The Giving Season of Christmas is now full-blown upon us. For Christians, true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, the
meaning of Christmas which lives in our hearts all year long has an opporutunity be shared by reaching out to the poor and needy, which the Church has always tried to do, down the ages of history. But more than that; to reach out to the lost and perishing. For there is something about Christmas where it seems God prepares hearts to be drawn to His Son Jesus Christ. There’s something about the humbleness of the Christ Child that ministers to hardened hearts more than at any other time of the year. We, in the church have always heard this. And in my life it happened that way for it was during the season of Christmas that I received The Lord Jesus Christ into my own heart.

I found a poem by Edwin Markham, an American poet, who wrote,
“He drew a circle and shut me out, a rebel, a thing to flout.
But love and I had the wit to win. We drew a circle that took him in”
I considered the above for a while and thought how God had drawn me into a covenant with Himself. For, I had drawn a circle and shut Him out. I was a rebel, a thing to flout. But God with His love and the wit to win, drew a circle and TOOK ME IN. Oh How I praise Him for this great circle of Love, His ‘Drawing” of Love.
This season I want to be like Jesus. Let us draw a circle around those who need the Lord Jesus Christ so desperately,who are crying out and yearning to be delivered from their destructive ways. Can we draw a circle of love, like in the Lion King and draw them into that circle?
The circle of Love Foundation suggests (paraphrased) , ‘Every person has a heart, Every heart has a place within, that wants only to love and be loved (that God-shaped vacuum within the heart of man). Let us connect, make a connection and communication with that place of love in each heart with our hearts and with the hearts all around us.’
Let’s not just give the illusion of love and the delusion of love, this Christmas, but a CIRCLE OF LOVE and draw their hearts into Jesus Christ for a really, truly MERRY CHRISTMAS.