Quote for our day

“What God gives in answer to our prayers will always be the thing we most urgently need, and it will always be sufficient.”
Elizabeth Elliot

If you have never read the life story of Elizabeth and Jim Elliot I would like to recommend for a great read and study.

6 thoughts on “Quote for our day

  1. I am so thrilled that as Christians we have such confidence that we have a Father that hears our prayers and even as Needles says may not be what ‘we wanted to hear.’ But, we can know it is what we need to hear.

    Billy Graham is still ‘declaring that God is opening doors around the world for the message of eternal hope through Jesus Christ. Pray that people will hear and respond.’ What a privilege to work with world evangelists around the world through the word of prayer and know that many will respond to the Hope of Jesus Christ.

  2. It is good to know God has a priority list when it comes to our prayers and that His ‘Urgent Care’ is at the top of His list.
    And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:19


  3. Amen! Knowing God’s answer is sufficient and having read Billy Graham’s newsletter of March of this year and quoted here, I would pray, (Lord) “We need another great awakening, a fresh revival that puts us on our knees, brings us to repentance for our sins, and turns our hearts back again to worship and obey God. (Lord) There is no other way for America to be great again.” Lord as Billy Graham has asked, “Lord we lift up our leaders of this country, this USA and we would ask that they listen to your voice and move in what your Holy Spirit is speaking to them. We would pray that the gospel of the Lord Jesus touch many lives and the WORD will shed light into the lives of many bringing life across this land. Amen

  4. Tammy is right. It may not be WHAT we want to hear, AND it may come through a vessel we are not particularly excited about hearing from. The Lord knows whom to employ to bring His messages to those He is admonishing and correcting. “Whom I love, I correct and discipline, says the Lord.”
    Frank Sinatra had nothing on God. Frankie may have done it ‘his way” but he’s long gone. Our God does it and has been doing it and will continue to do it HIS WAY because, it’s the ONLY way.

  5. In Exodus when God’s people cried for food He gave them the bread of Heaven. It was just what they needed and it was perfectly sufficient. Rather than be grateful for meeting their needs perfectly, they were not satisfied and complained about God’s provision.
    What a contrast to Elizabeth Elliott’s attitude of God’s sufficiency. Her trusting attitude reminds me of Psalm 145:15, “The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food at the proper time. ” I think she understood the true meaning of the daily bread that Jesus prayed for and taught us to pray …”give us this day our daily bread”.

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