We have a dream to touch children of every nationality for Christmas, 2009 through the Samaritan Purse/Operation Christmas Box. It will take many hands to pull this off. We need people to wrap shoeboxes with Christmas Paper. We need people to go out and buy items for girls and boys 2-4 year olds, 5-9 year olds, and 10-14 year olds. Go on line to check the list of things you could buy and tuck in each box, watch the video and be inspired. You can give money directly on the Samaritan Purse site to fund the box project coming from CCI. It takes $7 a box to mail to a child somewhere in the world. What a wonderful thing to touch a child who probably would get nothing at Christmas. Write a note and tuck inside and become a pen pal to someone who is touched by your gift. Become involved. Join us at Christ Church Int’l/thedailyliies in being a small part in this massive outreach by the Samaritan’s Purse.

We would also like to make dolls to be tucked into as many boxes as possible. We need cotton muslin material, and volunteers to tea dye the muslin. Also, printed cotton fabric, pink and green felt, bags of fiber fill, beige thread, black and red embroidery thread, black, red, and yellow yarn to make the doll come alive for a child. If you can sew let us know. The clock is ticking and November 16-23 (collection dates) is closer than what you think. Begin today by praying for the children receiving the boxes. Begin today by becoming involved. We need your help.