As I have journeyed on this earth, my heart has been retched by numerous things. One of those things is a young child who has lost one of their parents at a very young age. You can see the deep hurt in them. They seem to stand strong, but it’s still there. I have known two such children recently. One not wanting anyone to know the loss they had just suffered – a loss – an open wound. Both children now wanting to please and protect the other parent. They want to make good grades and not displease in any way.

I’ve seen the panic of a child when a parent was delayed in picking them up. A fear lurks that maybe the other parent will die young too. I’ve seen a deep concern and tear rimmed eyes of the parent who is left behind. Both child and adult grieving, both seemingly standing strong.

Or perhaps one parent went through an event that that almost took their life. The child is afraid if they do something that it might just take the life of the parent the next time. The child lives with the thought – did I cause it the first time. I sure don’t want to cause it again. What a heavy burden for such little ones. When I was growing up this was the one I faced. My father had a heart attack at a young age. All our lives my sister and my brother were so afraid if we upset him he would have another one.

Whether loss or near loss of life, both cases suffer a hurt. I pray the Lord’s hand will lead and guide lives of those who have suffered death of a parent or near death of a parent at a young age. (At this season in history many families of American soldiers who served and died are dealing with this pain.) Lord, may out of the ashes in their lives evolve a man or woman with a compassion and wisdom for others. May the scar that marked their lives, be used to turn people to the way of healing and hope, which can only be found in Jesus. Lord Jesus embrace each family and carry them through this valley in their lives.
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