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  1. I am currently listening to a dramatic Christian novel on cd. The story tells of ‘good Christian church people” Out on a congregational church excursion which ends in horraible tragedy at sea and what happens to them at the judgment seat of Christ. It is chilling….well much more than chilling…frightening, horrifying, as Jesus the Christ commands the books to be opened and the deeds of each life to be played, like a video, before all of heaven.
    The reason I have posted this here is because although each character in this story was a regular, active church member, doing good deeds externally, Jesus had to reject them…(many scenarios for each playing out)….good deeds but a gossiper; good deeds but adulterous thoughts and actions;…good works but underhanded financial negotiations…… Yes! Jesus rejected these Pillars of the church becauase He says in this dramatic presentation….”YOUR HEARTS ARE NOT RIGHT. YOU HAVE NOT TRUSTED IN ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART” He tells them that if they had repented from their hearts (where He should have been dwelling) He would have forgiven them by the shed blood of His Cross. But, HE says,
    “Your HEARTS are Far from ME” You trusted only in your works. Sara writes above concerning our trusting in His holy Name….
    If our hearts do not rejoice in GOD our Saviour and trust Him by confessing and repenting and turning from our wicked ways, and obeying the Scriptures, then there is ,as Hebrews 10 says,’There is nothing left for us, then, but a kind of awful and fearful prospect and expectation of divine judgment and the fury of burning wrath and indignation which will consume those who put themselves in opposition to God.” In the story you could hear the screams, recrimination and accusations of the condemned against our Savior as they were cast from Him.
    Wake up, O Church. God is not mocked. What we sow…we will surely reap.

  2. Oh! I meant to include one of the excuses that the church members who were cast out before the Lord cried out to Him….
    “But I just wanted to be happy”
    “David committed adultery”
    I wasn’t really gossiping, I was just sharing with my church friends about other someone else’s problems so we could pray for them”

    The Lord God, in the story, did not BUY any of those excuses but spoke out to them what the Word of God says about each one.
    In each case HE revealed the intention of the HEART.

  3. trust: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something

    To trust in His Holy name is to believe what He says in His word is true and we show our belief through obedience and submission to this. The blessing of this is true joy. Thanks for the healthy heart memory verses.

  4. MG, this novel “Rescued” by John Bevere sounds like.”there is Heaven, and there is Hell. There is Jesus Christ, and there is Satan.”

    Our Memory Verse Psalm 33:21 and surrounding verses gives us a look into why we can REJOICE in God:
    Psalm 33:5-24 (The Message)
    4-5 For God’s Word is solid to the core;
    everything he makes is sound inside and out.
    He loves it when everything fits,
    when his world is in plumb-line true.
    Earth is drenched
    in God’s affectionate satisfaction.

    6-7 The skies were made by God’s command;
    he breathed the word and the stars popped out.
    He scooped Sea into his jug,
    put Ocean in his keg.

    8-9 Earth-creatures, bow before God;
    world-dwellers—down on your knees!
    Here’s why: he spoke and there it was,
    in place the moment he said so.

    10-12 God takes the wind out of Babel pretense,
    he shoots down the world’s power-schemes.
    God’s plan for the world stands up,
    all his designs are made to last.
    Blessed is the country with God for God;
    blessed are the people he’s put in his will.

    13-15 From high in the skies God looks around,
    he sees all Adam’s brood.
    From where he sits
    he overlooks all us earth-dwellers.
    He has shaped each person in turn;
    now he watches everything we do.

    16-17 No king succeeds with a big army alone,
    no warrior wins by brute strength.
    Horsepower is not the answer;
    no one gets by on muscle alone.

    18-19 Watch this: God’s eye is on those who respect him,
    the ones who are looking for his love.
    He’s ready to come to their rescue in bad times;
    in lean times he keeps body and soul together.

    20-22 We’re depending on God;
    he’s everything we need.
    What’s more, our hearts brim with joy
    since we’ve taken for our own his holy name.
    Love us, God, with all you’ve got—
    that’s what we’re depending on.

  5. In the novel, the main character, a pastor of a church in the story, had an out-of -body experience. In the next scene he was at the judgment seat where Christ commanded him to depart from HIS sight because even though he pastored a large church, his heart was far from God. He was guilty of preaching a “social Gospel” and “greasy grace” and not bringing his sheep into accountability for their tepid living. It was a most horrendous scene. It was perpetual torture, for all eternity, burning and bruising and battering to infinity.
    In the story the pastor cried out, “but Lord I prophesied in Your name and did many healings in the church.”But Jesus replied openly and publicly before Heaven… (Matt 7:23)..’I never knew you. Depart from Me you who act wickedly and disregard My Commands.”
    Yes, Sara, as you often preach and teach from the SCRIPTURES:
    There is a Heaven to gain and a hell to shun, for sure.
    This story sent me running to my Bible ,again and setting myself before the Lord to check out my heart in all the trickly little places unforgiveness, jealousy, and pride hide. Ps. 33 says it well. OF COURSE. THE WORD ALWAYS SAYS IT WELL.
    We all need a heart check-up. It is not worth it. Just wanting to be “happy” in the material world and thus living carelessly doesn’t cut it with the Lord.
    Anyway, there’s no true happiness (joy) apart from the the Lord.

  6. MG your comment ‘Just wanting to be “happy” in the material world and thus living carelessly doesn’t cut it with the Lord.’ reminds me of a chorus that goes something like this and is based on Psalm 144:15…’happy, happy is the people whose God is the Lord; happy, happy is the people whose God is the Lord! Early will I seek His face, praise Him ’til the end of days…’ .
    You are right. If we live for other gods (whatever they may be)and and do not make our God the Lord Jesus, we won’t ever be truly happy.

  7. This week as we prayed for a woman with a tumor, she expressed that she trusted in the Lord Jesus whom we lifted her up to to receive healing of a tumor. We prayed jointly and wrapped her in our arms as we prayed for her before she went to the hospital. She was joyous and expecting as she went. They placed her upon the table to look at the grapefruit sized tumor more carefully. Upon inspection of the area the doctor said, I can’t believe it. I don’t understand it. The tumor is gone. The woman said, I understand, it was Jesus who did it. Trust – she did. She got into her car and rejoicing loudly she told everyone what Jesus had done. Amen!

  8. That is a magnificent testimony. Thank you for sharing that with us.
    It recalls an incident a couple of weeks ago when a friend asked for prayer for her daughter in the hospital with the possibility that the cancer had returned. We prayed in one accord for her in our ministry and I received the good news the other day that it was NOT cancer. Thank God for His mercy and healing.

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