How many times have we come up short with what we are told by God to do. It seems sometimes we don’t understand or don’t want to understand our horrible flaw of disobedience. I sometimes think that God needs to hit me over the head to show me what it is like for him to deal with a child who wants to do it their way. I had a student this week who was to write her own lines after doing some research on the products of a region of Virginia. After showing her a site where all she had to do was copy the products I thought all was said and done.

When she got up to recite her lines they were not the ones suggested to her at all. They didn’t even cover the same subject of products. She felt that from her way of thinking they should be quite different and not the products at all. As a teacher I was distraught, but again helped her with the products. I wonder how God feels when we from our perspective think something would be best done or said in a different way. God, King of Kings and Lord of Heaven and Earth, how could we disappoint You. You must be terribly distraught with us shaking your head in disbelieve that we once again chose our way instead the KING’s WAY.

Why do we feel we have to do it my way or no way?