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We have a dream to touch children of every nationality for Christmas, 2009 through the Samaritan Purse/Operation Christmas Box. It will take many hands to pull this off. We need people to wrap shoeboxes with Christmas Paper. We need people to go out and buy items for girls and boys 2-4 year olds, 5-9 year olds, and 10-14 year olds. Go on line to check the list of things you could buy and tuck in each box, watch the video and be inspired. You can give money directly on the Samaritan Purse site to fund the box project coming from CCI. It takes $7 a box to mail to a child somewhere in the world. What a wonderful thing to touch a child who probably would get nothing at Christmas. Write a note and tuck inside and become a pen pal to someone who is touched by your gift. Become involved. Join us at Christ Church Int’l/thedailyliies in being a small part in this massive outreach by the Samaritan’s Purse.

We would also like to make dolls to be tucked into as many boxes as possible. We need cotton muslin material, and volunteers to tea dye the muslin. Also, printed cotton fabric, pink and green felt, bags of fiber fill, beige thread, black and red embroidery thread, black, red, and yellow yarn to make the doll come alive for a child. If you can sew let us know. The clock is ticking and November 16-23 (collection dates) is closer than what you think. Begin today by praying for the children receiving the boxes. Begin today by becoming involved. We need your help.

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I am a novice writer and painter who loves to be creative. I love singing but can't sing without a hymnal, except for children's songs. I love to make up my own songs and love the old hymns. I love to garden and got that love from my Mom and Dad who taught be everything I know from planting to harvesting to canning. I'm happy gardening, walking with my pug, JD Sir Winston Churchill, painting, and crafting. I love to spend Saturday's sitting in my rocker going through a bible study. I love working with elementary school aged children and seeing them use their creative gifts. I have taught Sunday school for a number of years and taught in the public schools for 18 years. I might say I'm retired but I spend most of my time subbing and enjoy it immensely. The kids spark my own creativeness.

22 thoughts on “Samaritan Purse volunteers

  1. Rena, I am excited about the boxes for the children.
    How much cotton muslin material will be needed? How much ink and green felt and printed cotton fabric? I don’t sew, sorry. But, I could buy and furnish some supplies and would love to.

  2. In the fabric stores they sale the felt in squares. It would take one pink square and to make the hat and one green which would make 8 leaves. We will need about 1/2 yard muslin, 1/4 yard of one type of printed fabric (shirt) and 1/4 yard of printed fabric for the pants or skirt. These measurements are for one doll.

  3. This is an amazing project. It has captured the imagination of many and inspired zealous deeds and works in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to reach out to the impoverished, the needy, the neglected and the children….oh the children! Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto ME and forbid them not.” May the love of many blaze boldly as we ingather the treasures and the bounty to make these glorious boxes for these little ones who have nothing of this world’s treasure. May the love that is jam-packed into these boxes along with the WORD of God and prayers bring these children and their families into the saving Knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and the family of GOD.

  4. I plan to give to this project in as many ways as possible with donations and contributions so that many more than ever was dreamed of may receive these blessings and a box of hope and joy.

  5. The craftsmanship and the skill and talent of those working in this sewing project is awesome. But, like Sara, I do not sew and I thought Rena was speaking a different language when she itemized the needs. But I can sure go to a fabric store with my list and they will decipher it for me. Then I will have goods to give while the craftsmen and craftswomen create these precious dolls for the living dolls..all over the world

  6. Rena, this is an awesome project. There are so many children that need so much. We should all jump at an opportunity such as this to bring joy to a child. Thank you for sharing this information, Rena. May God Bless every child and every adult who is willing to help these children.

  7. This is a wonderful way to make a difference in a life through helping and giving. You don’t have to make a trip in a plane, train or boat to reach out and touch and bring hope and comfort and joy. It is so blessed to be able to give and/or do. And the videos are so inspirational to watch.

  8. Yes, I watched the video and it brings tears to my eyes, to just see the look on those precious children’s faces, as they are given their little shoe box, of gifts. My two boys were just recently blessed with a gift of baseball shoes, and they plan to fill these boxes, to bless another child. I am so thankful to be a part of the dailylily, and blessed that my children and I can participate in giving to others, and knowing that these precious little ones, will be given the gospel of Jesus Christ, along with the box of toys/gifts.

