Jesus is coming again and soon! And, I want to be ready and I want others to be ready as well. I have just attended a retreat in Eastern NC on “Dressing For His Glory” on pursuing excellence by Sara. The theme and title of the 4th annual Daily Retreat definitely describes my heart’s desires. This is a course that prepares you and and shows you how to dress for His coming and not just His coming but for everyday living in excellence and victory.

Some thoughts from one of the nine lessons stand out to me at this time is taken from lesson 9. The objectives for lesson nine was to value time by…#1 knowing the seasons, #2 Seeing the shadow of life, #3 Watching the Sun, #4 Self-awareness…..this is one of the lessons that have impacted my thoughts and spirit…( the sundial… is God’s wisdom which shines through the face and the gnomon is the Word of God) thats what I learned!…page 50 of Dressing For His Glory by Sara …..Thank You Sara for This Life Changing and Preparatory Retreat. Like Charlotte of Charlotte’s Web, (our theatre outing) you are a great writer and teacher!

I loved all the lessons and I am looking forward to living them and writing ‘words of art’ to give out to others so their face will shine with the wisdom of God’s word.

If you don’t have this workbook and want to know more please leave your questions or thoughts on our comment space below and we will interact with you on this subject. And, I hope the ones that attended this retreat will share some thoughts they may have with us as well. Hope you all will be ready for our next one.