When we see a Mother that is housing little ones this size (When your heart began beating, you were so small you would have fit on your mother or dad’s fingernail-with room to spare!) and trying to decide if they would like to spend a few more months of their lives giving the child or children a home; be a help.

Volunteer to pack a shoe boxes for ‘a child’ to be delivered to children all over the world by the Franklin Graham Samaritan Purse ministry. Many times children without a Mother or Father or even dying from AIDS and many other very dire situations will receive your box of joy and healing. Be a help.

When I think on these children I am moved to help. When I see a child yet unborn and may not have the opportunity to be born, I am moved to want to help. Yet, to be very honest when I see the many painful situations of children without help from the adults of the world including church and myself, I freeze. Yes, freeze, pain, sorrow, the job to big for me. Many times I have and still do nothing. Not even a sentence prayer. Why, maybe I am frozen! Or, maybe I am lukewarm toward God. Rev. 3:15 reminds me that God would rather I be hot or cold but not Lukewarm. He spits me out of His mouth if I am lukewarm. If we are burning with the Spirit of God to help children without help around the world as well as any other passion God lays upon our hearts to help we will be HOT. If we freeze and do a little something we will be COLD! But, see, hear and do nothing is Lukewarm. Be a help.

I hope as I share truths of my own thoughts and actions with you I will thaw a little and then a little more and began to do more. How about you? Let’s be a help!

Taken from Sara’s comments on You are God’s Masterpiece,” www.thedailylily.org