Part VI Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

At the end of Alice’s last adventure, she has arrived at a house but doesn’t know whose it is. Now in this adventure she sees a fish livery footman arriving at the door and a frog footman answering the door. Their discourse gives an indication as to whom the house belongs to as the fish footman announces an invitation for the duchess to come play croquet with the queen. Alice wants to go inside but doesn’t know how and as the frog isn’t much help, Alice simply opens the door and goes in. There she finds the duchess nursing a baby and a cook hurling pots, pans and plates while making a highly peppered soup that causes the poor baby to howl and sneeze. The duchess is shaking the baby violently while singing a lullaby about the pepper and eventually tosses the baby to Alice to nurse while she gets ready to play croquet. Alice finds this baby rather queer shaped and sees that it is turning into a pig. She wants nothing more to do with the pig. (Would you, if someone’s behavior turns pig-like?) The pig grunts violently, she sets it down and then watches it trot off into the woods.

The other interesting character Alice meets while at the duchess’s house is the Cheshire Cat. As Alice is leaving the house she sees it up in a tree. This cat can appear and then vanish quickly or slowly leaving only a grin until finally it is gone altogether. Although this is very disconcerting to Alice, she still seeks the cat’s advice to find out where she should go. Responding to the cat’s question of where would she like to go, she says that it doesn’t really matter. So the cat answers,‘then it doesn’t matter which way you walk’. (The mind of man plans His way and the Lord directs his steps…but if we don’t plan can He direct?)
She follows up by saying she wants to go somewhere and the cat assures her she will do that if she only walks long enough. Alice wants to find out whom to visit next. The cat directs her to either the Hatter’s house or the March Hare and tells her they’re all mad. Alice says she doesn’t want to ‘go among mad people’. And the cat responds by saying we’re all mad here, even Alice and she wants to know how the cat knows that! The cat decidedly tells her that she wouldn’t have come here unless she was mad. And they have a discussion about the requirements of being mad. (Now, I would have to agree that after reading about the cook, duchess, baby and cat that it all seems mad to me. But then, what is mad? What is norm? Jesus was accused of being raving mad. John 10:19-20 says: “…At these words the Jews were again divided. Many of them said, “He is demon-possessed and raving mad. Why listen to him?”)
Alice chooses to visit the March Hare because she’s seen hatters before and hopes that because it’s May the Hare won’t be raving mad. She heads off and finds a large house with rabbit ear chimneys and a fur roof. Will she find a raving mad March Hare here after all?


Published by Debi

I live in Leesburg, Virginia where I teach high school students in the Agriculture Department. Additionaly, I am self-employed as a horticultural consultant and landscape designer. "Beefriend the Bees!" and "Neither Here Nor There" are children's books I wrote and illustrated available from Amazon ( Chaves&x=12&y=25. Other interests include singing and playing my guitar (also have a CD for sale on Amazon called "Gardening Therapy"); walking my American Bulldog, Cloud and Olde English Bulldogge, Sky; staying active in my local church, and blogging on the

8 thoughts on “Part VI Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

  1. Sounds like Alice should run from all madness. I will be happy in this story when she gets out of this hole and back home. Maybe she will not wonder off in her silly mind again. I think we will remember Alice’s comment” that she has often seen a cat without a grin but never a grin without a cat.”

  2. The fact is that they accused Jesus of being ‘raving mad” because they couldn’t discern His teachings, or better yet, would not discern them. Jesus told His disciples, it they persecute Me they will persecute you. That came true when shortly thereafter Paul stood before King Agrippa and Festus delivering his defense of the Gospel. When he had finished Festus cried out in a loud voice before all the people, “Paul, you are mad!
    Much learning has made you insane!” (Acts 26).
    Like Master, like disciple.

  3. The ‘grin without the cat’ makes me think of people who might have a friendly smile on their faces (to deceive) but there’s no substance behind it.

  4. Sara’s comment that Alice should run from all madness made me think of a godly man, Joseph, who did run out of the house from Potiphar’s wife, refusing to be enticed by her and her madness. God honored Joseph, promoting him in Pharoah’s kingdom to deliver his family, the tribes of Israel, from famine.

  5. The Purpose of Proverbs (NLT !: 2 Their purpose is to teach people wisdom and discipline, to help them understand the insights of the wise. 3 Their purpose is to teach people to live disciplined and successful lives, to help them do what is right, just, and fair. 4 These proverbs will give insight to the simple, knowledge and discernment to the young.

    Wisdom Shouts in the Streets:
    1: 20 Wisdom shouts in the streets.
    She cries out in the public square.
    21 She calls to the crowds along the main street,
    to those gathered in front of the city gate:
    22 “How long, you simpletons,
    will you insist on being simpleminded?
    How long will you mockers relish your mocking?
    How long will you fools hate knowledge?
    23 Come and listen to my counsel.
    I’ll share my heart with you
    and make you wise.
    24 “I called you so often, but you wouldn’t come.
    I reached out to you, but you paid no attention.

  6. Speaking of “unwisdom” or foolishness. I just heard in the news that we should legalize marijuana because lot of Americans smoke it so why not just legalize it. After all we have legalized alcohol so why not marijuana. What could it hurt? We have legalized abortion. What could it hurt?
    Sounds like the mockers who relish their mocking.

  7. MG, The word said ask for wisdom and God will give. I believe we can ask for wisdom for our Nation and God will give. Let us unite and ask God for wisdom on this issue for the sake of all and especially our young children.

  8. I agree with Sara….”run from madness”….maybe Alice needs to forget looking for the Hare’s house and just look for her way home?!?!!?!?!?!?

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