  9. And I’d like to add, that I have agreed to collect some shoeboxes and wrap them in Christmas paper, in preparation for the “Christmas in July” for children around the world, as part of the fourth annual retreat.

    I have been asked to make my “famous” banana pudding that has in the past, been loved at the retreat. I am delighted to do that and add to food, driving, and being a helper to Sara: teaching, music, and other areas that I am asked to do. I always look forward to the planning stages, which we are in now, and being a vital part of the retreat.

  10. Needles, that is exciting that you are being such a vital part of annual retreat but even more fascinating that you will be bringing your BANANA PUDS! Wow!! Thanks for all your willingness to work toward an anointed time of fellowship and instruction in a creative and festive atmosphere of Christian love and the deeper things of the Lord Jesus Christ which is the cornerstone of all of Sara’s/ retreats.

  11. There is an air of excitement concerning this year’s retreat. We overcomers will come through on this and the expectations are very high and the revelations that we will receive from this year’s teaching will be exquisite. Days of reafreshing with the Lord. Hours of fellowship. Lessons learned. Circle of Christ’s children gathered in. Heaven on earth, for a few days, at least. retreat!!!

  12. We (CCI w/ participation w/ The daily are searching for volunteers to participate in our outreach program(s) to promote our “Christmas in July; for children around the world.” The Daily Lily will honor our 4th annual retreat July, ’09 by participating with “Samaritan Purse” a Franklin Graham outreach as our outreach project. Needles and some others have volunteered right on this site to help. Would others like to volunteer in any way?

    CCI will be holding it’s first gathering April 18, ’09, in Leesburg, Va. to begin the process of preparing shoe boxes to be delivered in the fall when “Samaritan Purse” sets up its centers in different states for our convenience to drop-off our fun filled boxes.

    Again, in July, as part of our annual retreat we will work as ‘a woven story’ to continue to show our Love by filling shoe boxes as part of our annual retreat.

    I want to personally thank each and every one that gives, helps and prays for all parts of this outreach. From its conception of our gathering shoe boxes, wrapping them and for the gifts to go in the boxes. A loud yell out of praise to our volunteers that work diligently preparing shoe boxes to delivery to Franklin Graham/Samaritan Purse Ministry. This ministry not only takes these boxes to children throughout the world in need but brings and tells the story of Jesus to them.

    I have found that each part is very small, fun, beautiful and enjoyable when each one uses their gift(s) and does their part and knows how and when to connect to others that are ‘woven in our story’ to bring a shoe box(s) of hope to a child(ren) in very dire need in many part of God’s World.

    Jesus said, “Let the Little Children Come to Me…”

  13. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this outreach vis this site, church, and retreat. My Mother, a semi-shut in has been wrapping shoe boxes with Christmas paper for our projects as she wants to be a part of giving to children.

    I am in the process of making a pattern(s) for us to use to make dolls for “Christmas in July, for children around the world.” by Sara

    I also have furnished and will continue to furnish items for the boxes that have been donated to us from co-workers and others from my school.

  14. I’m looking forward to participating in this project by gathering items, helping on April 18th and being a part of the weaving during the 4th annual retreat and looking forward to many joining in this great project.

  15. Several people at my school have said to me, “I have been saving boxes and Christmas wrap it must be for your project.” One lady said she just loved doing outreaches like this and had been saving things for a year in anticipation that someone out there was going to do ‘Operation Christmas Child” and another said she took Christmas paper after the death of her father thinking maybe someone would need it. Another had been saving Christmas wrap for years. They all said that this project must be the reason why. For such a time as this (like unto Esther) has come and the community is coming together to help pull this exciting project and undertaking by CCI/ for the Franklin Graham/Samaritans Purse outreach. Perhaps there are other Esthers out there who have been waiting for such a time as this.

    I’m so excited to be involved in this undertaking and will be the set up person for the crafts to be tucked inside the boxes. I love also buying for the children and ask God to show me what to buy when I enter a store. Some $15 items have been sold for $!. When God is in it there is a multiplication. Join us in this endeavor.

