Alice continues her adventure with the Gryphon and the melancholy Mock Turtle who relives memories of his past by telling stories. (Is this a way to avoid living in the present or thinking about the future?) This time his story is about a seashore dance called the Lobster Quadrille. He asks the Gryphon to help him show Alice the dance. The Mock Turtle does the singing in a slow, rhythmic voice. It is a sort of ballad about jellyfish, lobsters, seals, snails, whiting, porpoise and turtles and their participation in the dance by the seashore. Alice thanks him for the song and is particularly interested in hearing about the whiting. After a detailed explanation, they ask Alice to share her adventures. She begins by telling them what has happened to her since this morning, but manages to get things rather mixed up because her mind is still filled with the Lobster Quadrille. (There may be a lesson here in listening, remembering if your mind is unfocused on the agenda at hand).

The Mock Turtle can’t take her story any more as he finds it repetitive and says she doesn’t explain anything. So, changing the discussion, he proceeds to sing another very melancholy song about turtle soup. He is just finishing when they hear shouts that a trial is about to begin! This gets curious Alice’s attention and she wants to know ‘what trial?’ As they go running off to the trial I can’t help but wonder what new adventure Alice’s curiosity will lead her to next.
Lobster Quadrille