Part V Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

What Alice finds on top of the mushroom was a blue caterpillar who appears to be very comfortable with who he is and whose questions make Alice feel very uncertain as to who she is. His penetrating question, ‘Who are you?’ is one she can’t quite answer. She has changed sizes so many times since this morning and her memory isn’t working too well either. (Now in my imagination, it seems like Alice’s not knowing who she is, yet having a plan to become her true size again and get into that beautiful garden is allegorical. For don’t we all desire to be our authentic self in the Garden of the Lord? I think of Jeremiah 31:12: “And their life will be like a watered garden.”)

Though Alice finds her changing ‘confusing’ and ‘queer’ and assumes the caterpillar would feel the same about changing into a chrysalis or a butterfly, he says he would not! Alice becomes irritated and the caterpillar’s advice to her is ‘Keep your temper’. (We are reminded again in this story about the virtue of self-control related to anger.)
After more discussion and questioning about changing and Alice’s desire to be a different size, the caterpillar climbs off the mushroom and leaves her with some information about it. He tells her that one side will make her taller and the other side will make her grow shorter.
She breaks some off and the effects of sampling from both sides lead to quite an adventure with a pigeon who is convinced she is a serpent because of her long neck. (When we stick our necks out and give opinions or advice that someone may not like, do they view us as a serpent?)
The pigeon eventually departs and Alice nibbles on mushroom pieces until she is back to her right size. Now half her plan is complete and she has only to figure out how to get into that beautiful garden. She comes upon a little house and doesn’t want to meet the residents at her present size…so…you guessed it…. she eats again. Now whose house is it? And can she still get into that garden?


Published by Debi

I live in Leesburg, Virginia where I teach high school students in the Agriculture Department. Additionaly, I am self-employed as a horticultural consultant and landscape designer. "Beefriend the Bees!" and "Neither Here Nor There" are children's books I wrote and illustrated available from Amazon ( Chaves&x=12&y=25. Other interests include singing and playing my guitar (also have a CD for sale on Amazon called "Gardening Therapy"); walking my American Bulldog, Cloud and Olde English Bulldogge, Sky; staying active in my local church, and blogging on the

5 thoughts on “Part V Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

  1. Gee, I thought to ‘stick your neck out’ for others was good, very good. Is that what Alice’s long neck meant? People might think we are serpents because we helped!

    Reads to me like Alice needs to adjust how she thinks of herself. She should not be too big for her britches or too small to say nothing of. Either way renders her unusable.

  2. I guess if you “stick your neck out” to help someone that would be a good thing, as Sara implies. However, remember your NOSE is just above your neck and maybe THAT’S the part that gets us in trouble IF WE STICK OUR NOSES into someone else’s business like the serpent did with EVE. Just conjecture.

  3. “Though Alice finds her changing ‘confusing’ and ‘queer’ and assumes the caterpillar would feel the same about changing into a chrysalis or a butterfly, he says he would not!” Oh, if we could all be like the caterpillar, and realize that whatever “metamorphosis,” we have to “endure” or “go through,” is God’s perfect plan to make us what He wants us to be. This reminds me of a song we sang, when I was a child. (I don’t know the title or the author)
    Sing with me:
    He’s still working on me,
    to make me what I ought to be.
    It took Him just a week to make
    the moon and stars, the sun and
    Earth and Jupiter and Mars. How loving
    and patient, He must be. He’s still working on me.

  4. Great song Needles! The moon, stars, sun, earth and jupiter must have been cooperative, yielded clay in the Potter’s hands….and not a grumble or complaint. They just shine and/or reflect His Glory in the night sky.
    The caterpillar must have been able to accept different seasons in life also…from confined cocoon to not venturing far from that mushroom in the spring then the prospect of the freedom of flying to pretty flowers in the summer collecting nectar….and a cycle of change begins again.

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