“Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10)
I find such comfort in this scripture. When I feel overwhelmed or have not the answer, or see confusion knocking on my heart and mind’s door, I see and hear, “Be Still, I am God.”

I am God of your words and feelings of hopelessness. I am God of Hope.

“Be still” is a command. This command redirects my attention that we are finite, we are limited. God is infinite. He is unlimited. It also reminds me to keep on with my limited work at hand because that is what God has instructed us to do. And, when I do, my limited work will become a work of hope when God who is infinite gives His hand of help to my limited situations.

What does this scripture mean to you? Has it helped you in anyway? As I have been sitting, praying and writing in my journal on a rainy cool morning this scripture has placed me in a chair of contemplative silence with God.