I have been literally enthralled and transported to another era and glory of merry Old England as I listened to Charles Dickens, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, a brilliant Christmas gift given by Jon M.
As I listened to this book-on-cd, I was lost in the narration and found myself at school without noticing the anguish and challenging byllyishness (if there is such a word) of traffic. What a way to “go”!
Many know the story of the peevish Scrooge and his tight-fistedness, the appearance of four apparitions which showed him his past, present and the future outcome of his stinginess and cold heartedness. Ultimately, he humbled himself before his accusers and changed his life to the good. It has a wonderful finale and I laughed and cried along with old Scrooge.

I think the greatest lesson I learned from the old man and from Dicken’s brilliant dissertation was: Learn to love admonition, counsel, reproof. Love your rebukers, those who have wisdom to teach, admonish and chastise when we have gone a dangerous way. The Word of God does that!

The Scripture in James says, Let the brother in humble circumstances glory in his elevation as a Christian, AND the RICH PERSON, in being humbled by being shown his human frailty…because like the flower of grass, he will pass away. Even so, the rich man withers and dies in the midst of his pursuits”

This was a most enlightening and engaging listening experience!