidents. All thirteen assumed office with the promise of a better life for all Americans. However, my interpretation of “all Americans” really meant my family and me. And I, like so many others, waited for each President to take steps to ensure that my tomorrow was better than my yesterday. I waited and waited. Through one Presidency and then the following. I have now waited over 70 years. It took me 70 years to figure out something very simple. Any President is but a symbol. Sure, he will do some things here and there that may have an effect on my life. But no President has ever lived up to the billing of “Savior” as so many campaign ads have promised. So many times we expect the next President to be the next great savior or devil. When in reality there is but one Savior. I only need one Bailout Plan. The best Bailout Plan that I have found is in a Book that lays on my dresser. The Bailout Plan in this Book has not put one dime in my pocket. This Bailout Plan won’t buy me a Mercedes or help out my 401k. But I would ask each person reading this to please remember that, life is not as complicated as all those complex financial securities that we hear about on the news. Each and every one of us have within our grasp the best Bailout Plan ever devised. It’s found in a Book that many of us already know well. “Our Bible” Please remember something that so many folks seem to have forgotten over the last 8 years, that we are instructed to not worship false idols. An idol is merely a symbol. Do not worship an idol whether it is a golden calf or a President of the United States. You have already been bailed out and it happened 2,000 years ago. Go to bed tonight and lay your weary head down with the knowledge that your Savior in Chief has already saved you.

    William R. Waterman, Sr.
    November 23, 2008

  23. Amen, MJ! There is only one “bail-out” plan. I like that phrase. You’re right. That plan went into effect 2000 years ago but it is really a plan that was devised before the beginning of time…ancient, ancient, ancient…yet more modern that 2009.
    When we get on that PLAN and Stay on that Plan our future is not only bright….it is Spectacular
    Thanks for your insight.

  24. MJ and Mr. Waterman, very in depth thoughtful comments. And, it is sobering to know that it comes from ones that has lived through so many changes in the world. Thanks.

    But, I must say that I got a chuckle from this ‘verse in prose’? I thought “sell this to Saturday Night Live.” The money could send many Bibles to many places that have not one and may just need this wise old friend right by their side.

    “Did God decide to cut’em loose?
    When Sarah Palin shot the moose?
    Or was it when Ole Plumber Joe
    Decided he’d come on the show?”

  25. Your right, MJ, God is our “bailout plan”. I believe the devil wants all this economic stuff to create “fear”, in the American people. Well, God’s Word tells us: “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind”. Thank you, MJ, for reminding us that God’s Word is full of promises for us!

  26. Your blog and statements like “His big change seems to be that he has been reincarnated as former President Bill Clinton” play out in the newspapers more each day.

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