I was given The Velveteen Rabbit as a Christmas gift by Jon M. I hope you enjoy the summary below. It is a story warm and dear to my heart as my own two boys each had their own special stuffed animals they made real.

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams is about a velvet rabbit who was found in the Christmas stocking of little boy. He was brand new with real thread whiskers and a soft body filled out just the way brand new bunnies look. For a while he seemed to be forgotten and thrown in the toy room with lots of other toys. There he met a skin horse who was old and wise. He asked the Skin Horse, “What is real?” Skin horse said that it wasn’t a matter of how you were made but a thing that happens to you. Skin Horse explained that when you are real you don’t mind being hurt and that it takes a long time. You lose your fur from being hugged too much, your eyes drop out, and your joints become loose and shabbiness occurs. You are not ugly to the one who loves you, only to the ones who don’t understand.

The bunny gets his chance to be real. He becomes the boy’s sleeping buddy and goes from one adventure to the other. He was hugged, tugged, and dragged along. One day he saw some very real bunnies and wished he could be like them but he wasn’t. Right after this the little boy got scarlet fever. He was very sick. The bunny spoke encouraging words to the boy – plans that would come to life when the boy was well. Finally the boy recovered and all items in that room were gathered and burned, including the Velveteen Bunny due to the Scarlet Fever germs.

The bunny lay in the bag knowing his life was over and memories of times spent with the little boy sprang up in his mind and a real tear rolled down his cheek. Where the tear fell a flower suddenly sprung up and out of it a fairy arose. The fairy carried him to a place where he would be real. His first life he was real to the boy and his second life real to everyone