Making your own cornucopia arrangement from fruits, greens and flowers is a wonderful expression of thanksgiving to the Lord for all His abundance, blessings and provisions. You can make one with a wicker, glass, ceramic or metal cornucopia. If you don’t want to obtain floral products from a florist, you can use many things you have growing in your own yard. After selecting your cornucopia you’ll want to find a plastic, waterproof container that will fit inside to hold floral foam. I found a container that my take-out soup had come in. Soak the instant floral foam (you can purchase it a craft store) until saturated. Cut to fit the container with approx 1” above the top. Insert the container into cornucopia and tape securely with waterproof floral tape. Now have fun collecting your greens, fruits and flowers. Green your container first. I used Japanese Mock Orange (Pittosporum tobira) as the main greenery, which is an evergreen shrub in zones 8-11.

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In addition, I used seeded eucalyptus for its beautiful seeds and fragrance. Next I added small sugar pears by inserting a wooden floral pick into one end and picking the other end into the foam. You could substitute a small wooden stick that you taper the end with a knife. I secured grape clusters with a wooden pick and floral wire and inserted into the foam. Then I ‘picked’ cranberries and individual grapes with a heavy gauge floral wire, making sure the design looks balanced and in proportion. You could probably use toothpicks for your fruits also. Lastly I used hypericum (St Johns’ Wort) berries. You can grow your own St Johns’ Wort. Hypericum androsaemum ‘Golden Tutsan’ is a beautiful variety with yellow green foliage, yellow flowers and red berries in fall for zones 6-9. Finish the arrangement off with a light spray of plant shine and keep the foam hydrated for freshness.

Instead of the materials I used you may want to substitute boxwood, rhododendron, magnolia leaves, pieris or other evergreen leaves for the greenery. Holly, nandina or mahonia berries could replace the hypericum. And other fruits and or nuts could be used instead of the pears and cranberries. Go shopping in your yard or woods and see what other creative ideas you can find to give God thanks for.