  16. Thanks Rena for all you are doing to get this ship to sail. It takes many hands that volunteer to give their time and resources. I have been gathering goodies for the boxes and asking for help. Do you have anymore of those invite cards for April 18? I need 4 if you have them?

    I have wrapped boxes, gifts, and more in my home waiting to go to our location for packing. I want to help to timely and orderly get them moved when the time is right and convenient for you and others. Thank you Rena for your work in organizing this fun day, April 18, “Operation Christmas Child, Samaritans Purse Pack a Box.”

    I would like to say ‘thank you’ to Monroe Tech for their generous gift of allowing us to store boxes and gifts for years. For allowing us to come and use the horticultural center to organize and wrap and pack. They give us large tables to use. Lights and resources to enhance and make this project so enjoyable. Thanks to Debi for making this center available to us and overseeing it from her classroom so Rena and the other volunteers can work in a happy environment. The spring flower shop will be showing all over the place when volunteers show up for April 18 wrapping and packing. It will be a treat to work among the spring flowers.

    If you want to volunteer for the April 18th packing party in Leesburg, Va. let us know right here. Rena will be helping and working with our church, the daily lily, and Monroe Tech and any and all volunteers that want to help with this project. Thank YOU!

  17. Gather in, Gather in, Sara’s poem reads. As we gather in to prepare the sacrifice offered to “the least of these” we will be offering it (the boxes for the poor children) as unto the Lord. WWJD? He’d come to Monroe Tech in Leesburg and help and bless and fill the boxes for HIS children.

  18. Jesus said in the Book of Revelation to the church at Sardis that His Father was not pleased because the works and deeds that the church was commissioned to do were left uncompleted. Jesus warned them to repent and complete their assignments given by the Holy Spirit or HE would come like a thief and surprisingly break into their lives and they would be completely UNPREPARED for they had not completed their Kingdom assignments from the Lord.
    We are encouraged by these words of the ALPHA & OMEGA. We want to complete our assingments and our projects that we do in the Name of the Lord Jesus. We ask Holy Spirit for Christian vim, vigor, vitality, and most of all Christian love to work diligently to perpare these love offerings and gifts for the needy children and to support the glorious global outreach of Samaritans’s Purse. God bless all those of you are entering in with us and gathering in with us to complete this project in an excellent manner that will please the Lord as well as the little children.

  19. Speaking of deeds done in love, Paul warns us in 1Cor.13 that even if we work our fingers to the bone, give all of our substance to charitable and good works; even if we take on extra responsibilities to have gain to donate to the church; even if we sacrifice our time and money and skills and talents and labor ( all good deeds) BUT DO NOT HAVE LOVE in our hearts. and are mainly concerned with our own images, our own “renown” in the doing and the getting of these works, they are NOTHING…’.clanging brass and tinkling cymbal.’
    But if we check, daily, the motives of our hearts and discern whom we are really trying to please…ourselves, man or God, change our attitudes of the heart, and set our hearts of forgiveness upon the living GOD….Who sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of Christian activity then when Jesus comes to us and HE WILL come…. He can say ‘well done thou good and faithful servant.”
    I pray that we will do all our projects with love and compassion in our hearts, first of all with the kind of love JESUS, has as we execute our projects and
    initiatives ; and then the joy of knowing that we have pleased the LORD and have recognized, discerned and overcome hindrances and obstacles that the enemy has thrown into our paths.

  20. Sara I do have more cards for the 18h Project Christmas/Samaritan Purse packing. What an exciting time it will be to prepare a box for a child. One of my students who is nine said his father and he were looking for a project to help people and wanted to know if he could come and wear his tuxs. I know he will be a wonderful help with or without the tuxs.

  21. OK, thanks Rena, I will copy the one I have and give out so others can come if they like. Or, as a reminder to pray for this project.

  22. Today we at Christ Church Int’l/ boxed 78 boxes for Samaritan’s Purse/Operational Christmas Child. What fun. We had so much fun packing the boxes that we can hardly wait to the next packing date. We wish we could see each child open their package on Christmas Day. We know they will be so excited. We had wonderful volunteers – adults and children – who worked hard and enjoyed every moment. We thank each one who participated. A round of applause to each and may the Lord bless you for reaching out and touching a child in this special way. THANKS!

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